Trump Finger Up

Headline!  Indiana Primary: Donald Trump gets straight run to presidential nomination as Ted Cruz drops out.

Shock!  Horror!

This is just a quickie post aside from the EU Referendum series of essays that I’ve been uploading lately.

The established order of the mainstream political and media elites is crumbling to pieces as those same elites struggle to understand the changing relationship between people and politicians these days. Many people are sick to death of being lectured at by semi- if not wholly-detached politicians and their media lackeys – or is it the other way around? – purely in the name of political power and prestige (sod the voters).

Well, the voters seem to be getting fed up with being told to sod off – in the States at least. The result is interesting times for the Yanks. Are we next in the UK and Europe? Let’s hope so. Let’s hope that the likes of the Cameron-Juncker double act is on borrowed time.

Cam & Juncker

If mainstream, ‘moderate’ politicians lose all connection with their voters – as has happened in the US, and is happening in Europe and the UK – then all bets are off as to who rises to the surface. For as long as our cretinous politicos treat the voting public with contempt, democracy says anything can happen. The growing view of the politicos, however, is the less democracy, the better; which is European Commission policy, of course.

They must go on voting until they get it right

Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission 2004 – 14

My anger and irritation lies not with Donald Trump (he’s an opportunist), but with the mainstream political elite, the so-called ‘moderate’ politicians who have engineered themselves into some other universe, out of all touch with ordinary voters. The result is what we’re seeing in the States now. My money is on the same unfolding of political events occurring in Europe and the UK in the coming years …

PS I’m not a fan of Mr Trump, btw, but I do like watching the existing political order being blown out of the water …

Meantime, in Europe, in the bunker things are getting a little fraught …

[Warning: Herr Hitler is a little irritated and uses rude language]




  1. […] following two letters. The first letter is by our contributor Moraymint, published on his elegant blog which is always worth […]


    Moraymint Note: you can visit UKIP Daily here UKIP Daily

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  2. flyer · ·

    Promise this is the last post, it’s off topic but I think you’ll approve.

    Vote leave!


  3. flyer · ·

    I’m posting this not because I like these people or condone them, it’s just that I have to search the Internet for information from many sources as the media is so controlled these days.


    What we’d call the Far Right in the USA have seized upon Donald Trump (whether he likes it or not) as the new Glorious Leader, some openly comparing him to Adolf Hitler as a kind of new Fuhrer. I don’t know about you, but the fact that this New Fuhrer may soon be President of the United States I find a little spooky; I may write about these things but I’ve no idea where they’re headed.

    What some here call ‘The Elite’, I feel for one reason or another in recent times, have overplayed their hand; I’m wondering if recent events are the start of a backlash? Let’s face it, the (so called) Far Right parties are gaining ground in Europe at a rapid rate too.

    People thought I was mad some years ago when I suddenly took of to live in a very remote place at the ends of the Earth, I think they’re a little jealous now.


  4. Robert E Lee · ·

    Thanks for the post mm.

    I’ve been following the bookies odds on the nomination races, and latterly who’ll win the whole shebang (interest only, not for financial speculation purposes). They have the serial liar Clinton at 3/1 on to get to the White House. What an odious harridan she is, and what a state of affairs the ‘Septics’ have got themselves in to. Talk about Scylla and Charybdis, truly “in the land of the blind the one-eyed man (woman) is king.”
    Keep up the good work. By the bye the bookies have the ‘remainers’ streets ahead in the betting on the result of the EU referendum, with Brexit something like 7/2 against. Plenty of time yet, but let’s hope they’re spectacularly wrong, as they were in the general election.

    Regards, REL.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Robert; always good to hear from you. Yes, I realise that there are opinion polls and there are bookies, and the rule is ‘follow the money’. However, I think there is something a little spooky about the whole EU Referendum thing. I do wonder how many people are declaring one thing publicly (Remain), because to declare your hand for Brexit makes you a racist, bigoted, xenophobic Little Englander – such is the might of the propaganda that supports the oligarchy that is the European Commission, and its puppet politicians here in the UK. Just thinking …


  5. Thanks for the EU Brexit Facts link. If the site owner doesn’t mind I’d like to put a link on my blog and perhaps highlight (nick) one or two facts for an article as the referendum approaches.

    Re Trump, no matter what we think of him this is democracy in action. Something sadly lacking in Europe.

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    1. Hi Chiptheduck, by all means post a link on your blog and if you want to use some of the content feel free, as long as you do so with a link back to http://facts4eu.org/ (or the appropriate page if you prefer).

      The more people who read the facts, the better!

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      1. moraymint · ·

        Guys, I’ve tried to add that address to my Blog Roll and it keeps coming up as ‘unrecognised’. I’ve tried different variations on the address, to no avail.


        1. Hmm, strange. Did you try with the usual form of http://www.facts4eu.org ?


          1. moraymint · ·

            Yes, tried that. I’m ‘IT literate’, as they say, but baffled by this one! I think it might be the dot.org suffix that’s causing an issue?


  6. So much depends on how elites react to unpopularity and demands for reform. In 1832, Britain conceded votes to the middle class, and did the same for the upper echelons of the working class in 1867. This was wise concession before pressure became too great.

    Contrast this with France in 1789 (where the coterie around the king resisted every reform), or Russia in 1917 (where a half-witted Tsar determined to rely on force). Both resulted in revolution, a period of terror, and ultimately dictatorship (Napoleon and Stalin).

    The West today faces a classic combination of three things – economic weakness, perceived unfairness in society, and an external threat (IS for sure, Russia possibly).

    This is where a wise government concedes reform, but a foolish one chooses to dig in it heels.

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  7. The election results tomorrow from across the UK will give us an indication of the anti-establishment mood in the electorate. Due to FPTP, the number of seats may not change much – but in the binary world of a referendum, this is not an issue.

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    1. astute angle · ·

      Where I live, unfortunately, the only election (for which I shan’t bother) is for the Police Commissioner.

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  8. flyer · ·

    Yes, agree with everything written here, but for one thing: I think Trump can win the presidency (I’m no Trump fan either). The fact is that (and it delights me too) people are rebelling against the mainstream political parties in the US, UK and Europe, but they’ve been left nowhere to run to but extremist political parties. I’m worried (although I’ve always thought it would happen) that with the kind of political polarisation that we’re seeing, that the current globalist, socialist, multicultural doctrine that we’ve lived with for so long will unwind very violently.

    I wouldn’t underestimate the mood in the USA at the moment. I can sense what’s happening because of my involvement with the firearms community, my involvement is very legal and I’m involved in firearms safety training, but it still brings me into contact with the wider community. Would you believe that at times over the last few years, I’ve sometimes been unable to buy my favourite projectiles and primers for reloading ammo and some weapons and ammo have been hard to get hold of? In the USA people have been buying guns, ammo and components (on a massive scale) and burying them, reloading on an industrial scale and stashing the ammo: all just in case the Democrats try and take away their guns.

    I don’t think people trust the Democrats and Hillary is going to find it hard to get elected. We’re going to live in interesting times.


  9. Very good article, M. I’ve just three comments to make.

    First, established elites have a very bad historic track-record at surviving major economic slumps – they usually require growing prosperity to stay in power. This is why the “liberal elite” is in trouble throughout the Western world. Here is a link to a great article about this – http://capx.co/are-the-elites-on-the-wrong-side-of-history/

    Second, the elites need to choose carefully between conceding reform with good grace, or digging their feet in. They seem to be doing the latter, and circling the wagons for mutual support (n.b. the cringe-making “Cameron-Obama show”). This, historically, has been a mistaken response.

    Third, I don’t think Trump can win – there are too many demographic groups who oppose him. But Mrs Clinton is a classic establishment candidate, so anything is possible.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Tim, always great to get your input to these matters. Truly, we live in the most remarkable era of economic, political and social change. Like you, I should be amazed if Donald Trump becomes the President of the USA, but in the current febrile atmosphere, who really knows?

      The Americans are watching closely what’s happening in Europe today, especially on the issues of the uncontrolled migration of peoples and Europe’s (and the UK’s) disintegrating internal security. If the situation in Europe gets totally out of hand (that’s where my money is), then more Yanks could find Trump even more appealing than he is today.


      1. Thanks. For me, the key point (from a UK and European perspective) is that Trump is an isolationist, and the US public mood is swinging towards isolationism. That was the mood in the 1930s, too, but FDR defied it – fortunately for us.

        This means we need to build up our own defences, not rely on the US taxpayer (which is what we’re doing now). Cutting conventional defence, and relying on Trident, is idiotic.

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  10. astute angle · ·

    Like the video, but I’m not a fan of Trump either, I think that he is a fake who will accomplish his task of getting Hillary selected – whoops, sorry, elected – to the White House.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Mrs Moraymint tut-tutted at the video and said that she thought I shouldn’t have added it. I said to ‘er indoors that with this blog I’m not trying to compete with CBBC; the readers are grown-ups (I assume) and can handle a few swear words now and again. Hope so anyway …


      1. astute angle · ·

        Re Trump, it is interesting to see how Paul Joseph Watson and Alex ‘Info Wars’ Jones presumably, have changed their opinions since this 8 months ago. Unusually PJW isn’t ranting in this video:

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        1. moraymint · ·

          Interesting! Nothing like a good conspiracy theory to get the reflective juices flowing …


  11. Good morning Moraymint,
    Thanks for your excellent series of essays on the EU – incisive and also amusing in all the right places.
    In your latest piece above you say “Let’s hope that the likes of the Cameron-Juncker double act is on borrowed time.” We hope so too.
    However there are now just under 50 days to go before the vote. People are commenting in large numbers on numerous sites that Vote Leave don’t seem to be getting the message across to the average voter.
    Hope you won’t mind a plug for our pro-Brexit facts site : http://facts4eu.org/ We’re trying to make the arguments punchy, so that normal everyday people will read and take in at least the basic facts. We’re volunteers without funding from anyone, and we’d love it if any of your readers felt inclined to help promote our site by posting about it on as many sites as possible.
    We live in hope that one day Vote Leave might even contact us so that we can collaborate.
    Thanks again for your excellent site which always makes great reading.
    Kind regards,
    The facts4eu.org team

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Great comment, thanks – and the link is made for all to see and use! You too keep up the good work please. The future of our country is at stake …


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