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Today, the Daily Telegraph reported, ‘Horrifying animal slaughter in [a] halal abattoir’ in Yorkshire.  If you have a strong stomach then click on the link at the bottom of this post to witness a little bit of hell on earth.

Now, what I don’t understand is this. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. One of the superb outcomes of that Charter was that nobody, but nobody – no individual, no business, no institution, not even the Monarch – is above the law of this land. Except we bend the rules for religion. Specifically, we make ‘concessions’ that allow animals to be slaughtered without being first stunned – which strictly speaking is against the law of our land. So, if you have certain religious beliefs then some people are, to all intents and purposes, allowed to break the law of the land on your behalf. They slaughter animals without stunning them. Then, being given this leeway under the law they have the opportunity to make a slaughterhouse hell on earth for livestock; or even hell on earth if you were to perhaps spend some time yourself in that abattoir. It’s good that this particular abattoir (click on the link below to pay a visit, but beware of graphic content) has been put under the spotlight.  But why do we allow a section of our society to function outside of Magna Carta anyway? I thought we all – every single one of us – were expected to live our lives wholly and completely under the law of our land? Am I missing something here? Can I have a ‘concession’ not to pay any income tax please, because it’s against my religion to pay income tax. Why does religion qualify for ‘concessions’ under the law?

According to the BBC, “the law requires abattoirs to stun animals before slaughter to prevent unnecessary suffering, but there are exemptions for Jewish and Muslim producers.”  Now that exemption from the law thing is reprehensible according to me.  Sorry.



PS  I had to post this comment, ahead of my planned next post, because I take an enthusiastic interest in how my country is governed, how we are ruled and how we preserve a certain quality of life in this generally fair, peaceful and pleasant place.  Also, I am an atheist.

PPS  Magna Carta puts us about 800 years ahead of Islam – so working through diversity and multiculturalism (it’s good for me, it’s good for you) could take some time …


  1. I can’t stand any form of religion and I agree with your thoughts.

    I would however, be interested in your comments as the how the European Union may be a threat to Magna Carter and if so whether we should allow it. I know what I think!

    If we are to enforce Magna Carter it should include all within our borders and protect us from external influences.


  2. bobanddonna@terra.com · ·

    Couldn’t agree more.Our politicians have traded out birthright away.


  3. “God is Not Great–Why Religion Poisons Everything.” Christopher Hitchens.
    Should be compulsory reading.
    Apropos of an entirely different topic MM— I commend to you “The Real Global Warming Disaster.”—Chrisopher Booker.
    Time for a gin—Robert Lee.


  4. Of course let’s forget that Judaism shares much of the food related issues like Islam. Kosher and Halal have similar constraints, though the Jews have even stricter constraints.

    People of a certain leaning (usually right wingers) don’t often not mention this while they loudly lambast Islam. Is it ignorance or is it fear of being labelled anti semitic or is it just that they are looking specifically to put Islam and muslims in the spotlight ?

    Whe the Magna Carta came along, how old were the Islamic rights that allowed women to own property in their own right?

    At the time women were considered property in much of the western world.

    I could go on but I guess that’s not what most readers of this blog are interested in seeing.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks very much Faz; appreciated. For me the issue here is not about one particular religious belief/sect or another, nor is it about Left or Right Wing (I’m a Libertarian which is neither of the Left nor the Right of politics). The crux of the matter is that our society at large expects livestock to be stunned before it is slaughtered. This is the law and it strikes me as an enlightened and humane attitude to killing the animals that we eat. What I really don’t understand is why we bend the law to accommodate the barbarity that Jihadi John applies to his victims in some sandy place somewhere when he slices in to a human being’s neck whilst that living creature is fully aware and conscious of the episode. I don’t understand why we corrupt our law to accommodate a religious belief? In what other areas of our society should we bend and corrupt the law to accommodate simply what somebody or some institution declares to be a belief?


      1. Sure Moraymint, I’d believe you about your concern being about the animals but your response just gives the game away with the Jihadi John reference. Maybe you could rename your blog appropriately to something along the lines of ‘Topics I can bash Islam with’ ?

        And if you seriously believe current normal abbatoirs are humane, you probably haven’t read any of the material produced by the vegetarian lobby. The kinds of mistakes that routinely go on in these factories (that treat living animals as products) are horrendous and will put you right off meat.

        There was one chicken factory in Avon back in the early 90s, where I was told by a worker (who lived in our shared house), about his colleague who flipped out and started letting all the hens out, telling them all to run away… he was an Egyptian immigrant who couldn’t handle the cruelty caused by the wayward ‘production process’. Chickens hanging upside down going through spinning blades that are supposed to chop off the head before it goes through a steamer that softens the feather.. but of course the hens are flapping about and swaying so… you can imagine the rest.

        Apparently that factory would pay a bonus if you last more than two weeks.

        Most of us eat too much meat – so yeah go ahead and close those Kosher and Halal abbatoirs that are getting up your nose. This muslim won’t mind.


        1. LittleRedRidingHood · ·

          Faz , I understand your points and you feel aggrieved that this is islam bashing, but frankly islam needs a bashing. Until there is an enlightenment in that religion and muslims integrate into the societies in which they live rather than demanding the society changes for them,then scrutiny and criticism is justified. Unfortunately islam doesn’t take criticism well. I don’t care for either kosher or halal slaughter. This is 2015 and stunning before slaughter should be law regardless of religion. If that is not acceptable I suggest becoming a veggie.


          1. Thanks LittleRedRidingHood, for coming at least halfway clean on the real agenda here.
            But don’t be shy, instead of the veggie recommendation, you could just say ‘become an atheist’..

            Although personally, I am almost a veggie already.

            Yes there are plenty of muslims who do bad things. But they have had plenty of company. It wasn’t muslims traipsing all the way from Durham Cathedral to the Holy Land to butcher civilians over a number of centuries. And it’s not been muslims waging full scale wars and blockades killing countless numbers of civilians in far away places (vietnam, korea, iraq, afghanistan, ukraine..), using cooked up false flags to garner voter support in their own lands .

            Before we all quake in our pants at so-called atrocities committed by so-called muslims (a la isil, the new al-qaeda, which was created by the USA), a thinking person ought to be willing to question the narratives presented by state media (including BBC).

            No matter though, the next couple years are likely to be when the effluvium really starts to hit the fan. The fiat money / fractional lending which central banks globally have been addicted to is likely to explode, more states will go bankrupt, and expect some kind of currency reset :-

            When pensions get cut in half, and the money is worth half what it used to be, and the banks invoke the new bail-in rules to steal part of everyone’s cash savings, we’re all going to find out the real enemy has been the usurious banking system, which ironically all the abrahamic faiths condemn roundly.

            And if that sounds like something to worry about, here is some big-picture info from Chris Martenson he presented to a select audience last year, which the net allows us to see for free: http://youtu.be/9jaQmcYEiME?t=11m

            Five mins worth watching for anyone who has children and/or is sincerely concerned for future generations.

            Good luck to all of us, the way things are going, we’re going to need it.


            1. moraymint · ·

              Thanks Faz …


      2. Jack Wallhurst · ·

        The justification for not pre-stunning, as I understand it, is that the poor creature has to be priviledged with hearing the incantation being delivered on its behalf to the mythological god that troubles itself to watch over these matters. Did you ever hear such nonsense in all your life?
        On that basis an exemption is granted. I don’t donate to the RSPCA only for their inaction on this outrage.


  5. Well that put me off my muesli.

    I am completely at a loss to know why there isn’t one single, properly-enforced, law that governs something as simple and objectively non-controversial as how food animals are killed. Who allowed this to happen?

    Islam is like a kaleidoscope of horror, isn’t it? Literally, whenever you look at it anew, another inhuman abomination is revealed.

    Of courses, all religions are dangerous and all religious people should be treated with caution (fools or knaves).

    But Islam occupies its own unique position.

    Truly, evil, beyond evil.

    At some point I fear it will have to be crushed.

    Like Nazi fascism had to be crushed.


    One theory I have is that young muslim men are so angry because of what happens to them in the madrassas. Think the Christian Brothers, but with tea towel headwear…But that’s for another day!


    1. I am appalled by what is happening in Africa, where Boko Haram is every bit as bad as ISIS, and is just one of many groups attacking a swathe of states right across the continent – yet it gets very little coverage here…..


    2. Jack Wallhurst · ·

      WWII was about a Master Race; WWIII, just getting started, is about a Master Religion. The sooner it is put back into the hole whence it came the better for normal people everywhere.
      The momentum is building daily towards the tipping point where our utterly inappropriate tolerance will evaporate and it’ll be game-on! What a waste of blood, treasure and time thanks to treacherous 20th & 21st century governments.


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