jose-manuel-barroso12On one of the Daily Telegraph website articles today (link below), one of the commenters said of the European Union political elites “they are all thick, throwing good money after bad and not knowing when to give in”.  I would disagree.

“They” are not thick; “they” are extremely clever and “they” know exactly what they’re doing.

The European Union political and bureaucratic elites, along with their central banker chums (aka ‘The Troika’), are crushing individual sovereign states in line with the original intentions of the founding fathers of the European Union and, latterly, in accordance with the Lisbon Treaty.

It is naive to think that what’s happening in Europe right now is some sort of almighty cock-up. It is not.  We are witnessing the intentional destruction of individual democracies and their economies as the route to creating a supranational state: the Union of European Socialist Republics.

Ironically, what we’re witnessing and what millions of European citizens are experiencing is in fact a grotesque fusion of the politics of ‘corporatism’ and ‘socialism’ coming together as ‘totalitarianism’. We should never forget, for example, that the Emperor Barroso (pictured above) is a communist; the guy’s in his element with all this sh*t … and he’s taking home each month in salary and expenses/benefits more (much more) than the average UK worker takes home in a year.

The Great European Project is now only really gathering momentum and Cyprus is poised to be the first nation to be crushed under the Project’s tank tracks.  There is going to be much, much more of this over the coming years. It continues to astonish me that the likes of the Portuguese and the Irish and the Italians and the Greeks and the Spaniards can’t see the writing on the wall.

The moribund nature of these societies is testament to the phenomenal success of the European Commission’s propaganda machine which spends some €3 billion per year on EU/Euro propaganda communication. For years now, Joseph Goebbels has been chuckling in his grave.

Finally, remember that the British political class (absent UKIP) is four-square behind “ever closer union” and the “irreversibility” of the euro currency. There has never been such a betrayal of nations’ peoples by their political elites as is happening now in the UK, across the European continent and beyond to the likes of Greece and, tonight, the hapless citizens of Cyprus.

‘Eurozone Offers Cyprus the Exit – Our Way or the Highway’:

PS Off topic, but I note that the BBC (in the guise of Eddie Mair) skewered Boris Johnson today on the Andrew Marr Show (link below).  Fair enough.  Pity the BBC never saw fit to skewer Tony Blair, or Lord Rennard, or Gordon Brown, or Chris Huhne, or Ed Balls (say) in quite the same way.  That wouldn’t do, would it?

PPS What a pointless interview, anyway.  Or maybe the BBC considers Mr Johnson to be rather too popular a Conservative politician to be allowed to get away with it?  Best we stuff the b’stard before he has the opportunity to reverse the Tories’ fortunes.  Ah well, keep paying your Licence Fee (or go to jail).


  1. Ernie · ·

    In general I agree with what you say MM. However, I believe the only reason the EU are getting away with it is that many of the individual countries do not seem to have democracy embedded in their culture and, where you do have some level of democracy embedded, the incompetency of their current national politicians is so dismal the people are not noticing the loss. Furthermore, national politicians are made to looker even more weaker because slowly but surely the Lisbon Treaty is removing individual nation’s means of sovereign control and transferring the ability to direct an individual country’s ability to control itself to Brussels – the Über Nation emerges.

    The ratchet transfers powers bit by bit to an unelected “Politburo” in Brussels and local/national politicians become more and more unnecessary or appear helpless as fewer and fewer notice or care. The frustration I feel is that I care and I am concerned that there are fewer and fewer like me – I have not been clearly and unambiguously asked to give my consent at the ballot box to allow this transfer.


  2. It is amazing to me how much the EU elite resemble thugs, in both appearance and character. Schopenhauer noted that “while Nature sets very wide differences between man and man in respect both of morality and of intellect, society disregards [it] and . . . The result of this arrangement is to elevate those whom Nature has placed low, and to depress the few who stand high. . . . vulgarity reigns supreme.


  3. quentinaburns · ·

    Very very well written. Designed to fail comes to mind here, Moray.


  4. quentinaburns · ·

    Absolutely. …the very first thing that comes to mind is “designed to fail”. Much much easier to unite a poor populace than a mediocre one.
    Zimbabwe in the early nineties was a prime example. By decimating first the currency on the exhange rate and then by devaluing same, the wealthy were slowly made to be wealthless.
    We can see it happening now here in Britain.
    Divide and rule at every opportunity. .along with a slow but very real depreciation of any National value or tradition.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Saw that one Faz: scary.


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