Standby for the reactivation of my blog after a brief pause. I’ve been a tad overwhelmed by the extraordinary number of supportive messages I’ve received following my identification by a Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) as an ‘abhorrent racist’. I received just the one message siding with Mr Anas Sarwar MSP. Therefore, under the present democratic conditions prevailing in the UK, Mr Sarwar wins …


  1. 10navigator · · Reply

    Been moving house here in Spain after 18 years, so just caught up on this dreadful state of affairs re’ your terminated candidacy. A two man witch hunt by bigots would appear to have been disproportionately successful. Whatever happened to ‘freedom of speech.’ The BP’s loss is someone elses gain.
    What kind of ‘kangoroo court’ can mete out ostracism with no right of redress. It’s a far cry from ‘justice’ that’s for sure.
    I’m minded of the old RAF maxim “If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined.” It’s a bugger if ‘they’ won’t even let you join in the first place!
    Keep buggering on and stick it to ’em.
    Robert E Lee.


  2. reallyoldbill · · Reply

    I’ve been away at a family event so a bit late to the party here, MM. It’s never too late, however, to register support for the principles of democracy, freedom of speech and personal liberty. I fully understood, given your unfortunate experience at the hands of our illiberal, hypocritical and undemocratic political establishment, deciding to take a break from your blog, but as I said then, you would be sadly missed. Welcome back. I look forward to reading your next insightful posting.

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  3. Nigel has stuck by his prediction that Boris will try to sell us May’s surrender deal wrapped up in different coloured paper.

    What we know with absolute certainty is that had Remain won the whole EU debate would have closed down & there would have been no talk of a second referendum or any concessions for the millions of Leavers

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  4. Garpazo · · Reply

    Pleased to see you about again, MM. They must not be allowed to grind us down. Easy to say, I know, but I think that LibLabCon have had their day. Joe Public have had their eyes opened by the shenanigans of the past three years and hopefully are beginning to react. Thanks to the likes of yourself and other blogs like GP we will win.

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  5. Ukridge · · Reply

    Nice to have a bit of good news for a change.

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  6. arfurbryant · · Reply

    “Therefore, under the present democratic conditions, Mr Sarwar wins…”

    That’s because the inmates really have taken over the asylum! The sooner they are all kicked out, the better. Politicians aren’t the answer – they are the problem!
    Welcome back Moraymint.

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  7. Excellent news, you should crowd fund a defamation case. Note the success of Peter Ridd against James Cook University in Australia.

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  8. Alex Dade · · Reply

    Applauding from across the pond!

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    1. Thank goodness we have some support from across the pond. Some seem to believe all they read in the NY Times and Washington Post over there and The Times and Guardian here. 😁


  9. xenisega · · Reply

    Normal service resumed. Quite right, too!

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    1. Garpazo · · Reply

      Glad to see your support here, OG. 🐐

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  10. Donna Walker · · Reply

    Welcome back and glad to see you re-entering the fray Mr Moraymint. The Remainer Establishment and going all-out now to stop Brexit so we need all hands on board for the fight-back.

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  11. You’ve been much missed.

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  12. Welcome back. I’ve talked to quite a few complete strangers in the past few weeks and all have been absolutely disgusted by the shenanigans inside and outside Parliament. As Peter Hitchins said on Any Questions, Labour’s positions coundn’t be attempted by a super gymnast or words to that effect. The Remoaners in conjunction with the most appalling Speaker ever colluding to introduce legislation taking power and control from the government and then trying to avoid an election is totally trashing our democracy. To my mind the Remainers claiming the government was performing a coup when that was what they were doing was disgusting. The only hope is that the Tories and Brexit Party would agree where best to stand so that the Leave vote is not split. I’m trusting that the Remainers will split their vote between the IlliberalUndemocrats, Labour, Plaid Cymru and SNP and thus lose. If Labour win then Brexit is over.

    For me, I’m waiting until Boris finally shows his hand. If his plan is any form of the Withdrawal Agreement then the Tories are toast and although I’ll then vote for the Brexit Party. probably the Brexit Party on its own will not have a majority.
    Certainly I’ll never ever vote Labour and never IlliberalUndemocrats again.

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  13. Welcome back !

    Although this post is somewhat opaque 🙂

    Tech can be tricky. I am about to set up a new GPS tracking device – the instructions are a poor translation from Chinese….

    I might be some time !

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  14. Susan Playfair · · Reply

    I cant access the blog my dear-nothing found. I too am dejected, fearing a mammoth capitulation on monday

    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________


    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Fault fixed …


  15. “Page not found”

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Fault repaired …


  16. Sonia MacDonald · · Reply

    Keeps saying ‘oops, that page can’t be found’?????


    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Sorry Sonia, just ignore it! I’m faffing about with the intention of re-establishing all the posts on the blog. Trying to do it from my iPad sitting on a train – which is not a great idea! I’ve binned my attempt for now and will complete the job when I get back to my desk next week …


    2. moraymint · · Reply

      Fault repaired …


      1. Sonia MacDonald · · Reply

        Thank you, glad you’re back!

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