The Prime Minister was talking today at Prime Minster’s Questions in the House of Commons. According to Sky News and other mainstream media sources, the Prime Minister reckons that unless we go and do something in Iraq (quite what we should do is not clear), then “ISIS (which stands for ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’) would turn its fire on the UK”.  Mr Cameron said that, “the people in [ISIS] – as well as trying to take territory – are also planning to attack us here at home in the United Kingdom.” Well, that’s terrific.

So, is it rude, or racist, or xenophobic, or whatever to pose a few questions in this context? Why, for example, does the political class trip over itself to accommodate Islam in this country? What are the cultural, social and religious imperatives for the people of the United Kingdom to embrace Islamism with open arms, or at least to turn a sort of blind eye to all of the Islamic behaviours and mores which are alien to our own 1,000 year old Christian traditions – and I’m not making a religious point here, just stating a fact (I’m an atheist, by the way)?

Why have the politicos had to make these changes to the religious landscape of our society so proactively and so rapidly? Given that “we are where we are”, as they say, what are we supposed to do? The Prime Minister says that we now have potential enemies in our midst the likes of which we’ve not seen for years, if not decades. The military trained me at this point to ask, “So what?”. How are the British people expected to square away tolerating, if not embracing without reservation, the rapid, politically-facilitated growth of Islamism in this country (check out all that nonsense with the schools in Birmingham), with being told that we’re about to be terrorised by Muslim fundamentalists unless we, er, um, ah, er what exactly?  Invade Syria? Invade Iraq (again)? Build more mosques across our green and pleasant land?  Tolerate more Sharia Law in British communities here and there?

Answers on a postcard please to The Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London.

Meanwhile, I also find it a tad offensive to learn from the Daily Telegraph today (link below) that people categorised as my fellow countrymen, ‘Britons’, have been leading the Muslim fundamentalist charge elsewhere overseas.  It seems that my British Muslim mates – fluent English speaking warriors wearing their al-Shabab berets – slaughtered 60 people in northern Kenya on Sunday night.  Again, questions arise about how the politicos have been able to force the evolution of our society at such a pace that my fellow Britons now go about the world committing atrocities like this?  What on earth’s been going on for the past 25 – 30 years that has allowed the British political class to triumph over us ordinary citizens in this way?  Are British politicians proud of this sort of work being done by fellow Brits abroad?  I doubt it.  In which case, how does the British political class justify “multiculturalism” as being the lifeboat to rescue us from our otherwise appalling and unacceptable monocultural tendencies? Remember that a few years ago an MP of one of the British mainstream political parties declared that we had to have our “noses rubbed in diversity” if we were to live better lives here in the UK.  Small wonder, then, that we’re struggling to define ‘British values’ when the politicians have, within less than a generation, created a Britain from whence the British sally forth to slaughter people under the banner of Islam.


The post above highlights the difficulties we face in trying to discuss the tapestry of our society.  Some people will read the post and assume/conclude that Moraymint is racist, or intolerant, or xenophobic or irreligious or what have you.  I don’t believe I carry any of those epithets.  My point is, in fact, about the hijacking of British democracy that has occurred in the latter half of my life to date.  It’s the subject of another post, but something has gone wrong with the politics of the United Kingdom in the last 25 years or so.  Somehow, the political class has organised the affairs of this country economically, politically and socially in a way which – all of sudden – seems to be hostile to the expectations of a growing mass of the British population.  Indeed, the political class would appear to have organised the affairs of this country largely for its own ends; what Peter Oborne calls the triumph of the political class (in his eponymous book).  Today, there seems to me to be a chasm, a gulf between what politicians say and do, and what the British people expect politicians to say and do.  The problem is that it’s not clear what needs to be done to start re-aligning the outputs of politics with the expectations of British people.  I hesitate to cite the words usually attributed to President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 when, at The Gettysburg Address, he talked about “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, but those words do sum up how far we are in the UK from where some of us think we should be.  My hesitation in quoting Lincoln has two sources: one is that the words were first penned in 1384 by the theologian, John Wycliffe and so are not strictly Lincoln’s own words; the other is that Lincoln presaged those words by hoping that such good governmental arrangements would come about “under God” – which doesn’t fit with my atheism.


‘Kenya al-Shabab was led by white man speaking fluent English’:



  1. Former MI6 head talks about this kind of scaremongering here:


  2. All very valid indeed, moray, but might it not be more pertinent to ask who voted for the politicians who allowed – no, encouraged – this ghastly mess? Fairly pertinent, seeing as there has been mass migration since at least 1959 to my knowledge!


  3. The behaviour of our political elite has been greedy, and malicious to an extent bordering on treason. The only question now is whether we have a peaceful overthrow of the ancien regime before the looming crisis, as I hope, or a nastier one during and after it, as I fear. We have reached our “let them eat cake” moment, I suspect.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Tim and, yes, I think I know where you’re coming from. Much of the looming tension that now exists in our society can be traced back to a root cause: years of unfettered immigration and socio-economic manipulation of the electorate. In other words, politicians – of all the mainstream persuasions – have been buying votes by engineering the electoral landscape. What we’re witnessing now in terms of the growing influence of Islam in particular on our Western way of life, at home and abroad, comes as a direct result of the political greed and maliciousness to which you refer. It cannot be explained by saying that the British people have consciously brought this state of affairs upon themselves.


  4. Multiculturalism = political correctness, so well marketed & prevalent now that you hesitate to ask common sense questions. Is it rude, or racist, or xenophobic, or whatever to ask a few questions?
    The mass murderer Stony Bliar stifled sensible debate, slinging the insult “racist” to great effect.
    A way of controlling what you can say is half a step from controlling what you think.

    & control is what our world is all about.

    Political correctness = Cultural Marxism, as conceived & promulgated by the Frankfurt School.

    Marxism is totally & utterly dedicated to the destruction of our democratic, industrialised Western way of life.

    No, Boudicca, those shadowy powers that rule the World are not the slightest interested in democracy, they are interested in control. has the picture. Look into Agenda 21, World Governance & Common Purpose.
    Also, the Bradbury £. Run by an ex-naval Intelligence officer, Brian Gerrish.

    Lord Monckton also has the picture. Go on youtube & put in to search box :
    lord monckton on united nations agenda 21

    Start with the 51 minute Globalist Death Plan vid, then the 15 min infowars world domination vid.
    Lord Monckton is ex science adviser to Margaret Thatcher, world respected dispenser of wisdom & wit in the global warming/ climate change hoax, & ex chief policy adviser to Nigel Farage.
    His Lordship is no fool.

    Those shadowy powers are, of course, the Central Banksters, the BIS, Bank of International Settlements, & behind that, the Trillionaire Rothschild Family.

    Thanks Moraymint.


  5. Trevor Bailey aka el Garpazo · ·

    As you may, or may not know, I tend to comment on this subject frequently (when allowed).in the Daily Torygraph. I fear that things are only going to go from bad to worse in the UK – and very soon. People’s patience is rapidly running out with the current set of politicos.

    Is it true that Boris has ordered water canon ready for the coming months? Not to be used against the UAF or members of the RoP, I would venture to suggest.


  6. Annie Brent · ·

    You should be Prime Minister. My first time on this site, but have you thought of going into politics? Nigel needs help in ridding us of the tossers in Government.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Annie and yes I have contemplated entering politics in the sense of standing for election. However, usually what happens is I conclude that were I to do that, my hypocrisy might be considered to be breathtaking. On balance, for the time being anyway, my preference is to try to hold politicians to account through the written word. Indeed, to spread the word about what some of us see as the near-catastrophic failure of British politics within half a generation. The more people that become aware of, and interested in the incompetence, mendacity and venality of our politicians, the better chance we have – perhaps – of recovering and restoring a reasonable form of democracy in this country. I live in that hope, anyway …

      One of the best people for holding the politicos to account, in my view, is Guido Fawkes over at the Order-Order weblog … always worth a read! Click on No 16 of the ‘Blogs I Follow’ over to the right of this page …


  7. Hysteria · ·

    The question I have is whether the sequence of events as laid out above was specifically planned – or is only obvious after the event? I think we are suffering the result of ” the long march through the institutions” – we are destined to fail, and, perhaps rise again. Not in my lifetime though!


    1. moraymint · ·

      I think Boudicca’s comment below is interesting in the context of your own comment hysteria.


  8. Bickers · ·

    The quicker the UK population realises that until Parliament becomes fully sovereign again we won’t be able to rid ourselves of this Islamic threat & the multi culti nonsense foisted on us by the LibLabCon & the EU.

    Only by getting ukip into a position of power can we start to reverse this selling out of our nation.


  9. If you get a chance, have a look at “A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East ” by David Fromkin.

    It may be something of an eye opener.

    Compare the draconian security measures in airports in places like the UK, the US, Israel with those in places like Sweden, Switzerland. The difference is striking and can be traced right back to the fact that some countries have NOT gone around the world stomping on those who cannot defend themselves.

    The western alliance pushed and pushed Saddam to convince the world he had no weapons of mass destruction. Then when they were satisfied he was really defenceless, they continued to lie to the world and proceeded to bomb Iraq back to the stone age.

    I recall seeing Madeline Albright interviewed on the telly being frankly asked whether the half million childrens’ deaths in Iraq incurred over a decade (?) by the British and US ban on even simple medical supplies reaching Iraq were justifiable. She replied in the affirmative.

    These are things being done in our names by our governments.

    Are you really surprised that the people in those countries don’t look to us with admiration ?


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks for your comment and your reading recommendation. And, no, I’m not at all surprised that the Muslim fraternity at large is less than enamoured with the British approach to foreign and defence policy towards Islamic nations.


  10. Boudicca · ·

    A year or so ago I found a document on-line in which the main threats to global security were identified. I seem to recall it was written by a British Diplomat – I wish I’d kept a link to it.

    One of the most serious threats was identified as Islam: specifically the lack of democracy, the lack of female authority in the home let alone in the public sphere. Young Muslim men tended to be over-emotional, illogical and and irrational – they are who are spoiled and seldom have to compromise during their formative years, are quick to anger; will not back down and will not compromise: therefore easily led into violence by their leaders. Because women are powerless, they cannot act as a moderating influence. (That was the gist of it).

    The problem with Islam is that it is stuck in the 9th century. It has never had a reformation and never will in the Middle East because the Mullahs have too much power.

    I believe the shadowy people who really rule the world decided that the best way to teach Muslims about democracy etc was to bring sizeable numbers to live in the west so that their behaviour would be influenced over several generations. And the west would also put in place the means for a Muslim Reformation to take place which, in due course could be exported back to the middle east. That’s why our major Universities all have Islamic Centres.

    Of course it’s all gone badly wrong – thanks to Multiculturalism and appeasement of extremist Muslims instead of encouraging them to adapt to Western society. Belatedly, our political elite are waking up to the disaster they and their predecessors have created. WE will pay the price


    1. moraymint · ·

      Fascinating; thanks Boudicca. Good to see you here too.


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