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‘Energy is vital to civilisation. In fact, all of human history can be viewed through the lens of energy’ Dr Michio Kaku, ‘Physics of the Impossible’ ‘Ultimately, the economy is, and always has been, a surplus energy equation. As such, it is governed by the laws of the thermodynamics, and not by the man-made ‘laws’ […]


Heresy The debate rages about whether we should cuddle up to Islam, or destroy it. Our Establishment elite exhorts us to love Muslims; to do anything else makes one a fascist. Meantime, the British government sets about bombing Islamic State. The BBC struggles with this one a bit and almost chokes on the term, ‘Islamic […]


Pour Yourself a Beer Pour yourself a beer or something before you start reading this post; it’s a ‘big yin’ (big one) as we say here in Scotland. What’s a Young Person Supposed to Do? This post is the first of two consecutive posts. The second post will address the question, ‘What’s a young person […]


I’m preparing an ‘upside’ post right now to balance all of the ‘downside’ stuff that I’ve published here on this blog over the past year or two.  I recognise the need to shine some light on how we’re supposed to respond to what I argue is a steam train coming down the tracks towards us, […]


Introduction This post is the longest one I’ve written to date.  You might wish to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or pour something stronger before reading on.  Indeed, you might decide to wander off and find better things to do; if so, that’s fine by me.  If you’re sticking around, though, you’ll […]


Jeremy Warner is an excellent business and economics journalist who works for the Daily Telegraph; I always read what he has to say.  Generally I concur with his analyses and conclusions.  However, there is one fundamental issue on which I profoundly disagree with Mr Warner.  Take his article in today’s Daily Telegraph “J M Keynes’ […]


For those of us who have spent at least the past 5 years pointing out that the developed world has reached the end of growth, in other words the end of industrial age, cheap-fossil-fuelled-energy rates of economic growth, it’s no surprise to learn that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has today announced a halving of […]

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