Following the extraordinary events of the past 24 hours, this morning I wrote to the Prime Minister as follows:

Dear Prime Minister

As one of the proverbial silent majority, I’m writing to encourage, nay implore you to stand firm and take the United Kingdom out of the European Union lock, stock and barrel by no later than 31 October. Not a ‘Soft Brexit’. Not a ‘Broad and Deep Partnership’. Not a ‘Surrender Treaty’. The EU doesn’t and never will compromise. Therefore, the UK absolutely must recover its full and unfettered sovereignty at the end of next month; there can be no residual influence of the EU on the UK on 1 November. If you don’t achieve this aim – of a clean break with the EU – the Conservative Party will be annihilated; but moreover, democracy in the UK will have been good and truly trashed – on your watch.

Along with millions of other citizens I’m watching in horror as our democracy implodes. A small number of people – elected Members of Parliament – who were on the losing (Remain) side of the EU Referendum, but who wield disproportionate power deceitfully, have for 3 years wreaked havoc on our society. You must put an end to this travesty.

I’m an erstwhile member of the Conservative Party. When Theresa May reneged on her promise to take the UK out of the EU on 29 March, I joined The Brexit Party for whom I was selected as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. My final exhortation to you is that you cut a deal with Nigel Farage before a General Election. If you fail to do this, you will gift government to the most destructive and dysfunctional rag-tag of politicians in the history of our country. You would have us leap from the frying pan into the fire.

17.4 million people – probably many more nowadays – are four-square behind you Mr Johnson. Please do not let us down.

Yours etc

Copied to

Mr Richard Tice MEP, Chairman, The Brexit Party
Mr Nigel Farage MEP, Leader, The Brexit Party

PS Please ignore the other notification you may have received as a follower of this blog of a post ‘It looks pretty bad – so what should my children do?‘. That was finger trouble on my part; apologies.

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  1. 10navigator · ·

    An excellent article appears in ‘Reaction,’ a blog where Gerald Warner writes brilliantly and knowledgeably regarding the SC judgement. He excoriates the lot of them, saving particular scorn for the SC president Lady Hale.
    I commend the article for your perusal.
    “Keep buggering on!”

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks, will take a look …


  2. Ian Firth · ·

    I and friends have contacted our MP, Chris Heaton – Harris many times and on a variety of subjects and we have, without fail,l always received replies.
    My wife (a German national and a passionate supporter of Boris) wrote to Boris upon his elevation to leader of the Party and although we haven’t received a reply specific to that particular missive we have received several emails explaining and requesting comments on several recent policy decisions. One feels there is some attempt being made to keep at least some of us in the loop which I suppose is encouraging.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Yes, that’s my sense of the situation too Ian …


  3. Douglas Brodie · ·

    100% agreed. The Conservative Party has been lost to mindless globalism and can only recover by following up on the ousting of the 21 rebels who voted for Hilary Benn’s EU surrender pact. They need to deselect the worst of the rebels and cede Leave-voting Labour constituencies to the Brexit Party. Otherwise the country will never recover from this mess.

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  4. Stuart Tyson · ·

    The only thing I can say is that if I had written a letter in the same vein not many words would have been different.
    Aside of course from your more intimate involvement with The Brexit Party.

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  5. reallyoldbill · ·

    It certainly feels now, after the extraordinary judgement delivered yesterday from the UK Supreme Court which appears to have been plucked out of thin air taking even experienced jurists by surprise, that we really are in the last days of either Brexit or our very democracy. Any extension forced upon an unwilling government beyond October 31st this year by a parliament which seems to have successfully usurped the function of legitimate government will place a serious strain on both our constitutional settlement and the patience of all those who voted for Brexit over 3 ½ years ago. We cannot go on as we are and yet this shallow and corrupted parliament refuse to allow a general election, itself an unprecedented situation. A minority government is being held hostage by a rabble of opposition and rebellious or exiled MPs and the public are being denied any say on this incredible and unsustainable (not to mention unconstitutional) situation. Something has to give and soon.

    My real fear is that the devious establishment will engineer a second vote on the terms of our exit (either a new deal, or no deal) alongside the option to remain, deliberately splitting the leave vote in the most cynical manner, or alternatively that an election may be achieved after November in which, because we still haven’t left the EU, large numbers of leave voters who might formerly have voted Conservative will defect in sheer frustration to the Brexit Party once again splitting the vote and costing seats which will fall to Remain supporting parties. Brexit really is in danger now. I hope that sense prevails in Number 10 and some accommodation is made with TBP so that seats winnable by either are not contested by the other, but I fear that unlikely. It may fall to sensible people to make their own judgement as to the wisest manner in which to vote tactically depending upon their local constituency circumstances. Either Leave voters accept that necessity, if necessary holding their noses and voting for parties not of their first choice but which will deliver Brexit, or we may find ourselves trapped forever in the EU. I am incandescent that despite living in a supposed democracy it has come to this. I shall never forgive those responsible.

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  6. Well said sir. I have shared.

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  7. Paul Akehurst de Visme · ·

    My sentiments exactly. Well written and to the point. Rule Britannia is fast being overshadowed by self-interest and fear.

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  8. Good to see you back, MM, and that’s a first rate letter, which expresses my own thoughts exactly. Incidentally, I’ve always had replies when I’ve written to my MP (who is back in the Cabinet now), even though it sometimes takes a while.

    btw, about an hour earlier I found an email headed “It looks pretty bad – so what should my children do?”, but the link says “Oops not found”

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks David!

      Regarding the other post to which you refer, I’ve added a PS to the post above …

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  9. Superb, MM.

    Losers consent is at the heart of the concept of democracy otherwise it does not work. If the losers do not consent and contrive by whatever means- delay, revocation, more referenda, even by general elections prior to implementing the result to reverse it or ignore it, then no other vote will have legitimacy.

    Once the losers withdraw consent it leads to a breakdown whereby losers on all future occasions may refuse the result and thus the breakdown of democracy and an absence of legitimate government. The body of philosophical thought which underpins our society insists that the people are the source of government and of sovereignty and yet now we see the people being denied.

    Sadly we are started on the road to widespread civil dispute, & all on account of the losing side in a democratic referendum refusing to accept the result

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  10. Boyd Stokes · ·

    As always, good points, very well put. Without doubt there is a real risk of two groups wanting the same thing “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” if they do not align mutually for a GE. The consequence otherwise is unthinkable and will ring the death bell for what we know and love as Great Britain and all that it has stood for.

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  11. Excellent letter. Indeed, we are now in the last chance saloon and we must be out by 31st October. If not ,and without a Brexit / Conservative deal, then we will witness the end of our society as we have known it as we head to a neo Marxist state. They Marxists are first doing to take Public Schools’ assets, then likely private hospitals and thereafter private housing may well be appropriated and allocated on a “need ” basis.
    I live in Chester, somewhere you would think very middle England. It is now a hot bed of ultra left politics dressed up in sheep’s clothing of Labour.

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  12. xantilor · ·

    Excellent letter. I hope Boris reads it. (My experience of writing to MPs is not encouraging.)

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    1. moraymint · ·

      To be fair, I think much of the correspondence received by politicians is read, even if they don’t always respond timeously, if at all. I’ve always received replies to my letters – eventually, if only an acknowledgement. Nigel Farage always replies and always says something substantial – if only in 2 or 3 lines!


      1. xantilor · ·

        In January I emailed 118 Conservative MPs who had voted against May’s WA, thanking them and urging them not to vote for it when it reappeared for the third time. I received five personal replies, from John Redwood, Charlie Elphicke, Julian Sturdy, Andrew Bridgen and Guto Bebb. Some didn’t even send an auto-reply. I wrote several times to Theresa May without getting an acknowledgement. To most of them, we’re the plebs, of little account unless it’s election time.

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        1. moraymint · ·

          Depressing …


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