The debate rages about whether we should cuddle up to Islam, or destroy it. Our Establishment elite exhorts us to love Muslims; to do anything else makes one a fascist. Meantime, the British government sets about bombing Islamic State. The BBC struggles with this one a bit and almost chokes on the term, ‘Islamic State’, preferring instead to refer to that particular cohort of Muslim bandits as ‘So-Called Islamic State’, or ‘Daesh’ (which means ‘Islamic State’ in Arabic). In this way the BBC can be deemed to be adoring Islam, as we must, whilst implying that those Muslims who are hell-bent on destroying us are somehow nothing to do with Islam. In short, the British Establishment is tying itself in knots over how to deal with a religious creed whose more energetic proponents are now attacking us and our way of life from both without and within. There are Muslims abroad determined to destroy us hither and thither, and there are Muslims living in our communities who would do the same. However, to state the situation as I have here is, by and large, heresy within the Establishment. Fascist even.

We Really Must De-Christianise Our Society

Only this week an inquiry led by Baroness Butler-Sloss (you don’t get more Establishment than that) reported the rising prevalence of Islam in the UK, the need for us to tolerate Sharia councils and arrange for fewer bishops and more imams to sit in the House of Lords, and generally called for Britain to be systematically de-Christianised. In other words, the Establishment likes to make the case for the soft Islamification of our society. Hence, the BBC’s preference for ‘So-Called Islamic State’. Personally, I’m not convinced that we should be setting about systematically regressing our society back to the Middle Ages (for that is where Islam is grounded and remains) on the basis that we’re all far too politically incorrect (fascist even) and so need to get real about embracing Islam and other multicultural stuff. That said, I doubt whether Baroness Butler-Sloss has spent much time in, say, the Lawrence Hill district of Bristol where relatives of mine live and where these days fewer than 60% of the local population was born in England. My (England born) relatives are clear that they live in ‘Somalia Abroad’ and feel like aliens in what was once their own close-knit community. However, we need more of this, reckons Baroness Butler-Sloss; the future is bright; the future is Islam and other multicultural stuff. What on earth do people like Baroness Butler-Sloss smoke exactly?

Let’s Shake Hands

Hey, let’s look at the reality of Islamification for a minute. My eldest daughter – let’s call her Victoria – works as a commercial adviser within a major UK oil and gas company. If I say so myself, she’s a highly respected employee. Recently Victoria was at a pre-Christmas, lunchtime social function. As the function was closing Victoria and her colleagues started to say farewell and wish each other a Merry Christmas. Victoria found herself face-to-face with a Muslim gentleman (from another energy company as it happens). Victoria smiled and extended her hand to bid farewell to the Muslim chap. The Muslim refused to shake Victoria’s hand because she was a woman. Now, without getting too melodramatic, Victoria felt uncomfortable at best and somewhat degraded and insulted at worst. In our western, Judaeo-Christian culture, deliberately to refuse to shake someone’s hand is a form of insult; it’s designed to say, ‘I’m making a judgement about you that means I don’t trust you, or I don’t like you, or I want to get one over on you.’ Now, the Muslim gentleman may have had perfectly good religious reasons for refusing to shake Victoria’s hand. However, the Muslim gentleman has chosen to live in Victoria’s Anglo-Saxon society, 1,000 years in the making, with much blood and treasure expended to get to the settled, peaceful, law-abiding, secular arrangement that we enjoy today. On the other hand, the Muslim fellow’s Islamic culture is behind massive slaughter taking place around the world right now, including on our own streets and on the streets of Europe and elsewhere. That’s the unpalatable fact of the matter however much one might choose to adore Islam. Islam is the religion of submission (to Allah) and that Muslim bloke expected my daughter, Victoria, to submit to the will of Allah, through him. This is a good thing according to the British Establishment. But for Victoria to have felt uncomfortable about this turn of events was for her to be rather fascist, don’t you think?

Friday Prayers

I attended a training course earlier this year in Aberdeen on a Friday. There were about 15 of us on the course, including 3 Muslim gentlemen; nice enough chaps. Lunch was scheduled to be a brief 30 minute interlude for a bowl of soup and some sarnies. After about 25 minutes I commented to the lady instructor that we’d be back at work in 5 minutes – not least because I wanted (intended) to be away at 4.00 pm sharp for my 2 hour drive home. “Oh”, she said, “there’s a slight problem with that.” “What’s the problem?”, I said. “Our Muslim colleagues are down in the basement, praying”, replied the instructor. Now, it being a Friday meant that Muslim prayers were a minor epic. To cut the story short, the 30 minute lunch period was extended to well over an hour, thanks to the needs of Allah. To say I was pissed off would be an understatement. It would also, of course, make me a fascist. I made it clear to the instructor lady (who clearly felt obliged to submit to the will of Allah) that she would finish the day by 4.00 pm, wouldn’t she? If she didn’t, I would be walking out of her class to my car to drive home. Sure enough, the instructor amended her curriculum to accommodate Allah and we finished at 4.00 pm. But why should the other 12 of us on the course have had to put up with a modified curriculum for religious reasons (FFS)? Whoa! I know why. Because we’re supposed to be taking part in the systematic regression of our society to the Middle Ages, that’s why. I know, I know, I’m a fascist and I really do need to get my head around this expectation of the Establishment that ‘atheism, libertarianism and political incorrectness bad; medievalism good’.

A New Dark Age – But Merry Christmas Anyway

Look, is it just me, or is the Developed World going stark staring mad at the moment? At this rate, our governing elites will be fomenting the collapse of the Developed World in the face of Islamic barbarianism in the same way that the Roman Empire collapsed 1,600 years ago in the face of the barbarianism of that time. The Dark Ages followed the Roman Empire in the same way that, unless we do something politically incorrect now, a New Dark Age will envelop us from here. I don’t much care what the Americans or the Europeans are saying and doing about the rising power of Islam.  However, what I do know is that the British Establishment is part of the Islamification problem.  If we don’t confront what is an existential threat to our way of life here in the UK, then brace yourself for a New Dark Age.  Call me a fascist if you like, but I’ll lay money that right now our society is regressing to the Middle Ages for as long as the Establishment insists on talking to us about ‘So-Called Islamic State’.

Merry Christmas! How politically incorrect is that?



Donald Trump – A Sandwich Short of a Picnic

Many folk reading this post will say, or indeed will append comments below along the lines of ‘C’mon Moraymint, relax; get a life. Not shaking hands, or taking an hour out for Friday prayers are not the portents of the end of civilisation as we know it.’ If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re probably right. However, at the moment we’re not sure as a post-Enlightenment society how to deal with certain manifestations of the Islamic faith today. I rub along with pretty much anyone and everyone I meet, including the 3 Muslim chaps whose behaviour irked me in Aberdeen on that Friday afternoon. We parted company shaking hands (I’m a bloke, so that was OK) and smiling. Indeed, for the record, I intend to keep rubbing along with pretty much anyone and everyone I meet. OK, so I had a bit of a run-in recently with some guy on the beach who seemed unable to control his brace of German Shepherd dogs, but that’s another story. Also for the record, Donald Trump is a sandwich short of a picnic as far as I’m concerned.

Society Must Conform to Islam

But the issue is this. Our creeping, cultural and institutional acceptance of some, or indeed many of the norms, values, and beliefs that come with Islam are potentially regressive. Indeed, the Establishment is arguing that acceptance is not enough; we must welcome Islam with open arms. However, Islam is a politico-religious culture. The expectation of Muslim nations generally is that society conforms to Islam and not vice-versa. In post-Enlightenment UK we’ve moved on from the 14th century when the lives of our ancestors were dominated by religion (Christianity as it happens) and superstition. Christianity then was practised as brutally as Islam is practised today by a significant number of Muslims. Our traditional British tolerance was directly behind the pretty appalling carry-on in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 when 1,400 children were sexually exploited predominantly by men of Pakistani heritage (see The Jay Report). Rotherham made the headlines, but these sorts of activities were taking place in 11 other towns and cities. We were and, in my view remain conditioned to turn a blind eye. The Muslim bloke refused to shake your daughter’s hand? Live with it. Your Muslim colleagues disrupted your training day? Live with it. Relax. Just let Islamic norms creep into society and everything will be just fine. That’s the Establishment line.

The Vicar of Dibley

In our society we’ve boxed-in Christianity, marginalised it and cherry-picked the best bits. I’m an atheist, but I love cathedrals and churches (dammit I wept when I walked into King’s College, Cambridge for the first time earlier this year), I adore choral music and I cherish Christmas. Indeed, we make fun of Christianity to my great joy. Remember that old TV series ‘All Gas and Gaiters’? And how can you not relish the Vicar of Dibley and ‘The Christmas Lunch Incident’? Try making fun of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, however, and you’ll be staring death in the face, as our friends in Denmark and France discovered to their great cost. So, guess what? Don’t you dare make fun of Islam. That’s the Establishment line.

Love the Germans: Bomb the Nazis

The point is that to speak out about what’s going on at the moment – like I’m doing here – is to invite the opprobrium of the Establishment. The irony is that the Establishment is itself exhibiting all the characteristics of fascism. If fascism is about authoritarianism and intolerance then the Establishment is using the full might of its authority to be intolerant of any views which run counter to us all embracing Islam. So, whilst those genius politicians of ours insist on us cuddling Islam, they arrange for the bombing of some So-Called Islamic State territory in the Middle East. It’s like Churchill having told us to cuddle the Germans whilst he set about bombing the Nazis. You couldn’t make it up.


  1. Have a look at this video, I’m unsure of the sources, but I have no doubt that it’s true. It shows just what the invaders really think of us.


  2. Old Goat · ·

    You’re correct in your assumption that the world is going mad, Moraymint. We are slowly edging out of the Age of Stupid, and entering the dark, mad, gloomy Eon of Insanity. It will be a long, long time, before order is restored, and safety, security and happiness returns amongst us.

    Have a Merry Christmas (am I allowed to write that word?), if you can, and welcome the coming New Year with trepidation, and perhaps mingled with a little hope.

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  3. Better not tell anyone on this list how the Janissaries of Turkey and the Mamluks of Egypt stopped the Mongol hordes from burning Europe to ground. That means of course that most of your ancestors would have been added to Genghis Khan’s mountains of skulls if the muslims had not saved them. Not expecting any thanks from their progeny of course.

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  4. Islam / Christian ?

    You cannot have separate parts of any nation operating under a different culture because that is the reality of what happened in France. At that point a small part of the country is then annexed off and you end up with areas of anger, riots and resentment building until if finally boils over.

    Now if you cannot abide by a country laws then maybe you need to go to another country that is more akin to your thinking … Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Quatar etc. Where you will feel right at home.

    Those points though miss the truth, those with power in the UK demand population growth of any color,race or creed to satisfy their Keynesian growth model of YOY increasing population. Now take out the 300K population growth for 1 year from the UK economy the Conservatives have been ducking this point. Even dropping it to 50K a year will contract THEIR ECONOMIC MODEL.

    Hell the ONS are shouting more immigration for economic growth be you Pole, Muslim, Eskimo or a little green alien from mars.

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  5. Adrienne · ·

    Jolly well written. The problem seems, to me, to arise because we’ve been made to feel embarrassed about being “British” and are, anyway confused about what that means any more. As a nation we just don’t have a strong moral compass – probably because the past few decades have been spent trying to be accommodating to peoples for whom we were told we needed to feel pity. As a result it’ll be very easy for any group (within or without these shores) to exert their own compass and take the nation (from the smallest community right up to the establishment) in the direction they favour. Too late to identify and rectify the root causes – but how can we address the immediate causes which now affect daily life? After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. Problem is that some people and philosophies have a very clear idea of where they’re going. And we’ve got a committee in charge.

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  6. Here you are then, this is what ISIS has planned for us. Just think, thanks to our useless politician and their political correctness, you may have one living next door.

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  7. Couldn’t agree more.

    Mark Steyn had a similar post recently – worth a read I think…

    There are various aspects of Islam that are entirely opposed to the norms of our society. “No Handshakes” is one (my wife victim of this in Australia FFS!).

    Another is the full veil. In our culture, hiding the face in public is a mark of either bad intentions (thugs/bank robbers etc) or perhaps a justified way to hide identity (SWAT cops for example) – there is no justification for wearing a desert tribal headgear in Hemel Hempstead. (and FWIW, it is not proscribed by the Koran). No – this is just another way to either segregate their women-folk, or in the case of Militant Islam, try to score a point against the decadent West. Jack Straw and France called this one right I think.

    The populations in the west are slowly waking up to the disconnect between what the politicians say, and what they observe with their own lying eyes – in addition to the multicultural progressive nonsense, here are a few more disconnects I can think of

    – Europe good vs Economic stagnation and cultural breakdown would suggest otherwise
    – We can drop democracy from a Tornado vs wholesale destruction of the ME and waves of immigrants
    – We should ban foreign people because they say Bad Things (Trump, Savage, Wilders) vs We took years to expel Hamsa due to his ‘uman rights innit’
    – Global warming aka Climate Change is a coming catastrophe vs science not settled (it never is) and no warming for the last 18 years, Polar Bears doing fine thanks etc.

    this disconnect between what we get told and what we observe is what leads increasing numbers of people to vote for what they perceive to be viable/truthful alternatives – Trump, Le Pen, UKIP, regional independence votes etc.

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  8. Craig R. · ·

    Brilliant !
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.

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  9. In sydney, during 2000, we had a gang of Lebanese young men (including the three Skaf brothers) raping a lot of young girls. Perhaps having some similarity, but not the scale, to your Jay Report.

    We live in cultures where the dominant group are Anglo Saxon christians, its too easy to point the finger at people who look, dress and have differing religious beliefs.

    In Australia, we are now having a royal commission on the crimes committed by the churches, institutions, christian private schools and christian charities (salvation army) for sexual assault and rapes. The majority of the accused are white anglo saxon male (so called) christians

    Is is religion that corrupts or simply power that corrupts?. Or is the combination of religion and power that brings out the worst in men (whatever their ethnicity)?

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  10. The Trump situation shows sheer stupidity from political leaders and many of the public alike.

    Agreed, Trump is an idiot. He is doing exactly what IS wants – which is to drive a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims in western societies.

    So, how do you stop him? The US political, media and luvvie establishment thinks the best idea is to condemn him. Do they not realise that every time they try this, they boost his support? Are they unaware that millions of Americans are so disenchanted with the elite that they automatically support anything or anyone that the establishment dislikes?

    Elites in many countries are blind to their own unpopularity and inability to sway the public. Condemn Snowden? You make him a star! Persecute Assange? His popularity just increases! Try to prosecute Tyson Fury? You’ll just turn him into a folk-hero!

    What should Britain do? Surely, invite him to a televised debate at, say, the Cambridge Union, where our brightest young debaters can tie him in knots and make him look like a total buffoon. Instead, they want to ban him from coming here – idiotic.

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  11. This post was fun. Bit of an intemperate rant in the writing style but basically expressing mostly what I think myself.

    Of course I don’t believe we’re about to enter another Dark Age. But I do think it’s gradually dawning on us that the threat needs to be confronted with massive and overwhelming force.

    The threat of the Nazis and Japanese imperialists were ultimately only effectively dealt with my an almost total destruction of their homelands, unconditional surrender demanded, trial and execution of the leaders, dismantling of their war machines, military occupation for decades, and rule by decree by allied generals.

    Douglas Macarthur was proconsul of Japan for almost ten years, Germany was parcelled up and directly ruled for almost as long. Both still have alleid troops stationed on their soil. But look: they are now peace-loving bastions of democracy and liberal capitalism.

    Overwhelming force clearly works. But half-hearted force just makes things worse, as we have found in Iraq, Libya and Afganistan.

    Study your history and you’ll find that democracy and the rule of law has just about always had to be imposed at the point of a sword or the barrel of a gun. The English Civil War, American War of Independence. You could even describe Napoleon as the Enlightenment on a horse in the sense that he deposed so many monarchs and princelings across Europe.

    I experienced an even worse example of Muslim-stroking than you cited on a training course last year. I’ll tell all when I get a moment.

    Can I be cheeky and ask Mr Mint to write a retraction of previous apocalyptic statements about peak oil,.

    Given the current and likely future state of the oil market wouldn’t you say it’s high time?

    Love your work, anyway!


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  12. The depressing thing is moraymint, I really don’t have to read your posts, I could have written them: I’m like you to a point. If people leave me a lone I’ll leave them alone, but when people would kill my family for their political and religious beliefs: that’s all I need to know.

    Unfortunately mm as much as I’d like to have your reasoned and educated view of the world, a view that I much admire: I don’t. I think you know where I’m coming from mm: no need to spell it out.

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  13. Devout Muslims are the grass. Islamofascists are the snakes.

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  14. Robert E Lee · ·

    On the button as per MM. (Season’s greeting to you and yours).

    “So long as there is this book, there will be no peace in the world” said Gladstone some 150 years (or so) ago. Prescient or what? Sadly, the “accursed book”, as he called the Qur’an can’t be unwritten.
    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohameddanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog——” Winston Churchill. 1899.

    Why oh why can’t the intellectual pygmies in Westminster learn from true statesmen of the past? (Possibly because not one of them would recognise statesmanship if it bit them in the @r5e). We have been sold down the river ‘Multiculti’ and there’s no swimming against the current.

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  15. Joy Dashur · ·

    As ever, clearly thought out, well articulated, and I think your thoughts are an accurate reflection of what is happening. Anyone posting or responding with a “we should…..” might like to think about what the parallel “we shoulds…..” are from the other side. Their “we shoulds” do not include “separate religion from government”, “show tolerance” or even “hey, why can’t we all just get along”. They include “let’s segregate men and women”, “the books says homosexuals are to be killed”, “adulterous women (but not men, note) should be stoned to death”. The people being thrown under the bus here are women and gays and jews. and Christians of course. I know as much, if not more, about living in a muslim culture than most of the people on this site or that you know, and I think what you are saying is sound.

    Two minor technical comments though –

    “Daesh” is not Arabic for “Islamic State” Its a derogatory pun in Arabic on the Arabic name for “Islamic State” which is why it enrages IS when we use it, which is why we should use it – and why its used in the arabic world.

    The reason the muslim gentleman would not shake hands with your esteemed and entirely admirable daughter (do give her my love, won’t you) is that in very strict Islam, it is decrees that a woman should only ever be touched by four classes of men – her father, her husband, her son or her brother. For anyone else to touch her is a mark of enormous disrespect and over-familiarity. Personally, having had to fend off hideous slobbery new year kisses from various loathsome oafs over the decades, I think they have a point. I don’t like comparative strangers thinking they can just barge in and slobber all over me thank you very much. It was one of the things I liked about living in arab culture – the level of respect shown to women.

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  16. Richard Ross · ·

    Very good post. I was always told as a child when travelling to a country that wasn’t my own, that I should respect the people there, and their way of life. Today I’m an immigrant myself – in France. I have never demanded anything or expected those in my village to adapt to my occasional yearning for fish and chips and Old Speckled Hen. In my opinion that’s a decent, respectful approach and I would expect it of everyone who lives in a country formed and ran according to a culture that isn’t their own.

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  17. Let’s drink a drink a drink to moray the trumpatrumpatrump raise your glass the human ra hey ace for you need more Medicinal compound so effn cacious in every sense. Lighten up dude. Surely to god you know when you kill a shitload of people theres gonna be payback or has karma and suchlike concepts gone woosh completely over your head. Think of bin laden as moses .he might not see his promised !and but thanks to the retards in our society who are legion Islam is on its way from misery to happiness today(or2mo) . To be fair the sheeples heads are so full of shit they wouldn’t know truth from lies if an elephant kicked them in the nads . gnite and may your god go with u.

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  18. IMHO we, the massive majority of secular non-religious people who inhabit the UK, will not let that happen. Our ‘1,000 years in the making’ has resulted in us rising above putting faith at the heart of our society, not choosing one faith above others. My many Muslim friends all shakes hand, hug and kiss all of their friends, male & female. Some Jehovah Witnesses will not even speak to me.

    It’s easy to find an example, like your daughter, who has had a bad experience, I can give you numerous where Jewish, Christian and agnostic men have acted like dicks. The man just uses his religion to reconfirm his bigotry just as many on social media are using ‘Our Christian heritage’ to confirm theirs.

    Yes, I have a problem with Islam, but I also have a problem with Christianity and Catholicism demanding that a belief system controls my life. The benefits of a secular society are only just being realised, this realisation will spread because it’s the view of the vast majority of people.

    Remove all religion from government, respect peoples right to worship, but never again let religion supersede or even shape the law of the land.

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    1. Good points, except for comparing Christianity (today) with Islam. Christians accept that others do not share their beliefs. Islam often demands that everyone complies, and IS and similar believe they have the right to kill you if you don’t.

      Granted, Christians once behaved like that – but they no longer do, as Christianity has matured to a point where pluralism, and difference, are accepted.

      Christians grumbled about “Life of Brian”, but didn’t put those who produced it on a death-list.

      Can you imagine what would happen if something like “Life of Brian” was made about Mohammed?

      Just saying!


      1. And in fairness, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jews don’t kill people who disagree with them, either.


        1. Except just as all Christianity isn’t the same nor is Islam. People only focus on sects like the Wahabi which is quite a fundamentalist interpretation of the scriptures. There are numerous fundamentalists around the world using Christianity as a basis for murder and following their political agenda. Buddhist monks in SE Asia have often enforced their view of the world by killing rivals bu that doesn’t make Buddhism evil, just the monks and their leaders.

          Lets not forget that George Bush likened his attack on the ‘Axis of Evil’ as ‘Doing Gods work’.

          Democracy does have to be protected often with the sword but we are way off of that. What’s going on in Syria, Iraq, Iran is a bid for power by evil men using religion as their banner.


  19. Well, this is complex and I really don’t think a Trump strategy really works.

    If you substitute Christianity for Islam, many of your comments hold true for Judaeo-Christian culture. There are many branches of the christian faith who have committed terrible crimes and force their congregations to do terrible things (how about some of ultra right wing US christians who see guns as an extension of a discussion).

    So I think you have to segment the commentary. Most muslims are peace looking and just have aspirations for a great life like everyone else. We have those of strong faith who don’t want to integrate (perhaps our equivalents are Moroms, Jews and Scientologists – who want to keep their religious “bloodlines” pure through marriage etc); and finally psychopaths who want to kill people who are unable to see their point of view (e.g. as we have recently seen in the US, Israel and Syria, amongst other locations).

    I think you need a graded and segmented approach to dealing with all these groups. The first, live and let live; the second, well you wanted to come here so accept our traditions: secularity, Christmas and equality; the third group, you need a carefully segmented but effective approach to treat and constrain the psychopaths.

    In any event, as a secular society, religion should not interfere with the rest of society.

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  20. Bang on the Money.
    Can’t add anything more really. Apart from that a possible solution could be…to invite, say, millions of cultural aliens onto our continental landmass on the basis of a single remark by a powerful German lady whose powers of judgement have clearly evaporated. Then just sit back and see what happens. Job’s a good ‘un.

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  21. Paul William · ·

    Yes, this exactly. I live in Bolton. The female teachers at my former school are now expected to accept not being able to shake hands with the fathers of the Muslim children at parents’ evening. The place I lived when I was first married is now very largely Muslim and judging by what has happened to the rest of the town will be to all intents wholly Muslim shortly. This is not a religion that wants to have anything to do with integration. People are beginning to understand this but I fear that it is too late. And in the meantime no-one is allowed to say anything about what is happening around them in this Alice in Wonderland world we now live in. One assumes that our leaders are aware of what’s going on but choose to ignore it, the question is why. We’re at a crossroads here I think.

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  22. Jack R. Little · ·

    Great post. I was hoping you would write this.

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