Please pour yourself a beer, or a glass of your favourite plonk, tune in and watch this.  You might not agree with the message, but you need to understand what you’ll be forsaking if you decide to vote Remain in the EU Referendum …

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  1. Roderick · ·

    I watched the movie and felt depressed. Why? Because it appealed to the brain but not, somehow, to the heart. And in the privacy of the ballot box, hearts have a large say over where to cast the vote.

    The film wisely avoided elephant traps such as immigration – which would be easy pickings for the Remainers to beat the Leavers over the head with – but in its place could assemble what seemed to be only small stuff, like shopping arcades or fishing. (After all, we can still eat fish and chips when in the EU, so what’s the problem?) And as for red tape, didn’t we British invent a lot of it ourselves, including our fiendishly complicated tax code? If nothing else, the administration of red tape provides employment, always a useful political expedient.

    Like the film I can remember when Britain was the sick man of Europe and the German economy was thriving, I wasn’t really convinced by the conspiracy theory put forward about this in the film – Red Robbo’s and Arthur Scargill’s faces kept popping up in my memory – and I can’t be the only one who thought at the time that outsourcing the management of our economy to those who could run it better might not be an altogether bad idea. Of course, that was then and this is now, and the EU has changed beyond recognition in the meantime, but those who believe that regaining our sovereignity would somehow solve the UK’s troubles are at best, seriously deluding themselves.

    I’m still on the fence in this increasingly puerile and disengaging ‘debate’.

    Ho hum.


  2. flyer · ·

    As I said in an earlier reply. I’ve been trying to understand the tactics and strategies of the EU ie: Fascist, Marxist as these are the names popularly being thrown about. And so I’ve worked and worked at this. I’ve tried looking at Genghis Khan and Atilla the Hun, both used political tactics as a means to conquer an enemy: but not like that which we’re witnessing.

    The frightening reality is that these strategies are: Islamic. You may think I’m mad but there is evidence.

    Bloody hell! What is going on?


  3. Mark Deacon · ·

    On the day we vote we are giving authority to this concept … “here is your new legislation and you voted yes so you have to accept”. Rejection is not allowed after we stay in and all our not needed politcicians will get paid for nothing except reitterate these words “it is all the EU’s fault and we can’t do anything about that can we”.

    The stay vote will happen like night follows day and the above will follow that as a certainty.

    Of course once in Cameron will blame all the issues that arise as nothing to do with him of course hoping we all forget who is demanding we stay in.

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  4. astute angle · ·

    Interesting but ultimately disappointing, it leaves me quite depressed that it is so ‘Thatcherite’ in tone and not a single mention of TTIP. (I suspect a lot of those involved support TTIP). This will appeal to some, but not to the very demographic groups that Brexiteers need to appeal to, namely Labour and Green voters. Unrestricted immigration and the increased competition for jobs and housing that have gone with it are the number one issue for Labour’s electoral base. Frank Field MP understands this, but I doubt whether he’d want to appear in the same film as Kelvin MacKenzie, who is still hated on Merseyside.

    The ‘Greens’ have a disproportionately high following among the millennial generation, who are the least attached to the concept of the nation state, hence more gullible to the notion of being ‘European’. They might relate to the last bit of the film, ie we should be ‘global’, not ‘European’, but more emphasis should have been placed on the idea that environmental legislation is best made by the very people whom it affects, not at supranational level. The idea that abolishing the Common Agricultural Policy (which isn’t mentioned by name) would mean cheaper food doesn’t necessarily hold, it would just mean an end to the food subsidies that create such surpluses.

    Blaming the French for the EU always makes good copy, so it is all very well to mention Jean Monnet, but amazingly the film makes no mention of Konrad Adenauer in its detail of post-war West Germany’s economic miracle; nor does it mention that the *concept* of a Central European Customs Association was a German one, proposed in 1915 by its then Chancellor Bethman Hollweg. His idea was for a strong Germany surrounded by subordinate vassal states, which it would dominate economically. This is detailed in David Stevenson’s veritable tome ‘1914-1918, The History of the First World War’.

    Ultimately, the film leaves me depressed, like Durkin’s ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ it only preaches to those of similar political disposition.

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  5. Craig · ·

    Thanks for posting the movie, brilliant !
    I’ve always been in favor of Brexit therefore didn’t need persuading/convincing. However it makes the case for Brextix clear and convincing, I’ve already shared and will continue to do so. Whilst I agree with Herbert Stein’s Law, if the vote is to remain, that will be scant consolation……
    All the best

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  6. flyer · ·

    When we describe the EU we’ve become accustomed to using words such as: Totalitarian, Fascist, Marxist etc. I was doing some research recently to try and pin down exactly which of the above apply and found I couldn’t: it displays elements of each of the above (usually the worst elements) but it isn’t any of the above.

    After thinking about it I came up with this analogy.

    If I’m stalking an animal in dense bush, I can usually expect to hear it or smell it before I see it, but I’ll know what kind of animal it is by the signs that it leaves. In the case of the EU, I can hear it and smell it, but I’ve no idea what kind of animal I’m going to find.

    At times like this, I’m very glad that I don’t believe in God, because if I did, I may not call it an animal at all, but something else, a word and perhaps a number.

    One thing I do know,when I find it, I’m certainly not going to like it and I’m certainly not going to want to eat it.

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    1. David Hawk · ·

      You need to be thinking about how you will kill it before it kills you…….you do know that don’t you?

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      1. flyer · ·

        I may not want to eat it, but I didn’t say anything about not shooting it:-)

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  7. Malcolm Whistance · ·

    Private shopping malls for the EU elite. Who knew? How can any reasonable person object to those who only receive several times the UK PM’s salary (plus perks) having such facilities in order to help them eek out their miserable pittances in pursuit of the lifestyles all the rest of us enjoy? I mean, how petty can we be? What I really want to know is, if giant Ponzi schemes are illegal, how on Earth do they get away with it?

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  8. Robert E Lee · ·

    By the way mm, you’ve no doubt researched this, but it’s relatively new to me. It’s interesting to read up on Coudehove-Kalergi and his views. It’s no surprise that recipients of the bi-annual prize awarded in his name include Van-Rompuy and Angela Merkel.
    Yet more grist to your mill.

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  9. Robert E Lee · ·

    I was 100% for Brexit after reading Booker & North a few years ago. I still am. Were it possible, after viewing this ‘movie’ (dreadful Americanism) I’d now be 200% behind it. As it is, my systolic blood pressure must be near the 200 mark.

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  10. Malcolm Whistance · ·

    I suppose it may be confirmation bias because there was never any chance of my voting to stay in the EU (I voted out in 1975 and nothing that I have seen or experienced since has convinced me that I was wrong) but I thought this movie was brilliant. It explained exactly what is wrong with the EU in simple terms; it proved that most (if not all) of the scare stories by the Remain camp are wrong and most of all it conveyed a positive message about leaving this unnecessary, wasteful, corrupt cartel. If Ponzi schemes are illegal in the business world, why aren’t they in political unions? Private shopping malls for the EU elites? Who knew?

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  11. Yes MM, this is surprisingly good. For some reason we thought it would be disappointing, but it’s not at all.

    We even put links to it chapter-by-chapter on our site, in case some people don’t have time to watch the whole thing at one sitting. See the left-hand column here:

    Kind regards,
    The team


  12. Very persuasive!

    What we also need to note is that ruling establishments are in retreat everywhere, and that includes both the UK and the EU elites. Even if the UK votes for remain, then, the EU may be toast before long in any case……

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Tim, I hope fervently that the EU implodes with or without a Remain vote, and I believe that all the historic evidence suggests that the EU will indeed implode eventually. In this sense, whilst I shall be desperately disappointed if the EU and British government propaganda machines prevail, I shall take comfort from knowing that the EU’s days are and will be numbered after 23 June.

      As Herbert Stein’s Law says, ‘If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.’ The EU is unsustainable politically, economically and socially – and so, eventually, it will stop.

      It’s a pity that the UK could well end up going down with the ship, having had the chance this year to pull away in a lifeboat …


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