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Hello, my name is Moraymint; thanks for looking in to my weblog.  For what it’s worth, the clue to where I live is in my blog name and in the images on this page (as if you hadn’t guessed).  That’s my gundog in the banner picture, by the way, on the beach near my home.  Why do I blog?  Well, because I’ve developed, shall we say, a mild anxiety about where the world’s heading these days.  I’m anxious primarily for my children.  I find myself wondering what sort of lives they’ll lead compared to the life that I’ve been so fortunate to have led thus far?  I wonder if I can or should do anything to prepare them for a world which I feel rather strongly will look and feel quite different to the world that I’ve seen and experienced during this past 30 years or so of fully fledged adulthood.  ‘Anxious’ is a negative term, of course.  So, to counter that negativity, through this blog, I’d like to facilitate some discussion – hopefuly lively (and polite and civilised) discussion – about where we are, where we want to go and how we’re going to get there … as individuals, as families and communities, as a society.  I’m talking about how to make the most of life here, by the way.  I may be a wee bit anxious about what’s happening all around us these days (economically, environmentally, politically, socially), but I’m keen to understand how my children should prepare themselves for the future, and how I can help them to develop an awareness of the issues that might impact on their lives as they venture forth.

The ‘issues’ that I’m talking about can be distilled down to 3 critical aspects of our lives today: mankind’s insatiable appetite for ‘energy’; mankind’s interaction with the ‘environment’; and how these two aspects of our lives relate to how we behave – and how we behave is really what ‘economics’ is all about.  In analysing and discussing these ‘Three Es’, if you like, I’m echoing the way that Chris Martenson views the world; check him out over at ‘Peak Prosperity’.

But that’s not all!  You can’t discuss how the world is likely to shape up and how you might help prepare your children for their own lives without touching on some other pretty important subjects: like philosophy and religion (I’m an atheist as it happens); like politics; like what makes you laugh (and cry); like times past and memories that you cherish; like banter with friends; like your favourite things; like life, the universe and everything.  So, this blog could well end up all over the place, but am I bothered?  Nope.

Anyway, that’s me, Moraymint.  Concerned about energy, the economy and the environment; concerned about how to prepare my children for ‘interesting times’.  I hope you’ll discuss these important things with me and with others who join us on this blog.

You can contact me directly at moraymint@millbank.myzen.co.uk

Follow me on Twitter: moraymint@moraymint1


  1. Mark Deacon · · Reply

    I read your comments on the DT whenever I come across them.

    Added your blog to my favourites because have found that one perspective is never enough to achieve a better understanding of what is currently going on. With too many variables in the current economic situation (the perfect storm – effiency, model, resource levels, debt) that no one idea is ever going to be right (no single magic bullet to fix it).

    Agree with the ones you mention though I do feel there are a few more nobody is even yet considering.


    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Thanks Mark; stay in touch.


  2. Moraymint, greetings from a concerned Dad, who is wanting the human race to have a revolution of the mind, another way of thinking & living.


    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Welcomes Les … pleased to see you here. Stay tuned, as they say …


  3. JasonPatch · · Reply

    Hello Moraymint! Thanks for the invite from DT comments and look forward to further chat in the near future. First impressions, impressed! Talk soon and have fun.


    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Welcome Jason …


  4. Roger Hall · · Reply

    Hi Moraymint, just found your blog via your DT comment link. I certainly appreciate and enjoy your DT comments and I will certainly enjoy spending some quality time reading your previous blog articles.

    I’ve spent many a happy holiday badly playing golf at Strathpeffer and other wonderful golf courses in the Highlands and good friends of mine relocated to Dingwall over 20 years ago so I know the Moray estuary well.

    I sense it’s going to be an interesting year “politically” and “economically” and I share your concerns.

    Take care and best wishes



    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Roger. Good to see you here and stay in touch …


  5. We always enjoy your Xmas message but its even better to get your thoughts all year round


    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Thank you. I decided that my overwhelming urge to “spit it out” needed a channel. This is it. The (hopefully) constructive side will be the series of essays over this year, forming a father’s letter to his children. ‘Children’ (twenty-somethings in reality) have given it the thumbs up. Mrs Moraymint not terribly amused (she doesn’t move in cyberspace or anything weird like that) …


  6. moraymint · · Reply

    Ross, thanks for this and now we’re in touch.


  7. Moraymint,

    Read all you comments on the Telegraph site and found you here. We run Renegade Economist and made Four Horsemen the film – we would like to get in touch… How do we do that?

    Thanks in advance…



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“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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