My dear wife and I have been sat here this dark, Scottish autumn evening in the company of a village friend watching Parliament TV with a couple of bottles of vino (a Rioja and a chilled Pinot Grigio as it happens). Some might argue that we’re a bit sad, but there ya go. We’ve a significant vested interest in what’s going on at the moment. On the one hand, between us, we’re proud of our admittedly extremely flaky parliamentary democracy: elected representatives arguing vociferously and passionately within a framework of ancient debating rules and procedures. The interlocutors are not punching each other’s lights out, nor running each other through with rapiers, or worse.

Meantime out here we, the plebs, are not smashing up the streets. Between our parliamentarians and us (nattering away here in my Sitting Room, on LBC, on the BBC, on social media etc) we’re thrashing out the issues largely peaceably. OK, some – a few tens of thousands perhaps – take to the streets occasionally to wave their little EU flags, but it’s not exactly the gilet jaunes or Hong Kong. On the other hand, us little old wine drinkers here are ashamed of the spectacularly incompetent, self-serving superficiality of our Members of Parliament. The situation is thus, of course, because for a generation we’ve outsourced the governance and law-making procedures of this (once?) proud nation of ours to a bunch of unelected, unaccountable, self-serving kleptocratic oligarchs working out of a gin palace on foreign soil (aka the European Commission).

With a few notable exceptions, our own political representatives come across as largely clueless idiots who’ve made themselves pointless and emasculated in the wake of the ascendant and ever-growing power of the European Union (the swivel-eyed Guy Verhofstadt’s beloved nascent empire). Depressingly, so many – too many – of our MPs really are coming across as a waste of rations. The mess we’re in here in the UK is testament to the power of the European Union and the vision of its founding fathers. Member nations of the EU are supposed to be disempowered constitutionally and politically – and the UK is indeed disempowered constitutionally and politically. In fact, we’re witnessing the power of the European Union live here on Parliament TV as it screws over royally the elected representatives of the British people – and the UK spends yet another 3 months as a member of the EU in a kind of Groundhog Day existence. Member nations really are not supposed to leave the EU.

However, what is scary is that so many millions of my fellow citizens appear to be straining every sinew in their bodies to have our centuries-old democracy ditched in favour of having our country governed (dictated to) by what is an ultimately doomed foreign power. Can this be right, or am I missing something? It’s extremely difficult for us gathered here in my Sitting Room this evening to comprehend this phenomenon as we pour ourselves another glass of wine and look on agog at the workings of Parliament. Politicians desperate to divest themselves of any and all democratic accountability in favour of governance of the United Kingdom by Guy Verhofstadt’s tin-pot empire, whilst being cheered on from outside by those shouty folk on College Green waving their little EU flags in front of the TV cameras. Groundhog Day indeed.

Oh please, that this absurd mess would be terminated.

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  1. Hallo MM,
    if you’re already aware of this blogger then I apologize in advance.

    In my opinion he has a good take on BREXIT, the shambolic WA and suggestions concerning TBP (for example getting SPA reform victims onboard).

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  2. Thomas Taylor · ·

    Since you know a lot about physics and probably science in general I’m guessing you’ve heard of global dimming but in case you haven’t it’s an aerosol masking effect from burning fossil fuels that probably cools the planet down almost as the greenhouse gases released heat it. In fact most of our global warming could be being caused by reduced forest cover and algae and plankton in the oceans rather than industrial activity. The BBC banned it’s 2005 Horizon documentary on it (it’s on Youtube) but Wikipedia describes it ( and this year a professor of the University of Jerusalem found that it’s probably twice as strong an effect as we previously thought (

    I don’t want to scare anyone but he also concludes that a 20 percent drop in industrial activity could cause a 1 degrees rise in temperatures in just a matter of days and that could trigger other things. Essentially, we can’t risk any serious recession at the moment. What we need to do is work with the EU and other countries to artificially cool the planet down somehow and there are plenty of short term (i.e. releasing white particles into the atmosphere at the poles) and longer term (i.e. patching up missing ice with something reflective that doesn’t interfere with the polar vortex or burn up from lightning strikes, even though the water and ice should help with that).

    Our economy has been made so fragile and vulnerable to all sorts of things many of which we probably don’t even know much about yet that the risk of a hard brexit has become a bit too dangerous in my opinion.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks very much for this Thomas; your comment is timely because I have been drafting (in my head, as I do) my next post which will be on the topic of the relationship between energy, economics and the environment. I’ll give some thought to your comment above.


      1. Thomas Taylor · ·

        Thanks but I think I wrote that in a hurry and forgot to mention that the sulphates and nitrates only last a few weeks but the carbon dioxide a thousand years. That’s why if our economy locks up somehow we’ll notice the loss of the dimming a lot earlier.

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  3. 10navigator · ·

    Morning from Spain MM.
    Scanning all the comments (and your inestimable article of course), I note no refererence to the malign dwarf responsible for facilitating much of mayhem in Westminster. Was there ever a worse incumbent in the Speaker’s chair than Bercow?
    Good to see Robert Polatajko commenting on here. He is a sensible contributor to DT articles.
    PS. If you can source some Isidro Milagro rioja bodegas, I heartily recommend their ‘joven’, (young). “Vibrant red berry flavours with a soft and mellow finish.” Delicious, and we can buy it from the cash ‘n’ carry for around €2.50 a bottle. Absolute steal!
    Chin chin!

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  4. The procedural shenanigans in Parliament (and various Courts) has demonstrated beyond any doubt that this country is a Democracy in Name Only, or as Mick Hume calls it in his book “Revolting! How the Elite Are Undermining Democracy and What They’re Afraid Of” – a SHAMOCRACY.

    Like the EU itself, this country has the trappings of democracy, but all real power is vested in a group of self-selecting Elite who all subscribe to the same set of opinions and policies.

    I haven’t found the appalling behaviour of our Political Class (and certainly not the Speaker) to be an edifying spectacle. They are betraying everything this country once stood for. They disgust me.

    EU wines are now on my boycott list. My spending priorities are: British, then Commonwealth, then Rest of the World. Aussie reds are very good and NZ Sauvignon is excellent. I recommend them.

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  5. I am also a little concerned that the Deal, will almost certainly be sub-optimal for the UK and would probably prefer to leave without an EU withdrawal agreement especially as it appears that many “deals” to keep us and Europe trading have already been accomplished.
    With the current attrition in Parliment in may be a foothold in the right direction which i believe was the point John Longworth was making on Talk Radio yesterday.
    As I haven’t tried to keep up with the news for 4 hours I am currently unsure of our nations status, so all of this could be moot anyway. 🙂

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  6. Alex Dade · ·

    From across the pond – This is just another in a long and sorry line of cases where the government thinks they know better than the voters. Here in the US we elected a president, but our congress thinks we made a bad decision, so they’re doing everything they can to drive him out of office. Over there you voted to get out of the EU, but your parliament thinks they know better, so they’re doing everything they can to prevent the will of the people from being carried out. The result is (as MM points out) an absolutely feckless congress of entitled elites who do absolutely nothing to make anything better. When are we going to go back to the concept that our representatives actually REPRESENT us? THEY work for US – not the reverse!

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  7. NothingButAPion · ·

    While we have been peaceful to this point, i suspect that the moment brexit is finally betrayed and there is no longer any perceived democrstic route back to legitimate government, what we will see will put the HK and Paris protests to shame. I, for one, will not live as a slave, owned by the EU.

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  8. Chris Woodcock · ·

    You are spot on. It’s frightening how stealthily Parliaments power has been eroded. We need some new blood in there, people who have worked in industry and have life experience outside the Westminster bubble. No constituency party should be fielding a candidate who has reneged on their last manifesto. So very many swamps to be drained, so many treasonous actions to be accounted for! So glad you’re back moraymint!

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  9. reallyoldbill · ·

    Watching the parliament channel doesn’t make you sad, MM, in fact I doubt it has ever had so many viewers. Like many others I prefer to watch debates and proceedings live rather than rely on the reports the following day in our print and broadcast media which, thanks to the clear bias that has developed in the slant given to the way in which they are delivered, millions no longer trust. That is sadly just another of the previously respectable institutions that has been tainted by worship at the altar of EU integration. In fact when considering the assembled ranks of almost the entire establishment, from politicians, to senior churchmen, to public servants to media commentators, all openly opposed to leaving a corrupt and unnecessary political union that undermines not just our national sovereignty but also our best interests, and which we never gave permission to join in the first place, it is sometimes difficult to believe that we voted to leave at all; but we did. If that is not to become just an increasingly distant memory, growing colder like the embers of your fire as the night draws to a close, then we need to gird our loins once more and demand that our vote is respected, democracy upheld and a real Brexit delivered – and soon. 3½ years is already too long to have waited!

    I admire your restraint by the way. 2 bottles of wine shared with others, however, agreeable in other circumstances, is never sufficient consolation when watching the incompetence and malice on display in parliament and I have to reach for something stronger and produced much nearer to your home than mine. We will prevail!

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  10. Douglas Brodie · ·

    The EU debate is not really about leaving the EU just as the climate change debate is not about the climate. It’s about the sham of global co-operation, except that the co-operation turns out to be leftist regulation and coercion by the unaccountable bureaucrats of the EU and the UN. Delingpole articulates it here:

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  11. Robert Polatajko · ·

    The absolute corruption of our political, judicial and administrative elite and the anti democratic dysfunction of our political system has been hidden for decades behind a facade of democratic fluff.
    The Brexit betrayal has bought the real nature of our politics into the open and its corrupt, rotten nature is plain to see.
    The electorate is being abused by the old parties.
    The time for Farage and the Brexit Party is here.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Robert. I note your comments on the DT website are often very popular …


      1. xantilor · ·

        Yes, they are always good sense.

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  12. My Dear Moray, I am still here although banned under my original avatar from Disqus.
    I hope the wine helped ease your TV viewing.Surely you could find something more constructive and satisfying to do ‘of an evening’ in retirement?
    It has been a good while since I took my doctor’s advice and reduced my consumption of parliament and media watching. My BP is much more satisfactory.

    I am more advanced in years and , having watched the excellent ITV program on fiscal policy and finance, made several years ago, and seen and heard eight of the nine politicians interviewed outside the commons show their total ignorance of the concept of a deficit to say nothing of its value, I realised that most of the incumbents in that place give estate agents and second-hand car dealers a good name.

    Wishing you and your readers a successful 2020!

    Piglex1 (erstewhile Davebr.)

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  13. Martin Heath · ·

    What price your Rioja and Pinot Grigio after Brexit?

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    1. moraymint · ·

      My God, I hadn’t thought of that! Remain it is then!


      1. Please try some S African wine – it ranges from good to sublime!

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  14. We cancelled our TV licence in May and I have to say that we rarely miss it, catching up with the news mainly on LBC and TalkRadio. It feels like a small gesture but given we are unlikely to start rioting perhaps if more of us took this line, coupled with a general strike, we might get across our frustration to these idiots supposedly representing us?

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  15. xantilor · ·

    What dismays me is that Leavers are so desperate for a hero to get us out of this mess that they are supporting Boris even as he leads our country into an expensive trap guaranteed to prolong the wrangling and rancour. They don’t want to accept that politically he’s just May with a dash of charisma.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Hear, hear!


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