It’s all a bit of a mix between distasteful and hysterical, but if you’re minded to make comparisons between President Donald Trump and Chancellor Adolf Hitler, please take a few moments to watch this video – with apologies in advance for the narrator’s somewhat irritating voice. Allie, who calls herself the ‘Conservative Millennial’ offers a […]

This website was conceived – as the strapline suggests – as a father’s thoughts for his children. I wanted some way of sharing thoughts and ideas with my children that didn’t involve me boring them rigid over the dinner table (not unknown). I’ve been pretty rubbish at focusing on the sorts of topics that might […]

You’ll have to decide whether this post is peddling ‘fake news’, or not. It’s all the rage, apparently. The population of the developed world is now being duped, to a greater or lesser extent, by fake news, or so we’re told. Hence – some people argue – the majority of those who voted in the […]

Nigel Farage Mr Nigel Farage MEP elicits mixed emotions. Some folk warm to the bloke and dislike his politics. Others recoil at the man, but like his ball skills. Some people think he’s the bees’ knees in all respects; others simply despise everything about him. Whatever your opinion of Nigel Farage, it’s very difficult not […]

‘Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies’ Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) Who Would Have Thought It? Did you anticipate the extent to which the EU Referendum would cleave into families and friendships in the way that it did, threatening relationships almost to destruction? Indeed, in some cases, destruction occurred. To take just […]

Here’s how the conversation went.  As is the norm these days, the incident occurs – in this case a truck is driven into shoppers at a Christmas market in Berlin – and folk take to social media to observe and comment.  Like it, or not, that’s what happens. I popped out of the woodwork and […]

Yesterday, as I was driving through the Highlands, I listened on my radio to the BBC’s midday news programme The World At One (or ‘WATO’ as its known).  The programme was being presented by Martha Kearney.  By the end of the hour, in my head I had written the following letter to Mr Roger Bolton. […]

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