New Cabinet meets

Prime Minister David Cameron hosts the first cabinet meeting with his new cabinet in Downing Street in London, following his General Election victory.

The British Government’s View

In recent weeks we’ve experienced the somewhat unedifying spectacle of a (fractured) British government cajoling and coercing its citizens to vote to support the ‘ever closer union’ of 28 nations becoming a European superstate.  That superstate (today in the guise of the European Union) is, and would continue to be governed by an unelected, unaccountable politico-bureaucratic elite, the European Commission, with the UK a vassal state within.

The British Prime Minister’s view is that the people of this country would be better served by 28 unelected commissioners, vice-presidents and presidents dispensing laws from a palace in Brussels than it would be served by its elected House of Commons.

Incidentally, if you think that those opening paragraphs were somewhat fact-lite, or biased, then feel free to read this previous post, at least to get some feel for how the UK and its fellow EU member nations are governed under the Lisbon Treaty – which is the European Union Constitution by another name.  The UK is bound as tight as a nut under the Lisbon Treaty.  It’s a fact that if the UK remains within the European Union we shall continue to be swept into the vortex of a European political autocracy: a strengthening of European government, more and more European laws, European fiscal ‘harmonisation’ (that is, tax and spend laws set by the European Commission), European law enforcement agencies, a European army and so on and so forth.  These outcomes are inevitable and over which the UK will have no influence for they are innate to the Lisbon Treaty and, moreover, represent the settled wishes of the European Commission.

Project Fear

Have you ever heard the Remainians set out in detail the features and benefits of rule by a foreign oligarchy?  No, nor me.  Funny that.  Instead, the British government has threatened us with economic and social Armageddon if we don’t vote in favour of the UK remaining within the European Union.  Indeed, bizarrely, the government says that not only will Armageddon befall us, but the Chancellor of the Exchequer will himself punish British society if we dare to vote to leave the European Union; he’ll do this by imposing upon us a ‘Brexit Budget’ come the day.

It continues both to baffle and to sadden me that the politics of the UK should ever have got to the point where a British government is, to all intents and purposes, itself traitorous.  How unexpected and weird is that?  To be traitorous is to betray.  In this case, the British government is betraying the principles of freedom, democracy and sovereignty established in the UK over centuries through the expenditure of much blood and treasure.  The self-appointed role of the British government in this EU Referendum campaign has been to argue for us summarily to dispense with a 1,000 years of history in favour of rule by a distant oligarchy – simply by placing a cross on a ballot form.  To use a modern colloquialism, WTF?

It’s the Morning of Friday 24 June

My bedside radio clicks into life and I learn that the British people have voted in favour of the UK remaining a signatory to the Lisbon Treaty and, therefore, a member of the European Union.  How do I feel?

Democracy Rules

Well, my first reaction is that, for now, I’m experiencing one of the outcomes of an obsolescent feature of British society: democracy.  The British people had a political choice yesterday and made that choice.  I’m laying here thinking, ‘If most of my compatriots believe that life in the UK will be better for us being ruled from afar, by people whom we neither know, nor choose, nor can we hold to account or reject from office, then so be it.’  It occurs to me that you and I will be unlikely to see Mr Vladimir Dombrovskis walking the streets of his vassal state any time soon, as was Mrs Jo Cox MP walking about her constituency last week.  You’ll need to find out for yourself who is Vladimir Dombrovskis.  However, he has power (for which he is unaccountable) over the way you and I will live our lives now that we’ve assigned emphatically the governance of our society to Mr Dombrovskis and his colleagues.

dombrovskis         Jo-Cox-MP

From here on, the British people will come to learn that Thursday 23 June was the last time they were ever invited to participate in the workings of their de facto government, the European Commission.  From today – Friday 24 June 2016 – we must brace ourselves for an avalanche of ‘ever closer union’ as the European Commission moves to capitalise on the UK’s green-light to press on with the creation of the United States of Europe.  The 28 technocrats in The Berlaymont (the palace of the European Commission) will be rubbing their hands with glee this morning.  We need to get used to that hitherto unfamiliar term, The Berlaymont, from where increasingly our lives will be ruled, like the working of a ratchet, by an invisible, untouchable elite.

Let Down

My next reaction is to feel let down.  My twenty-odd years serving in the British armed forces taught me that one of the worst things, if not the worst thing you can ever do to your teammates is to let them down.  This morning, I’m struggling to understand how and why so many of my team, my fellow British citizens chose to let me down in this way.  Of course, if the vote turns out to be as close as the polls predict then it’s me and about 23 million of my compatriots who will be feeling let down, perhaps by other members of our families, by our friends and acquaintances, and by others in our national community.

I feel let down because I want to ask my fellow ‘Remain’ countrymen, ‘Did you really research this matter for yourself?  Were you so swayed by The Prime Minister, by Bob Geldof, by the Governor of the Bank of England, by Jeremy Corbyn, by the Confederation of British Industry, by President Obama?  Did you invest just a day or two of your life and discover for yourself the reality of the history of the European Union, it’s workings today and, most of all, its ambitions?  Did you research a 1,000 years of British history and the sacrifices that came with it?’

But back to the democracy thing.  I have to accept, of course, that 23 million of my national mates will have taken a rational decision to favour President Jean-Claude Juncker (unelected), over Her Majesty The Queen (also unelected, as it happens, but in a somewhat different league, and without any of the unchecked and unbalanced constitutional powers held by Mr Juncker).

I can think of a number of my real-life friends who will almost certainly have voted ‘Remain’ yesterday, but I must and will of course respect the democratic choice of my fellow Brits.  But again, this makes me want to ask them, ‘Did you make a conscious decision yesterday to be ruled by a foreign oligarchy?  Were you taken in by the Armageddon stuff?  Do you believe that, we, the British people are singularly incapable of surviving and thriving in the world without the need to be ruled by 28 unelected, unaccountable, foreigners (OK, with a couple of unheard-of Brits thrown in)?  Indeed, do you even know who are the Brits on the European Commission, your government-with-a-vengeance from today, in the same way that probably you know who is your local MP?’

If you voted Remain yesterday and you can say, honestly, that you made a conscious decision to surrender your self-determination, then so be it.  But I still feel that you’ve let me down.

It Doesn’t Matter

There’s a third and final sentiment that runs through me this morning and it’s this: it doesn’t really matter if the majority of Brits have chosen to keep the UK inside the European Union.  The reason is that, like all empires – as history shows – ultimately the EU will fail and collapse.  Indeed, the signs of failure, if not of collapse, are evident today within the European Union.  The problem now is that had we voted yesterday to leave the European Union we would at least have protected ourselves from the chaos of its death throes.

I defer here to the journalist, Simon Heffer, who says that empires like the European Union ‘fail because of over-reach, and because they seek to control people determined to control themselves. The EU is an empire (see the postscripted video below to listen to President Barroso talking proudly of his ‘Empire’), albeit one not achieved by military conquest; and the signs of its decay have been obvious since long before the current, and insoluble, crisis of the euro. The European empire will fail because the world for which it was created – the world of the cold war, and international Marxism, and pre-globalisation – no longer exists, and European states need a different means to cope with the future.’


So, here I am.  It’s the morning of Friday 24 June 2016 and the British people have voted to remain within the European Union.  I acknowledge that democracy has functioned; I feel let down by my compatriots; I feel certain that, in the end, all we’ve done is to have hitched ourselves to a sinking ship, to an empire which, like all empires, will succumb ultimately to its lack of democratic consent.

Finally, I leave you with a turkey voting for Christmas.  Here, Daniel Hannan MEP – a man who wishes to see his job made redundant – explains the consequences of voting to keep the UK within the European Union.

Daniel Hannan MEP on the consequences of the UK voting to remain in the European Union …


All I would ask is that if you are one of my family, or friends, or fellow British citizens, then please be quite certain of the reasons for your voting choice on Thursday 23 June, and be conscious of the consequences.  We’ll never get this democratic opportunity again.  If in future we wish to recover our freedom and democracy then, sadly, history will once again repeat itself: we shall be forced to fight for those cherished gems of civilisation …


President Barroso tells us about his European Union ‘Empire’ …




  1. Arfur · ·

    This post expresses my own sentiments exactly. Maybe that is because we both had a similar line of work for over twenty years.

    It seems (and I hope I’m wrong) that the Remain side will prevail on Thursday. Although I have tried very hard to spread the word “Do Your Own Research”, I am mentally preparing for a result different to my point of view.

    I feel that the Remain campaigners have tried – fairly successfully – to repeatedly deflect the debate to ‘The Economy’ without actually saying anything of substance as to why the economy would be better inside the EU. Meanwhile most of the Leave campaigners have pushed the ‘Immigration’ argument, a tactic which I have always felt is fraught with danger. Both arguments appeal to the basic fears of Joe Public – either pounds in pocket or foreigners invading. It now appears that the murderous actions of one criminal will do more to damage the Leave campaign than any amount of ‘Remain’ argument.

    The one area of debate which the Leave side should have concentrated is that of UK Governance and Democracy. This was the argument that could have won the debate singlehandedly without downside. It is the argument I have constantly invoked when discussing with friends and peers and one which I feel has had a large measure of success. Most intelligent people rail against the idea of an undemocratic and unaccountable politburo or law-makers. Why wouldn’t they?

    Unfortunately the death of Jo Cox has been both tragic for her family and friends, and an opportunity for the Remain campaign to link (either directly or by implication) the activities of extreme right wing activists to the Leave campaign – whether or not these links are true.

    I still bear some hope that most people will be able to consider that the reasons for leaving are as valid now as they were before the tragic death of Jo Cox.

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  2. This referendum has been disasterous for the UK government, EU commission and all the peoples across europe. Has nothing to do with the referendum neither … The UK government is making its population accept a lessor democracy. You won’t have a say on the path the EU commission takes it will be telling you the way it will be. Another point that has been revealed with all the BREMAINS cajoling and outright lies half the time is that the democracy in the UK has already been torn away.

    The path MEP Hannan implies is already here just we did not get to see it as clear as we do now and wether we chose BREXIT or BREMAIN, the path is the same. Democracy can never be given, the EU does not have it because it was built WITHOUT DEMOCRACY as one of the fundamental building blocks.

    The UK for 400 years was stable, Cromwell built it with a small amount of democracy built in and we need to learn that is the stabilty and strength. It is why the UK was able to be a superpower from a 76K sq mile island.

    Our elites will never again give us this vote, after that … we will have to fight them to take it back but not until this referendum did we get to see how much was stolen. People will then say “the British are cowards etc. on this”, when it gets bad enough they like all peoples will fight and the EU is likely going to push us to that place much quicker than we thought.

    As I now coin the phrase “undemocratic EU” but I got to add another the “unrepresentative Parliament” when 95% are BREMAIN whereas the population is I believe is around the 50% BREXIT. Could be higher but there is alot of government fraud going on and BREMAIN will be in the order of 60%+ because if the need for parliament to override a BREXIT vote would be catastrophic in dividing the nation. So fraud it will be then … just to make sure of BREMAIN even if it is winning.

    To address one issue Osborne raised and laughable, the UK will financially suffer on BREXIT … we have a BOE? It can print like when they created £375 billion for the banks you never got to see! It would have paid 30 million household for 12 years the £1000 pound Cameron said it would cost on a mortgage.

    Well the the BOE will have to go because it competes with ECB, a blessing and a curse for it once gone the cheat of printing £375 billion is gone. Crunch the UK economy again you will be reliant on the ECB to print for you and this they would not do for Greece prefering to keep it as a money laundering state for Deutschebank.

    All the points on immigration, financial, everything … every issue for me or any other, some I agree with some I do not. Under a democracy its strength they can be fixed or moderated and probably most important reason as you state Moraymint the democratic choice of a population.

    Well the EU is not fixing immigration, financial issues or any other issue you have unless it chooses to and that is final so there!

    Moraymint, on the 23rd can you raise a post and it goes likes this posterity, understanding, etc.

    *** How and why why did you vote as you did in the referendum? ***

    That’s it nothing fancy, because to vote you had to have a principle and reason to vote as you did and I am curious as to why any vote BREMAIN. I am voting BREXIT solely on one reason the “undemocratic EU” that is less of a democracy, but not by much of the one I have now.

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  3. It won’t be over on Friday 24th, it might just be the beginning.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Craig · ·

    Well here we go the week we’ve all been waiting for. I hope we wake up on Friday with a majority vote to leave. I simply can’t contemplate the alternative, I’ve waited years for this moment, I hope my wait isn’t in vain!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. flyer · ·

    It’s just too depressing watching the referendum campaign from afar, to watch our Prime Minister and Chancellor sink to such low levels. The lies and general dishonesty of our so called leaders has been appalling and it makes them unfit to govern whatever the result of the referendum.

    June 23rd is a big day for me personally, because it’ll decide whether I ever set foot in my native country again. I’ve not been allowed to vote in this referendum but I’ve tried to make up for that in other ways. I sometimes feel like a rat deserting a sinking ship but there is no way I’m going to let the European Union be part of my life.

    When I was growing up in England, I used to feel so lucky, it was such a special place. How can people vote to give their lovely country away to be part of a Totalitarian Superstate? I’m betting it won’t be too many years before the remainers regret their decision if they win.

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  6. astute angle · ·

    I’ll be honest in that I have been expecting a marginal Remain vote all along (though I shall vote Leave) in that most people naturally err on the side of caution and are afraid of a jump into the unknown. No-one under the age of 30 has any concept of the EEC (or EC) as it was prior to the signing of the Treaty of European Union 24 years ago.

    The outcome will leave me feeling depressed and resigned, but the only glimmer of satisfaction is that Cameron and Osborne by their conduct have lost any moral authority as Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Good job that their roles will in any case effectively be redundant. Global attention will turn away from Brexit until the next crack appears in the EU.

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