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Went to Edinburgh this weekend to watch the rugby.  Teamed up with a couple of my old Regimental pals, one of whom was Irish.  Had a leisurely breakfast in the Craigiehall Mess before easing in to the city to start soaking up the atmosphere; usual routine.  As we sauntered along William Street towards Teuchters Bar […]


… asked one of my favourite journalists (Jeremy Warner) in the Daily Telegraph today (link below).  Whether he realised it, or not, he was referring to the steady, predictable and inevitable collapse of the European Union economy and, therefore with it, the collapse of the faux-society that is the European Union itself.  You and I […]


In the last line of this BBC piece written by Mark Easton, the Home Editor, considering why London’s population now comprises just 45% of “white Brits”, Easton declares, “It is a story of aspiration.  It is a story of success“.  To which I would add, “It is a piece of risible political correctness gone stark […]


Since around the end of the last century, and certainly within the first few years of the 21st century it seemed clear to me that the only game in town for the coming 25 years – and quite possibly for the next 50 years – would be energy; specifically, mankind’s insatiable appetite for energy, exacerbated […]


If you’re not in the least interested in who I am, or how I think then please feel free to ignore this post altogether; no hard feelings; see you at the next post, hopefully.  This post is one of the essays specifically aimed at my children; just in case they’re wondering who on earth is […]


There will now be a brief interlude whilst I shake off the norovirus. Mrs Moraymint became infected from Mother-in-Law Moraymint who picked up the bug at her daycare centre.  So, now I’m stricken by 24 – 48 hours of, er, vigorous gastric activity.  Be right back.


One of my therapeutic joys is to cook something special on our ludicrously unsustainable, oil-fired Aga oven (that dark blue thing on the left).  This evening was no exception: I knocked up a Mary Berry recipe ‘Spiced Monkfish with Cocunut’ and consequently Mrs Moraymint and I enjoyed a pleasant diner-a-deux whilst listening to the wireless […]

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