This morning I sent the following letter to the Moray Conservative & Unionist Association


At every election since 1975 I have voted Conservative; that’s 44 years of loyal party-political support. I’m a member of the Moray Conservative & Unionist Association. I have canvassed for the Party and tramped around the streets delivering election pamphlets. I admire my MP, Douglas Ross; I think he is a decent man and a diligent Member of Parliament. However, today, with some considerable sadness, I am terminating my Conservative Party membership.

The Conservative Party, with the approval of Parliament, invited the British people to decide whether the UK should remain in or leave the European Union. The British people voted to leave the EU. Parliament passed a law that the UK would leave the EU on Friday 29 March 2019, with or without a Withdrawal Agreement. However, that date has come and gone, and today the UK remains a member of the EU; the Conservative government failed to execute the democratic decision of the British people.

It appears that the UK might at best eventually leave the EU in name only whilst tied to myriad trade, legal and social constraints, or the UK will remain in the EU per the status quo ante. My perversely optimistic assumption is that the Conservative government will engineer the former outcome and the UK will migrate to become an EU vassal state. Either outcome will signal that the Conservative Party has failed in its duties not only to conservatism and the Party, but moreover to the very substance of democracy in the UK. It’s a shocking failure of political integrity.

Under these circumstances, as Ambrose Evans-Pritchard observed in his newspaper column recently, ‘sooner or later an explosive issue will arise. It will become clear why a G7 industrial democracy with 65 million people cannot sub-contract swathes of policy-making to a foreign power. The constitutional arrangement is not viable. It guarantees an abrogation crisis down the road’.

The UK sovereignty genie is out of the bottle. Like pregnancy, a nation can’t be half-sovereign. The Conservative government, aided and abetted by many Conservative MPs, has spent the last 3 years bizarrely straining every political sinew to make the UK half-sovereign; to make the UK an ex-signatory to The Treaty of Lisbon, but a de facto member of the EU. In other words, the Conservative Party has pursued a policy of securing UK suzerainty. How it ever came to this is quite unfathomable to me, but what is clear is that the Conservative Party is now a basket case.

I can’t buy into half-baked sovereignty. Therefore, after 44 years of calling myself a Conservative, I now find myself ashamed of the Conservative Party. Consequently, I should be grateful if you would delete me from the membership roll of the Moray Conservative & Unionist Association. I know that I shall be no great loss to the Association nor the Party at large; however, I presume that I’m about to be one of many thousands of ex-Party members and one of perhaps millions of ex-Conservative Party voters.

Henceforth, I intend to put every effort into campaigning for and supporting The Brexit Party and will do so at least until such time as the UK recovers its unfettered sovereignty.


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See you down the pub.


  1. Great letter in the Telegraph today, MM. Inspirational, I’d say!

    Please don’t be offended as none is intended, but I’ve always regarded the job of an MEP to be somewhat redundant and I think that your talents would much better serve us as a Westminster MP.

    Good luck and best wishes, AP.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Archie. Are you referring to my comment under Lucy Harris’s article, ‘Leavers have been insulted and betrayed’?


      1. Indeed!


  2. Douglas Brodie · ·

    Hi Moraymint, well done for making the switch. I was a member of the Conservative Party back in the days of Margaret Thatcher but I’m done with them now. They care more about the politically correct, self-serving agendas of the global and national establishment than they care about the people of the UK.

    My last exchange with Ruth Davidson was to warn that her attitude to Brexit would probably lead to Corbyn becoming prime minister, still a distinct possibility but at least we can eventually vote Corbyn out of office. I also argued with her over the years about her hysterical, unworkable views on climate change but she always fobbed me off with technically-nonsensical assertions.

    You have probably noticed that Brexit EU fanatics are overwhelmingly the same people who are climate change fanatics. This was on show in the House of Commons yesterday when they debated an urgent question from Ed Miliband praising Extinction Rebellion and demanding that the government declares a “climate emergency” (Hansard record). It was noticeable that all of the opposition parties and Tory left-wingers are gearing up to push for net zero UK emissions by 2050, the totally impractical demand put up by the politicised UN IPCC in their recent Special Report. They are all too stupid to realise that such a policy will destroy the economy even faster than the Climate Change Act.

    It strikes me that if the Brexit Party can paint these people as irresponsible nutters it could give added momentum to the realignment of UK politics. Instead of a disenfranchising choice between soft-left and hard-left the new contest would be between fact-based rationalists versus irrational, impractical ideologues.

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  3. Would anyone here consider one suggestion that you may have contacts to implement …
    that is – a web page which lists all the Brexit supporting sites – I have at least 10 bookmarked, but there does not seem to be much co-ordination. In fact it seems that they are competing – with different ambitions (boris…) so that each does not want to draw attention to the others. If this is the case then the ’cause’ is lost!

    PS I am interested to read of the constitutional outrages which folk consider are happening – even to the extent of undermining the Sovereign.


  4. It is right to learn, even from the enemy – Ovid

    Let us learn from Momentum the far-left activist group and use entryism to infiltrate the Tory party to push for deselections of Remain MPs.

    Tom’s view:

    “The Rotten Parliament – Time For Deselections”

    The despair amongst my fellow Brexiteers is palpable as is the growing concern amongst remainers that believe in democracy. So what if I told you this was actually a good week? Finally now you can see them, Brexit has flushed them out into the pen.

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  5. Some general thoughts and suggestions.

    Why does it cost £25 to join the Brexit party? Because politicians are unable to recognize that with new technology and means of communication that a new single issue party can quickly be established at virtually zero costs. Why can the Brexit Party not just ask for a token payment of £1 to join as a member and no cost to join as a supporter as it currently the case?

    There is no need for the Brexit party to spend a single penny on national advertising or to social media sites such as Facebook. There is no need to appear on the major news channels. The radical approach is to side-step all the traditional lines of communication and grow the movement from the grass roots up.

    The great majority of the Brexit Party’s supporters are already members of Facebook and twitter and they are ready given instructions and materials to campaign on social media and also in their local areas in their millions. How many Brexit party supporters will there be on any given street? We all have computers and we all have home printers. We can all print A4 Brexit Party posters and put them in our windows. We can all print leaflets and distribute them in our streets. There is no need for traditional organization or party structure of activists that need to be established. All that is needed is a technological aware central management with a coherent strategy as to how best to take advantage of new media and the technology we all already own.

    Given that all members and supporters should be held in a central database, then it should be possible for members and supporters to see who else supports the party in their streets and local areas. The more posters appear in people’s windows the more people will realize that the Brexit Party is everywhere and that it will be a real contender in elections for the European parliament and also for a UK general election if it should come to that. The level of grass roots support should be completely visible and this can be achieved in principle at zero cost. The activists are already on the ground everywhere, it’s just a question of letting them know who they are so they can get together to take coordinated action on the ground in their local areas.

    In order to maximize its appeal, the Brexit party needs to truly be a single issue party. It is about taking the UK out of the EU on WTO terms and doing that in a smooth and orderly fashion with all the planning and efforts that requires. It should also be dedicated to holding a public enquiry into how the cruelly divisive war of Project Fear was planned and waged upon the British people. It should also consider questions of criminal negligence in the present government’s approach to sabotaging Brexit.

    To be most effective it must welcome supporters from all parties across the political spectrum and avoid tribalism. The more left wing activists it can attract the more it can demonstrate that it is not a hard right extremist party but a truly populist party. This is about winning back national sovereignty and restoring truly representative democracy whilst exposing the inherent corruption of the main parties if need be should they end up assenting to the WA. In order to legally overturn such an agreement it would be necessary to show that it is an odious agreement made by corrupted politicians likely in collusion with corporations and the EU.

    If it is clearly the case that our governments have not been serving the people’s best interests then it is incumbent upon us, once winning a general election to make some form of investigation as to whose interests they have been serving and how?

    The opportunities and infrastructure already exist and can be exploited at zero cost, we only have to throw out the old campaign rule books in order to focus and take advantage of them.


    1. Having been UKIP’s Party Treasurer from 2015>early 2018 I can tell it’s impossible to run an effective political party without funds.

      The bulk of the electorate don’t use social media and need communicating with using old fashioned means such as leaflets. Fighting effective by-elections & Parliamentary elections need funding. I accept that much of the money parties spend campaigning is wasteful but a political party needs ‘feeding’.

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      1. Social media is just one avenue. The most important element is grass roots support in local communities who know who they are and who could then arrange meetups to draw up plans of local action. If successful in will prove that parties do not need huge funding and that will allow us to severely cap party donations from corporate interests and the elite.

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      2. I think I also mentioned that we can print all leaflets at home and distribute them ourselves as long as we have access to the relevant resources in a centrally managed location. This could also apply to burning DVDs and all sorts of resources. I live in a fairly average local area composed mostly of three bed semis. If I search for wireless connections I see no less that 10 showing 2 bars of connectivity and above. You under estimate how connected everyone actually is. You have to open your mind to new and exciting possibilities and get people general excited about them and join in.

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    2. Simon – you should make yourself aware of the laws regarding election expenditure.


  6. Who’s going to pay taxes towards our pensions? Many of our children have been aborted, so if we’re going to kill our next generation, we’ll have to import workers to prop up our aging population!


  7. The great sadness here is that Nigel blew Brexit when he packed in the leadership of UKIP shortly after the referendum in JUne 2016. His claim that he wanted his life back looked rather shallow when he re-entered the limelight via Donald Trump’s election campaign. IMHO if he’d stayed on as leader after the referendum UKIP would now be polling in the 20-25%% region. More importantly, with UKIP on a high poll rating Remainer May & the Tories would probably have to opt for WTO.

    Had Farage remained leader then UKIP would have avoided the debacle of the James/Nuttall/ Bolton leaderships (which he endorsed) and Batten’s obsession with Robinson and Islam.

    Neil Hamilton is a great campaigner but the Newport result is very, very bad news for UKIP. In 2014 we were hammering the Tories in places like the Wythenshawe & Sale East & Heywood & Middleton by-elections (taking 18% & 39% of the vote share respectively). The Newport by-election depressingly shows voters are still tribal, even when their parties are dumping on them. Of course this is what LabCon will be banking on when they neuter Brexit, that the Leave plebs will continue to vote for them.

    Frankly, if UKIP can’t even break through 10% (when the Tories poll 31%) in a by-election in the midst of massive Tory Brexit betrayal then it’s time for UKIP to pack up and let a new Brexit party take on the Remain Establishment, otherwise the Leave vote will be cannibalised.

    If Brexit doesn’t happen in the next few months/years then history will not be kind to Farage or UKIP who collectively will have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


  8. Geoff. Johnson · ·

    Thanks for a thoughtful article, and I absolutely agree with your sentiment. As a member of UKIP, and a possible future member of The Brexit Party, I think that the key to moving forward would be for the two parties, which have the same Prime Function, establish some sort of non-competition arrangement. Having a candidate from both parties in any election would split the vote. United we stand, Divided we fall. Geoff. Johnson.

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    1. Unfortunately, the two leaders don’t like each other, one has a massive ego and I’m afraid they’ll put themselves and/or parties before country.


  9. John Fishwick · ·

    I agree entirely with what you say the tories have totally reneged on the promises given to the people of this country.I to am now an ex tory voter and will join the brexit party.

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  10. Vincent Johnson · ·

    Totally understand your decision it is obvious to me that May and some of her followers are dancing to another tune played by their real masters she toys with the very fabric of our way of life and democracy. I have always been a law abiding person but i feel that our country has been taken over by a group of self serving anti democratic cabal who have no interest in the well being of this country therefore i question the law a law made by criminal interlopers who never resign never give up and lie lie lie what is a patriot supposed to do—5 year election turn around are now shown to be far to long when politicians never resign from Parliament for any reason are head of State is as good as a tit on a bull and is just a very expensive ribbon cutter ( i cannot believe i wrote that but it just goes to show how everything is being tipped over by these deep state rogues ) basically your experiences in a previous life ( military) may become more useful than handing out leaflets for any political party

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  11. The trouble is that Brexit the people voted for was largely spin and lies. So everyone has there own view of what it meant. There should have been a second referendum “now you have selected Brexit, these are the options including remain”.

    You have been reamed by Tory politicians more interested in being the next Prime Minister than focusing on the best interests of current and future generations.


    1. What rubbish. All I heard was the deafening din of project fear. In fact I found project fear so sinister that was the reason I voted to leave as I was always ambivalent about the EU.


    2. Also could you be more specific about the Brexit that people voted for????


  12. Lily King · ·

    Ps Apologies for the typo! Unable to amend 😳


  13. Lily King · ·

    Do you have any views or possibly inside information on the current position of the Brexit Party, and whether their statement regarding not fielding candidates in anything other than EU ejections is hopefully temporary? Just as we’re all turning to them as our potential saviour, they seem to be going very quiet… 🙄


    1. Lily. That would be a massive error indeed. Unfortunately Farage is used to just fighting MEP votes and this situation has moved far beyond that.

      Its sad that there are no lines of communication to the Brexit Party to let them know quite what the political possibilities are that they are missing out on.


  14. flyer · ·

    A little bit off topic but the article talks of an explosive situation, here’s one.

    “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?”

    This from the United Nations Population Division web-site. We were right to vote to leave the EU and take back control of our borders, the immigration we’ve seen is as nothing to what is being planned.

    It’s worth taking a look around on this web-site to see what else there is.

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  15. Trevor Bailey · ·

    Hello ,MM.

    I fully sympathise with the reasoning behind your departure from the Tory Party. Had I been a member, rather than just a voter, I would have done the same.

    Since you would like this article passed to others, I have posted a link to it on Going Postal. Swiss Bob who runs the GP blog was the prime mover in getting many GP’ers to join the recent Leave Means Leave March from Sunderland to Westminster. I am sure there will be many bloggers there interested to read what you have to say.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thank very much Trevor …


  16. Lee Taylor · ·

    I face a tricky choice. I live in Thanet South where Nigel Farage failed to win a seat in 2015 and I voted for him then and voted for the UKIP candidate in 2017, but fair play to Craig Mackinley he has not toed the May line and is quite happy to leave with no EU treaty. However I am utterly disgusted by his party and their blatant treachery. I really hoped getting in bed with a terrorist sympathiser would be the last straw. I wouldn’t like to see the Conservatives split but at some point they are going to have to stand up and be counted. So in short I don’t really know who I will vote for next time around. I am coming to the realisation that voting for anyone who doesn’t respect the referendum is tantamount to a vote to enable fascism.

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  17. We started talking several years ago.No marks for being a loyal party creature.Loyalty gets you nowhere these days except for being taken advantage of by the worst types.I Saw all this coming and , supporting UKIP for ten years also got me nowhere in the end.Save to say that we forced a referendum which turned out to be a waste of time.I just returned from an excellent charity lunch for disabled servicemen.Without exception, the general feeling was that most suffered through loyalty to a bunch of inept carpetbaggers, acting under the Queen’s name.

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  18. Another “bang on” post and some excellent comments as usual.

    The only good thing I can see out of all this mess is that we have exposed the utter shambles that is our so called democratic system.

    The old certainties (left v right; west v east) have gone and the current system simply does not serve us well.

    If we end up remaining, then I am tempted to become a supporter of the federal state (I am a passionate supporter of the US federal system)

    This would mean

    Introduce PR
    Make rules for entry of new parties easier
    break up of the UK to four separate regions of the EU.
    Remove the house of lords – not required
    Reduce HoC to, say, 400 representatives
    Term limits
    Recall rights

    If we are going to get a new body politic, we may as well do it properly and not pretend what we have now works……

    Frustrated and angry does not begin to cover it !!!!

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    1. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments regarding the US federal republic system.Even that is under massive pressure from the destructive mobocracy.The founding fathers leave our political thinkers looking like pygmies.Mainly self-educated, they were spared the debasement of a government education system.

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    2. Stuart Tyson · ·

      A lot of your post I can agree with.
      PR is a voting system I cannot get behind.
      A glorified forum for uncertain people to blather endlessly and never come to a decision which will make a difference for the benefit of anyone but themselves and their ilk.
      Pretty much like that hijacked system currently pertaining in Westminster.
      PR is no answer.


      1. What is then because FPTP has produced cartel politics?


        1. Harley Hall · ·

          I wholeheartedly agree. FPTP is fine when you have decent, experienced, worldly-wise, and independent MPs, but when you get the sort we have endured for the last thirty years you get the shambles we a currently commenting on.

          The hierarchy of the political parties need to be put back in their boxes – most of them are only stooges for outside puppeteers anyway – and whipping must be outlawed. If we don’t get some sort of major reform out of this farce, then we might as well save money on salaries, subsidised food and drink, ‘expenses’, and heating and lighting by substituting some robotic gnomes programmed to trundle through the right lobby at the touch of a button. Come to think of it, we could save even more money, by doing away with the lobbies together with the whole damn building.


  19. reallyoldbill · ·

    We are like kindred spirits, MM. I have only ever failed to vote Conservative once in a general election over more years than I like to count. That was in 1997 when I voted for the Referendum Party as a protest against John Major’s disgraceful refusal to hold one before signing the Maastricht treaty despite knowing the nation was as split then as now over the issue of European political union after which I returned to the fold. I too have resolved never to do so again and am retaining my membership purely until the inevitable leadership contest; having paid my dues to date I would resent narrowly missing the opportunity (should the parliamentary party see fit to offer the grassroots one) of influencing in some small way the choice of a new leader. Whoever it turns out to me, however, I could never trust the rank and file MPs in the party again after so many have acted so dishonestly over their manifesto pledges on Brexit. The party is now dead to me and I have already paid to register as a Brexit Party supporter. I just have to hope that it fields credible candidates in UK as well as European elections. If not I will (although given current policies and associations reluctantly and holding my nose) vote for the UKIP candidate. I am determined to do all that I can to destroy any chance of Conservatives holding office again in my lifetime.

    I see that the chancellor is now openly calling for a second referendum, against party and official government policy, (although naturally giving only a choice between May’s atrocious offering and remaining fully in the EU) for which he will not be sanctioned, such is the hopeless, undisciplined rabble that now calls itself a cabinet. May has lost all authority, credibility and respect; it is worse than her disastrous election campaign. The woman has done more damage to British democracy than any single person in my lifetime, and it may never recover. The Conservative Party certainly won’t and the forthcoming local elections in England will be a bloodbath for them. I will be very surprised if it remains a serious force after the general election, whenever that comes, and the smart money must be on it splitting before then.

    Sad to say but good riddance. The real Conservative Party died almost unnoticed some time ago and now lies buried in an unmarked grave.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Bill, and I also agonised a bit about retaining my membership in order to take part in voting for a new leader. However, I decided that on balance the Conservative Party had so utterly lost the plot that I couldn’t care less who leads the rabble in future. Whoever it is won’t be able to repair the damage done by Theresa May and I don’t trust the candidate selection process anyway; see Harley Hall’s comment below.

      The whole situation is morbidly compelling. I just hope like mad that we keep everything in the polling booths and don’t spill on to the streets …

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  20. arfurbryant · ·

    For the first time in my life, I have donated and joined a political party. The Brexit Party.

    Time to put my money where my mouth is…

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  21. Donna · ·

    Well done Mr Moraymint. The Conservative Party has completely betrayed it’s members and voters. (As is Labour, but since I’ve never voted for them, that is of less immediate interest to me).

    I don’t care which “Brexit supporting” stooge is made Party Leader when the Treacherous May is finally pushed out; the Party is pro-EU; fundamentally untrustworthy and anti-democracy. I will not vote for it under any circumstances. The Party is dead to me.

    I paid my subscription to The Brexit Party this morning.

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  22. I have been thinking that a significant advantage of the Brexit party is that all its members who have signed up to it have done so via computer and email and that consequently the party can be in instant communication with all of its members. This could prove to be cost free and very effective in coordinating action and effective campaigning if used with viral cascading communication techniques.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      That’s exactly what I’m experiencing at first-hand, Simon. The Party has already raised £250,000 in donations and is set to double that soon. I recall seeing somewhere that the level of registered interest in The Brexit Party is already close to the level of Conservative Party membership – which must be falling like a bungee jump right now.


      1. Indeed. This is a unique and possibly world changing possibility to rapidly grow a party that could defeat the spread of uni-polar globalism and re-establish national sovereignty again. We owe it to the people of Europe to succeed and also to the whole world.

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  23. Harley Hall · ·

    An excellent post as usual, but it has taken you some time to finally accept the inevitable. The Conservative Party actually died in 1990, but mostly unnoticed. Major and Cameron slowly buried it with ‘A’ Lists, ‘B’ Lists, Approved Candidate Lists, and removing ‘obstacles’ (i.e.anyone that disagreed with them). It has been going on for three decades!

    My MP, like a awful lot of them, is a party clone parachuted in from CHO. Until all parliamentary candidates are compelled, by law, to be chosen by their local party associations and made subject to recall by their constituencies, there can be no democracy in the UK.

    We are currently in the “post democratic era”; the plebs have lost control to the “they know best class”. Regaining it now will take some doing, and are we up to the task?

    The parliamentary antics of the last few weeks has surely convinced the average elector that Parliament has either become a rest home for lunatics, or a fig leaf for a dictatorship. I forced myself to watch the ‘debates’ over the last few weeks, and I was sickened by what I saw and heard. These people are our political representatives? God help us, we are finished.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Excellent, thanks Harley. Here at Castle Moraymint we’ve had either BBC Parliament or LBC on for virtually every waking hour. It’s all hideously gripping stuff but, as you say, one is mortified at the levels of incompetent superficiality displayed by our elected representatives. I don’t know where to start to be able to explain why our politicians are so utterly out of their collective depth.

      The other observation via LBC is the level of anger amongst the general public now. I’m convinced that our political class neither reads the press, still less the comment boards online, nor listens to the likes of LBC. They really do seem to exist in their own alter-universe aka The Westminster Bubble.

      Your analysis of the 30-year manipulation of the Party is spot on.

      How we get out of this mess I know not. However, it has to be peaceably through the ballot box. That will only become legitimate when the 2/3 main political parties are either annihilated and replaced or transformed beyond current recognition.


  24. It’s inevitable that any thoroughbred Leaver who is a member of LabCon or votes for either of them has to conclude they can no longer vote for such Vichy parties.
    I joined UKIP in 2011, having never before been a member of any party. I’ve now joined the Brexit Party although I worry Farage made a monumental error by not staying on as UKIP leader. If he had the party would be riding high in the polls & maybe the Tories would have gone for WTO.
    I hope UKIP & the Brexit party don’t cannibalise the Leave vote; I fear they will!

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    1. John

      I feel UKIP has too much historical baggage to be a serious contender. Perhaps UKIP and Brexit party candidates could take popularity polls in constituencies and the least popular candidate of the two stand down so as not to split the vote.

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      1. Vanity & obstinacy will make that difficult. The ego’s of Batten & Farage will be a problem as they don’t like each other. LabCon can exploit this.

        UKIP would have been fine & probably polling over 20% had Farage stayed on as leader. I’m afraid if Brexit is not delivered history will judge that he screwed up walking away so soon after June 2016 and making t easy for the Establishment to shaft Leavers.

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        1. John

          If one compares this crisis with WW2, and in my mind it is equally significant in terms of democratic struggle against Teutonic rule, then it is a time for putting all vanity, obstinacy and political tribalism aside in order to fight a cross party fight against a common enemy on the terms of this single issue.

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  25. Theresa May refused to accept a reported cabinet backed majority for a WTO deal departure because she implied that it would not meet the manifesto commitment to deliver a smooth and orderly departure. If this is true then all that means is that the government is guilty of criminal negligence in so much as a WTO deal exit was always the default outcome to article 50 and that it was the government’s absolute duty to have fully prepared for that outcome in a smooth and orderly fashion as they have done in the EU according to Mr Juncker. Having had 3 years to prepare for a WTO Brexit the suggestion that the UK would be somehow crashing out of the EU shows a gross and criminal dereliction of duty if this is true.

    Of course, it is possible that Theresa May has either been misled over the advanced state of preparations for a no deal Brexit or that she is lying yet again and that the UK is far better prepared for a smooth and orderly Brexit than she implies. On Wednesday Chris Heaton-Harris resigned from the Cabinet and clearly stated that:

    “I’ve had the responsibility of helping to coordinate our preparations for if we were to leave the European Union without a negotiated deal. As I believe you know, these preparations are well advanced….It has been a privilege to work with some quite brilliant civil servants [who] have moved mountains to prepare our country for leaving the European Union without a negotiated deal. Unfortunately I do not believe the briefings you have received on these matters recently have reflected all they have achieved or the preparations our European partners have made.”

    So which of these things are true?

    1: The government is guilty of criminal negligence in not preparing for a smooth and orderly WTO departure.

    2: The government prepared adequately, but May has been consistently misled by the civil service and other advisers

    3: The government prepared adequately and its just more lies and disinformation from project fear.

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  26. Ain’t no Brexit Party, bro.


  27. Old Goat · ·

    Sad days.

    Reposted your thoughts on Going Postal, BiasedBBC, and the current Breitbart (London) blog.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks as ever Old Goat …


  28. I’m feeling exactly the same. Because I was a Civil Servant for thd latter part of my career I was forbidden to be a member of a political party, nor to canvass or campaign for one, but I always considered myself a Conservative. I only joined the party last year because I believed that Theresa May was the wrong person to be the party leader, and I hoped to choose one who would lead us succesfully out of the EU.

    I feel utterly betrayed by Theresa May and the Remainer MPs of all parties who were determined to overturn the popular vote of 19.4 million voters. I voted to leave the EU and it’s Single Market, Customs Union and European Court of Justice. The EU is antidemocratic, averse to technology and anything it cannot control, like the internet. A huge organisation of currently 28 countries cannot movd or change swiftly. I had hoped that getting free of the EU would allow companies that don’t trade with the EU to break free of regulations that should never have affected them and trade easier with the rest of the world. Getting rid of unnecessary regulations should have made our country far more efficient and enabled us to cut taxation and compete with the EU (the EU are not the friends some like to call them).

    I emailed the Conservative Party last night to warn them that if we did not leave the EU without a deal by 22 May then I would cancel my membership and deny them my vote. Living where I do, my seat hasn’t returned a Conservative MP for many years, but then I will not vote Labour or LibDem either.

    The antics of all MPs last week to make any form of Brexit impossible and to remove ‘No Deal’ off the table means that the EU, as always, has the whip hand over our country. Where is Guy Fawkes when you really need him?

    Unfortunately, most MPs and people born after 1960 have no experience of living in a country free of EU control and are scared stiff of losing that awful ‘comfort blanket’ which stifles competition and freedom.

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  29. I would suggest that Tory party members whose MPs voted for remain or supported the WA retain their memberships in order to deselect their MPs at the earliest opportunity. If it came to it Brexit party candidates would only stand against the remainer and WA voting MPs (almost all of them admitedly) who cannot be deselected.

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  30. arfurbryant · ·

    I couldn’t have put it better. Parliament, the UK government and Theresa May have collectively utterly failed to deliver on the promise to achieve the referendum decision.

    I suspect there are bigger and darker forces at ay here but I feel exactly the same way as you and I will not vote for any party that will not honour the referendum.

    Democracy, as I understand it, is the victim and the British government is a shambolic, disgraceful laughing stock.

    Having served as you did, I feel sorry for our Monarch and our nation, as both have been betrayed.

    Truly, defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory.

    Sorry times indeed…

    Yours aye,


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“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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