The rate of net immigration to the UK has risen to one-third of one million human beings per year.

Uncontrolled immigration threatens to deconstruct the nation we grew up in and convert [the UK] into a conglomeration of peoples with almost nothing in common – not history, heroes, language, culture, faith nor ancestors. Balkanization beckons.”

With apologies to Pat Buchanan (who used ‘America’ where I used ‘the UK’), American political commentator, author, broadcaster and politician

This is just an observation rather than shoving up a Vote Leave, or Leave EU, or Brexit, or some other ‘dump the EU’ slogan.

Seriously, can any society which delegates its governance to an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy in a foreign land (aka the European Commission) – one of whose central policy planks is to foster the unfettered and uncontrolled movement of peoples – expect to do anything about this? The answer, in case you’re wondering, is almost certainly ‘No’.

The UK has delegated migration control (sic) to its de facto government, the European Commission. If thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of human beings choose to move into and across Europe to be in the UK, then that’s what will happen. Indeed, that is the express intention of ‘The Free Movement of Peoples’. Simples.

Quite why anyone would vote for this continuing, but wholly unsustainable, sovereignty-free and society-destroying arrangement does baffle me, I must say. I acknowledge and respect that many of my friends intend to vote for the UK to remain lashed to the European Commission (you can’t vote them in or out, by the way), but I’d very much welcome an exposition of the benefits of living in a small, crowded, island country growing at the rate of at least one city per year.

In the past 5 years, the UK’s population has grown faster than in the previous 1,500 years. As a society, how do we absorb and service that rate of change if, by being a member of the European Union, we are not permitted to control it?

For sovereignty’s sake, please share this widely


  1. Too late the damage is done.

    The EU referendum should have been the catalyst for unification like the whole country says we demand “a democratic institution providing a proper set of accounts” to make it accountable else not interested.

    Instead we have arguments over immigration that are a subset of the previous DO NOT DIRECTLY ATTACK THE STRUCTURAL ISSUE OF THE EU. That is where the focus needs to be not on that country gets more than me, or you have more migrants than us. A true democracy actually resolves these disputes BUT WE DON’T HAVE A TRUE DEMOCRACY DO WE?

    Immigration in the EU to be fair needs to be measured by population density and the UK is about 800 people per sq mile far higher than the likes of Germany and France with far greater land mass.

    BREMAIN it will be though the US, UK and EU elite demand it especially when the likes of Goldman Sachs the kingmagers choose it.

    The real play, BREXIT or not there is something more important happening right now and to me it feels like the end of the road economically for the US hence all the aggression is being ramped up against Russia and China militarily and economically.

    I won’t go into why but it is 100% economic … you do not go to war if you are having a jolly good time and the same principle applies to the EU with all its economic woes. A decade ago this would have been a no contest for BREMAIN but peoples have had to many lies, thieving, deceit, corruption, warmongering, etc. ALL IN YOUR NAME BUT NEVER FOR YOUR BENEFIT.


  2. David Hawk · ·

    You ask: “As a society, how do we absorb and service that rate of change?”

    The short and brutal answer is we don’t and we cannot. The future is chaos and bloodshed and very probably even famine. It will take worryingly little to cause widespread food shortages in Britain today let alone in the future when much of Europe will also be in chaos as these immigrant invaders continue to pour into to our countries.


  3. astute angle · ·

    And the Green Party supports it! Proof, if it were needed, that the Green Party is no longer an ecology party, it is just a ragbag of various multi-culti lgbt-qwerty minority interest groups.


  4. Could you elaborate on the rate of population growth over the past 5 years being greater than the previous 1500, just so I understand it and can tell other people with confidence

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    1. moraymint · ·

      I am heading out of office from tomorrow until next Tuesday, but will track the source for you and report back. Meantime, Migration Watch is an excellent source of migration and population statistics …

      Here is another interesting page from the same website.


  5. Immigration was always likely to be a – perhaps the – decisive issue in the referendum. It is also critical for the EU itself, because it is a flash-point between governing and governed.

    Nationally, sovereignty is incomplete if a country does not control who it allows in. A country might decide to let in huge numbers, but that remains a sovereign decision.

    The governing elite is divorced from the public over this, whether in the UK, the EU or the US. The elite tend to take a different view from the public, for two reasons.

    First, your view of wage competition differs hugely depending on whether you are a worker (you want wages to be high) or an employer (you want them to be low), the latter tending to be the “establishment” position.

    Second, members of the elite tend not to live in places where the immigrants actually arrive, whereas the “average” person often does. So perspectives are bound to be different.

    This issue could break the EU apart. First, the open-door policy favoured by Merkel and others does not have popular support. Second, a viewpoint centered in northern Europe does not understand the thousand-year history of migration (both ways) across the Mediterranean, so your view if you are Greek, Italian or Spanish is likely to be very different from if you are, say, German or British. At many times, Europeans have occupied North Africa – at others, North Africans have occupied southern Europe, including the whole of the Iberian peninsular.

    I don’t know whether the migration issue will decide the referendum, though I suspect that, if Remain wins, the EU membership issue won’t go away. Migration is likely to break the EU apart unless the elite concedes ground.

    My own view is that migration can be a good thing – but it needs to be selective (admitting those whose skills we need), and it requires the consent of the public. I think this makes it a national decision, not an EU one.

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    1. I guess it will not be the main issue until we get the message through that this is not swivel-eyed position

      People do not yet understand that it is not just stupidity or carelessness that leads the elites to down at they do

      No – it’s by design…..

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  6. I struggled with the “why” of it – until Mr Moraymints fine post “who governs us” which explained the basis of the EU governance.

    put that alongside the Coudenhaven-Kalergi plan, and all becomes clear.

    While not trying to be too gloomy – the elites ain’t going to change. Any agent for change that tries to break into the mainstream will be ostracised and sidelined (Farage, Wilders to name but two..)

    So the dissenting people will increasingly turn to men of action as exemplified in Golden Dawn and other similar groups.

    Hence the EU will end in tears and bloodshed, and once again Europe will be the centre of armed conflict

    Add in to the mix fighting the Wahabists and it is going to get ugly, quickly…

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    1. moraymint · ·

      In all honesty, I share your pessimism as to the European Union’s and hence the European continent’s end-game. In my view, Europe will, over time, steadily descend into a sort of latter day feudal chaos, but that’s for another post, another day …


  7. Roderick · ·

    It’s enough to make you believe in conspiracy theories… but they can’t all be right, so how do we choose the right one?

    Even Mikhail Gorbachev remarked on the curious desire by those in power in the EU to replicate the (defunct and discredited) USSR in Europe. It may seem a tad far-fetched, but from what I can see it looks very much like the game plan. Those presently in the ruling elite of member countries will be bought off with cosy sinecures and for all I know, seaside dachas, while the centralisation of power will lead to the removal of national boundaries, let alone border controls. I’ve yet to hear of a better raison d’être for the EU.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Here’s the analogy between the EU and the USSR …


  8. Peter · ·

    A rising population helps grow GDP and that increases tax revenue. In the short term, that’s all our politicians care about to get through a successful term in office. I guess it works as long as public services can cope, but they can’t, and as long as we have available space/housing, which we don’t.

    If this rush of people stay in the UK, imagine the level of be new immigration that will be needed at some point in the future to support a massive bulge in people of pensionable age?

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Yes, we’re talking about the exponential function here, Peter – which is a very scary function indeed.


  9. flyer · ·

    In a nutshell spot on! It’s not even mathematics; just simple arithmetic, seems like it’s too much for our leaders. Given that most of our leaders were taught arithmetic at very expensive private schools, I can only assume, that rather than represent us, they just mean us harm.

    Whichever way it goes on June 23rd mm,: best of luck.

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