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‘Friendship should be more than biting time can sever’ T S Eliot Interesting Times We live in febrile times – or interesting times as the Chinese proverb would have it. That said, some folk choose to take little or no interest in current affairs compared to others who (like me) do take an active interest […]


Hope, Anger and Courage In a previous post on this subject I argued that if we were going to get serious about fighting the terrorist threat we now face, we needed to start with some form of societal change of attitude. Attitude is a settled way of feeling or thinking about something. In that same post, […]


This website was conceived – as the strapline suggests – as a father’s thoughts for his children. I wanted some way of sharing thoughts and ideas with my children that didn’t involve me boring them rigid over the dinner table (not unknown). I’ve been pretty rubbish at focusing on the sorts of topics that might […]


‘Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies’ Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) Who Would Have Thought It? Did you anticipate the extent to which the EU Referendum would cleave into families and friendships in the way that it did, threatening relationships almost to destruction? Indeed, in some cases, destruction occurred. To take just […]


Miserable Git Anyone who has the remotest interest in the idle musings of me, Moraymint, would almost certainly conclude that I’m a pessimist. Indeed, some would doubtless go so far as to say that I’m the proverbial miserable old git who really should get a life. Post after post on this blog identifies me with […]


Carlos is Moraymint’s contrarian; in that sense he’s about to do me a big favour.  Let’s be honest, I’ve devoted perhaps a little too much blog space (understatement) to explaining how and why I think we’re at one of history’s great ‘turning points’.  I argue – and will probably continue to argue – that we’re living […]


Warning: Controversial Comment Today, the Daily Telegraph reported, ‘Horrifying animal slaughter in [a] halal abattoir’ in Yorkshire.  If you have a strong stomach then click on the link at the bottom of this post to witness a little bit of hell on earth. Now, what I don’t understand is this. This year marks the 800th […]

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