At the time of writing, Scotland’s National Clinical Director (who’s a dentist in fact, but there you go) has just told me to ‘get your digital Christmas ready’. How exciting! On Professor Leitch’s Wikipedia page, under ‘Awards and Honours’, Prof Leitch is attributed with being ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas 2020’. We shouldn’t be surprised at this accolade. I have in my possession a confidential government document, ‘The UK Government’s Coronavirus Strategy’. Opening the document (well, it comprises one paragraph actually), it says, ‘Oh my God! We’re all going to die of Covid. Tell everyone to stay at home until, er, um, can somebody make a vaccine please? Meantime, bombard the populace with meaningless, out-of-context data, dream up 3-line slogans, and look and sound really grim on the telly and the radio. That’s it.’ I’m not sure Churchill would have signed-off on that one, but hey.

The UK Government’s Coronavirus Strategy is having the desired effect. Well, perhaps not the desired effect as such, but it is having an effect. Overnight, the economy has been cratered into its worst condition in 300 years. Society has been transformed into dystopia. The national debt has been moved at warp speed to over £2 trillion, and climbing, to a proportion of national wealth implying that we’re engaged in global nuclear warfare. The arts, culture and entertainment landscape has been transformed into a wasteland. Even the Panglossians must be querying this strategy.

Meantime, for those of us under 64-years of age, less than 0.009% of the UK population has died of Covid since March – that’s fewer than 6,500 of us (ONS data). That proportion has been much the same since the novel coronavirus arrived in our midst. The average age of a Covid victim is 82.4 years. Now, is it politically incorrect at this point to ask, ‘Who’s doing the maths here’? In other words, are we allowed to view the situation through the lens of a cost-benefit analysis at societal level and ask, ‘Is the UK Government’s Coronavirus Strategy (see above) actually worth it?

History tells us that it takes, on average, up to 10 years to develop a vaccine. Rarely is a vaccine developed in under 5 years. So, for the coming months and, quite possibly years, according to our Dear Leaders’ inestimable cleverness, what you have to do is this: place the emphasis of your life on staying (ie hiding) at home; avoid contact with family and friends (especially indoors); indeed, don’t socialise at all really; don’t touch anyone or anything; don’t hug anyone or shake their hand; cover your face (ie cover your smile); wash your hands interminably; don’t sing in church; indeed, don’t sing at all and definitely don’t be in the same room as anyone singing or playing a wind instrument; don’t dance; don’t join your colleagues at work (instead Work From Home, or WFH as it’s sexily known); don’t use public transport; don’t fly anywhere (no problem because soon there won’t be any airlines); don’t see your GP or go to the dentist; by law, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t … you get the idea.

This is all terrific stuff of course if you’re a politician (100% of salary, 100% of the time), a government scientist (100% of salary, 100% of the time) or a public sector worker (100% of salary, 100% of the time). Hanging in there indefinitely in the expectation/hope of a Covid vaccine is no big deal. It makes good sense if it means that not one of us will die of Covid (the only strategic objective). By the way, prior to Covid, 1,700 people died of various causes every day in the UK and, funnily enough, they still do. So, why don’t our Dear Leaders come on the telly every evening, grim-faced, holding back the tears, to recount details of the 1,700 people what have died that day, er, without Covid on their death certificates? Answers on a postcard please.

Incidentally, I still work (ha!) in the private sector. I’ve lost over 90% of my income this year. Wiped out without warning. I’ve no idea if I’ll ever recover my earnings. This historical episode will not have a happy ending, and one wonders just what it will take for our Dear Leaders to develop and implement ‘The UK Government’s Coronavirus Strategy (Reconsidered Version)’. Don’t hold your breath. According to the government, you’ll die of Covid before you suffocate. So, keep breathing and hiding: it’s called ‘the new normal’; the idea is to suck it up pending a vaccine.

Setting aside the self-inflicted collapse of western civilisation, one feels blessed nonetheless. Mrs Moraymint has maintained the pace all year on making stuff: conserves and preserves; arty-crafty things; wedding cakes and decorations (see below); birthday cakes and other creative and/or tasty offerings, as well as miraculously growing plants and vegetables against all odds in our windswept seaside garden. Elder daughter, Victoria, married Henderson, a farming consultant, in a captivating Covid-Secure wedding ceremony at their rural home in Angus. Younger daughter, Mary, and her boyfriend, Graham – and their 3 dogs – have moved from an apartment in Aberdeen to a terrific new-build, rural home on a farm in Aberdeenshire.

Together, Mrs Moraymint and I stepped in to organise another Covid-Secure wedding for Victoria’s friend, Keeba, and her (now) husband Dr Ben Critchlow (you can read all about it in the Mail Online here: original 100-guests-in-a-castle plan was trashed early on as Lockdown was imposed. Mrs Moraymint and I put together another Covid-Secure wedding for a GP-friend, John, and his (now) wife, Sheila, on the banks of the River Avon (pronounced A’an). Could there be a business in here somewhere under the government’s Covid strategy of Indefinite Uncertainty?

I’ve done just 5 days of business consulting and 5 days of hosting on The Royal Scotsman train this year; and that’s it. I’ve not Scottish country danced on one occasion since March and cannot foresee when I’ll dance again. Can you? Does your crystal ball glow with a Covid vaccine date? If so, do let me know. I’ve spent (ie wasted) time pursuing consulting and other opportunities, and scanning the jobs market but, guess what? OK, it’s more a case of me choosing to work than having to work, I suppose. However, the idea of transitioning to 100% retirement holds scant appeal, I have to say. That said, I’m now reflecting hard on this prospect and its implications. I may find that my world in 2021 looks markedly different than I’d anticipated just 9 months ago. Me and several millions of other ex-taxpayers will be hiding under our duvets, quaking at our < 1-in-10,000 chance of dying of Covid.

But, for now, ‘tis the season to be jolly, and – despite everything – jolly I jolly well am. You already know this, but I really do love Christmas and I intend to enjoy the festive season very much indeed. So, once again, as ever, I say to you … Merry Christmas DarlingsThis too shall pass.

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See you down the pub … eventually.


  1. reallyoldbill · ·

    Hi MM,

    I was starting to worry about you after such a long hiatus on this site. Glad to hear you are still with us and not one of the reported plague victims.

    It has indeed been a very strange year thus far. We arrived back from our overseas winter holiday in early March just as the panic took off worldwide. We could almost hear the sound of doors slamming behind us in various countries as we made our way home but never in my wildest dreams did I think we would get to where we are. I console myself that at least almost every other developed country in the world is suffering pretty much the same economic woes as us so we may not be too much worse off when all this passes, as pass it most certainly will because even rocks don’t last forever. My ambition is still to be alive and kicking when it does. I suspect that someone, somewhere, will push a giant “Reset” button on the economies of the world as if we were living in a video game. Perhaps we are and just don’t know it!

    Far too early for me to be thinking about Christmas, we haven’t had Guy Fawkes night yet! I too, however, intend to fully enjoy it when it arrives because like you I think it is about the best time of the year (apart from the weather of course because I am a summer and BBQ man myself). Speaking of which I have been very grateful that the summer was as kind as it was during the period of most severe restrictions and my wife and I were able to enjoy our large and sunny garden. I really felt for all those poor folk who had to endure it without any open space of their own. The only real regret I have had so far is the restrictions on travel, but no doubt things will start moving again soon. Thankfully I no longer have any shares in airlines!

    In case you retreat under cover again between now and December 25th allow me to wish you and yours a truly special Christmas, made all the more jolly by all that has preceded it this year.


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  2. Nice to see you back and I couldn’t agree more. Those who are worried about the virus have the freedom to hide in their basements should they choose, let the rest of us get on with life.

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  3. Old Goat · ·

    Oh, PS – forgot to mention, reposted on Going Postal and the Biased BBC sites.

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  4. Old Goat · ·

    Nice to hear from you, once more. Here, it’ll be a quiet Christmas – it usually is (through choice).
    I have to say, in the wild and woody heights of France Profonde, we’d never have known about this virus, had it not been for the internet. Everything continues much as normal, other than in the towns.

    I watch the goings-on with interest, and am personally convinced that this is all part of the Great Reset plan. It’s clear that by scaring everyone half to death, they can exert unwarranted control over the populace, who will be so much more malleable in the future and more inclined to do as they’re told.

    The only spanner in the UN/Soros/WEF’s works, would be the re-election of Trump. If he is ousted, then it would seem that the world is buggered. I’m glad that I’m at the time of life, where, in the longer term, it won’t make much difference to me.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your family, and all those who read your articles.

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  5. Reblogged this on The State We're In and commented:
    I think it’s deliberate. The World Economic Forum have openly stated they are planning ‘The Great Reset’ i.e. the NWO. I think the Covid pandemic is being used as cover for this.

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  6. So a huge increase in testing surprise, surprise finds more infections. However, the only data that matters is deaths and hospital admissions due to Covid and they are nowhere near the levels of March and April. Also those hospitalised and dying are overwhelmingly elderly and with underlying health conditions. The number of ‘cases’ is misleading. They are instances of a positive test and most are asymptomatic.

    Covid-19 is not the dangerous killer we thought it was earlier in the year. If I know this, then Johnson and his Ministers must surely know this and yet they persist with these insane rules and restrictions and are locking us down again.

    Which begs the question. Is it this really about public health or is there a hidden agenda?

    I think it’s deliberate. The World Economic Forum have openly stated they are planning ‘The Great Reset’ i.e. the NWO. I think the Covid pandemic is being used as cover for this. All explained below.

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  7. I am over 64, happily receiving a pension, still working on the croft and little effected [it might be affected, but I’m a teuchter] by the virus. I remember the tough old days of childhood in the 50s, and being top and tailed when there weren’t enough beds. I do not fancy ending my life being top and tailed in an over crowded hospital ward being looked after by exhausted nurses. So I think we have to accept lifestyle changes to stop the NHS being overwhelmed. I realise that it is much harder for someone living in a city flat with no garden, but nothing compared to my gran’s 16 years deportation to Siberia. Put it in perspective!

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  8. Julia Jones · ·

    It must be stated that if people wear the proper masks and, practice social distancing, we could get our lives and economy back to normal. Until then, we all suffer greatly.

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  9. Rather astounding that the case fatality rate has reduced 80% from 3.6% in July to 0.7% in September and October and yet the media and government completely ignore this fact.

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  10. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

    To which can now be added “It is the most sinister and strangest of times.”

    I gazed into my crystal some weeks ago and posted the following on The Telegraph’s Letters page which I visit daily in order to vent my rage and frustration.

    There have been several items which have recently caught my eye and on which I have wished to comment. I then thought that I might try to somehow link things up … so here goes.

    Underpinning all are five words …

    Evil. Ideology. Power. Control. Money.

    I have long subscribed to the (conspiracy) theory that COVID-19 has nothing whatsoever to do with pangolins, bats or ‘wet markets’ situated, coincidentally, in close proximity to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    There is something much more to this microbe, its concealment by the CCP, in collusion with the avowed Marxist ‘Man from W.H.O.’, and its subsequent spread … as when a butterfly flaps its wings in China !

    Trump knew this at an early stage; Boris Johnson somewhat later (Huawei)

    I’m sure that it’s purely coincidence (there’s that word again) that from all the the leaders of the free world (ahem), they were the ones to be infected with the virus. I use the term ‘infected’ deliberately; as do I use the term ‘deliberately’ !

    I could go on to draw conclusions from the facts that Barroso, Portugese, and another lifelong Marxist headed up the EU for two terms, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (like Obama!) and then moved on to that capitalistic ‘Vampire Squid’ as Chairman of Goldman Sachs International; that the current Secretary-General of the United Nations is also Portugese, is a Socialist (with his Nobel Peace Prize probably having got lost in the mail) and that the World Food Programme was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize … but I won’t !!

    Still, by awarding it to an organisation rather than an individual, it does circumvent the individual who truly deserved it this year … Donald Trump.

    Moving on …

    A Metropolitan Police Service which stands idly by … which skips in parades … which ‘Takes The Knee’ … which runs away when confronted by bottle-throwing yobs … and which is headed up by somebody with the name of Duck.

    Surreal humour if it weren’t so serious, but woe betide anybody who chooses to sunbathe on the grass with the closest other person being twenty or more feet away … and woe betide anybody who takes their dog for a walk in the countryside without a valid reason !!

    Moving on …

    ‘Darren Grimes under police investigation after David Starkey interview.
    Commentator to be interviewed on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred over comments made by historian.’

    That actually ties in with …

    ‘Rishi Sunak unveils new wages scheme as lockdown looms again.
    Taxpayer will cover two-thirds of wages of staff at firms that have no alternative but to close for a period of up to six months.’

    Which, in turn, ties in with what I consider to be the most ominous thing looming on the horizon …

    Central Bank Digital Currencies.

    The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan are known to be ‘trialling’ digital currency schemes, with Mastercard providing a platform. I’m pretty sure that the Swiss National Bank, Bank of England and the others are similarly doing so.

    There’s been a fair bit of mention made of ‘The Cashless Society’. The pretext is that amongst the many benefits that ‘They’ perceive, it will serve to track all movements on any digital currency unit from its creation and thus serve to prevent terrorism and criminality.

    I suspect something rather different.

    Combine digital currency with a nanotech device implanted alongwith a mandatory vaccine (preferably Gates) and 5G smartphone (preferably Huawei), and one has total control more or less.

    A Basic Income provided courtesy of the State, the quantum of which will be determined by faceless bureaucrats depending upon one’s political ideology. Taxes imposed will simply be deducted by them from one’s digital balance.

    I say one’s digital balance but it will actually be ‘Theirs’ and, What ‘They’ giveth; ‘They’ can taketh away … if the hackers don’t get it first.

    Of course, digital currency units could have a useful ‘life’ attached to them to enable the authorities to force people to spend prior to their expiry or otherwise forfeit those units, in a bid to stoke up inflation in an attempt to chip away at the gargantuan debt pile.

    Those found ‘guilty’ of the many ‘isms’, ‘ists’ and ‘phobias’ will be similarly penalised – those very same faceless bureaucrats taking it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner.

    The possibilities are pretty much endless.

    From debt servitude to global feudalism … and serfdom !

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  11. Just a brief thought. A digital Christmas also means giving Christmas the finger! Very apt in the circumstances!

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    1. Julia Jones · ·

      Good point! It would certainly make the American FLOTUS very happy. She reportedly hates Christmas and everything it represents.

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  12. J douglas · ·

    Shamefully unsophisticated analysis (using the word loosely).
    I will restrain myself to three comments as I know it is futile to expect any traction in this weird echo chamber of views.
    1. Covid does not kill young people. Old news. But in ‘our’ age range it will kill 1 in 200. Overall 1 in 100. No thanks. I would do anything to avoid it.
    2. Death is not the only measurable result of Covid, your article makes no reference to morbidity (look it up), hospitalisation, hospital bed days, loss of earnings etc, etc. If you want to discuss economic cost implications then at least do it correctly and comprehensively.
    3. At no other time in medical research has so much work been directed at developing one specific treatment or vaccine. Thankfully some of the world’s best in this field are working and collaborating on developing vaccines. Highly unlikely that it will take anywhere near 5 years to develop. Target date of March 2021 to start vaccinating.
    If I may be so bold I would suggest a few hours spent reading some scientific journals – Nature, BMJ etc might provide some useful insights to allow a more balanced view point.

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    1. Julia Jones · ·

      Thank you.


    2. Stuart Tyson · ·

      Well, the problem immediately visible with your suggestion to spend hours reading scientific journals is that I will then be just as confused as the British politicians.
      Hence the article/Christmas message.
      Boris was on the right track back in March with his ‘herd immunity’ but assorted scientists convinced him otherwise.
      And incidentally we will all die one day. Just make sure your will is up to date.

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  13. Good to hear from you again MM.
    Though many will see Covid-19 as a Black Swan, is it really such an event? We seem to have forgotten that some winters flu takes tens of thousands, although because the MSM/social media never made a song and dance about it our shallow, spineless political class ignored it and life carried on as normal, although of course the NHS was overstretched when such hard flu’s hit.

    It seems to me that had CV ordinated in Sweden then their likely measured response to it would have been copied her in the UK. Unfortunately, our scientifically illiterate government watched how China handled CV and decided it’s implement a China-lite version of their lockdown.

    From my hilltop I believe there’s a Black Swan lurking just over the horizon. I suspect it might involve China and when it hits the hysteria and damage caused by Covid-19 will pale into insignificance.

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    1. Martyn Edwards · ·


      I share your view about a Black Swan lurking just over the horizon, possibly involving China. At last an original contribution to the great Covid debate. One I hadn’t even thought of myself!

      It may be worth repeating that at present China has territorial disputes with all 14 of its neighbouring countries. Quite an achievement! As recently as 1820 China controlled all of south-east Asia down to Singapore. Every MP and every voter ought to know these salient facts.

      My view is that Whu Flu (Covid 19) is indeed a deliberately engineered virus which was nevertheless released by accident. Premature release serves no strategic purpose. The rest of the world has been forewarned. Forewarned is forearmed. The only sane course of action is to cut all ties with China with immediate effect. Regardless of consequences.

      What is certain is that pandemics do occur periodically, and that the responsible authorities have been planning for just such an eventuality for many years.

      Now that it has happened, perhaps we ought to regard Whu Flu as a useful dummy run. The level of mortalities has not been tragic. The response of certain sectors of the economy, notably supermarkets, independent butchers, bakers, greengrocers etc. and food distribution and logistics has been very good. The NHS has acquired experience and expertise in handling cases. As a society we are better prepared for a really serious pandemic than we would have been had there been no Whu Flu.

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  14. Can you send this wonderful diatribe to please? The PlanetNormal podcast is well worth listening to on Thursday and there have been some tremendous.editions in the past two weeks. I wish that Boris would sack Matt Hancock and the two stooges who are ruining lives and businesses and let us live a bit and take the risk.

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    1. I ‘thought’that I had written the last few weeks but it came out as the last two which was Sue Cook formerly of the BBC who was very scathing of the BBC coverage, and Lord Bamford of the JCB company. Well worth listening to is Science Vs Spin with Professor Sunetra Gupta who really should be listened to and believed by the NHS ‘experts’, Matt the so called death minister and the BBC. The latter, of course are following Professor Neil Ferguson who killed so many farm animals during the foot and mouth epidemic based on his forecasting models ; just as they avidly follow discredited former Prime Ministers like Blair and Major and irritate their saner listeners at the same time. I believe that Professor Ferguson would like to send us oldies to an early death from lack of a social life and sheer boredom of Covid-19 and this bl**dy awful year! 🙂

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  15. Chaswarnertoo · ·

    Hi MM, Spaniels still ok, stinking like mine?

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    1. moraymint · ·

      My spaniel, Poppy, on great form, thanks. First shooting day of the season for my Syndicate on 31 October …


  16. Douglas Brodie · ·

    I fully share your anger and despair at the government (UK and Scottish) mishandling of Coronavirus. A week ago I sent an email to Nicola Sturgeon to this effect but I don’t suppose I will get a reply worth reading, if she even bothers. My email is posted online here: Actually, it was primarily directed at UK government politicians hidden on the email bcc list but I’m equally certain I won’t hear anything sensible from any of them.

    One word suffices to demolish the case for lockdown: Sweden, much abused by misinformed (or dissembling) lockdown supporters but judged to be the “gold standard” of epidemic management by expert analysist Ivor Cummins. They don’t even seem to be getting the autumnal increase in cases that is occurring here, with their Covid daily death rate in low single figures since the start of August. They are now “home dry” after minimal lockdown, minimal school disruption and no face masks. Ironically (and tellingly), Sweden only achieved this because the Swedish constitution prohibits their politicians from infringing on basic human rights such as freedom of movement.

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  17. I’m now 73 Moray,
    Don’t have a single male acquaintance or friend who doesn’t think any different to me that the early warning from US politicians in April on the economic and other side-effects of continuing lockdown strategy would cause far more damage than the virus was well founded.I have no doubt that our government is pursuing the wrong path and that the correct course is to remove all restrictions , spend more effort on treatment and protect the vulnerable where possible.
    My decision to chuck my election ballot in the bin remains the correct decision.
    Happy Christmas.

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  18. Philip Hart · ·

    After hearing of the dreadful after effects of the swine flu vaccine, I would certainly refuse a Covid one, even if proof of a Covid vaccine is the only way of being allowed to lead a normal life again.

    Everything I have read so far about this ‘pandemic’ points towards compulsory vaccines at some point and those who believe all they are told and who enjoy wearing masks and having their freedom stolen will no doubt be at the front of the queue.

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  19. Paul Diplock · ·

    Nothing will stop my family having a normal Christmas and certainly not anything the wee dictator can conjure up will stop us getting together.

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