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I should like visitors to this blog to know that I read each and every comment that is posted.  Also, if folk choose to email me separately I also read each and every email that I receive, as well as all of the tweets that I receive.  I hope you will appreciate, however, that I can’t reply to every communication that I see; at the last count there were over 100,000 visitors to this site and there are over 250 followers, with that number growing all the time.  I’m delighted that you read the posts on this blog and participate in the debate.  We really do live in extraordinary times.

I do not ‘censor’ any comments, apart from those which I consider to be gratuitously offensive and make no contribution to the debate.  In the time that I’ve been operating this blog I have censored just one comment.


  1. Chris Woodcock · · Reply

    Me too!! However, I hang onto the belief that good will conquer evil. The world has just gone a bit arse about face!!


  2. gordon · · Reply

    Just wondering if you have given up the struggle for a quiet life or the ptb have gotcha. Thanks for your efforts over the years but as keynes said in the end we are all dead (perchance to dream). Best wishes dustyirv.

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Still here gordon and still as intellectually active as ever in terms of observing and reflecting on the unfolding madness all about us! Just been extraordinarily busy on the work fronts: I have several irons in the fire in terms of earning a living and they all got busy at once. Still here, though, and no intention of going down the quiet life route (yet). All the best!


  3. Paul · · Reply

    Immigration is certainly a problem when a country allows in people with minimal eduction (if any at all) – without the language skills of the host country – and without skills that will allow the immigrant to find employment. This is a recipe for disaster – anyone (other than of course govt bureaucrats) could see this.

    I read an article recently about a successful immigration programme – that of Canada where they have for years had a points system – for instance if the country needed engineers then if you wanted to immigrate and had an engineering degree with English/French language skills, you were almost guaranteed entry.

    The article pointed out that the 25% of the wealthiest Canadians were immigrants – and another 25% of the wealthiest were the children of immigrants.

    Unfortunately from what I can see Europe has allowed pretty much anyone in. And people without skills end up living in ghettos where they fester and act as a drain on society.

    And of course when a community (e.g Algerians in France) aggregates and does not assimilate they become a target and they become reviled – so they cluster ever more closely and the problem becomes intractable – racism takes hold – nobody will give them a job – and eventually the situation turns violent.

    As for the murder of a Brit soldier, top Australian investigative journalist presents another perspective on why this happened

    But then this as they say, another story altogether


  4. Paul · · Reply

    Outstanding analysis – I couldn’t agree more with all of this.

    However one thing you may want to address in a future column – many people are of the opinion that what is needed to ‘save the world’ is cheap, clean energy.

    Let’s think that through though – imagine we had a very cheap, clean, unlimited source of energy – what would be the consequences?

    Well – we had cheap energy for over a hundred years and look at the impact of that

    Now let’s assume we had cheap + unlimited + clean energy – what would be the consequences?

    I suggest there would be a population explosion because we could desalinate oceans and grow more crops (what we’d do with all that salt is another matter of course). In addition to a spike in global population we’d also see much more affluence.

    Of course this massive, affluent population would demand more ‘stuff’. And stuff requires raw materials – copper, wood, nickel, iron, rare earths etc etc etc…

    So imagine a population of say 15 billion – let’s say 5 billion of them are ‘living large’

    Cheap, clean, unlimited energy is not the answer. It would in fact accelerate the demise of the world as we know it.

    More people mean more demand for not only food but all resources –


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“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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