Under the circumstances, I can’t foresee a situation where one European nation would attack another as a consequence of this economic crisis.

What is more likely, I suspect, is that if economic hardship and social tension (tension arising partly from mass movements of people intra-Europe caused by the aforesaid economic hardship) are imposed on Europe’s citizens by a feudal elite (the government-without-mandate of the United States of Europe), then we could be looking at a form of intra-European civil war.

OK so “war” may be a little too strong a term, but there could be conflict between the rulers and the ruled (Van Rompuy and his successors unable to move from A to B other than in an armoured convoy) and between ethnic groups squabbling for status, ‘territory’ and economic advantage in difficult times.

The odd thing at the moment is like I said in my earlier comment: the comatose nature of the European citizenry as their destinies are being mapped out behind closed doors in a palace in Brussels (with the British political class cheering it all along from the sidelines).


  1. I can’t see a ‘war’ if just because, unlike in the past (i.e. 1914), people have a better idea what modern warfare involves and nuclear war would also be too devestating to comtemplate.

    Although in general lots of things are going wrong I do agree with you that our biggest problem is oil and we can’t do much about that. If it really was just bankers bonuses, the top 1% being too greedy or immigration e.t.c. I think we would have acted by now and corrected at least something in these five years (instead we’ve just had QE). I agree that our political and economical institutions are now indeed ‘shot’ and which ever one makes the most mistakes from now on could go on to determine the type of crisis we have next which could be far worse than war (i.e. famine).

    Certainly interesting times on the way.


  2. zarathustra · ·

    Bread and circuses – except the bread is running out and the circus is unsustainable


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks for commenting zarathustra and apologies to you (and others) for the tardy reply. I had only really set up this blog to see how it feels for me, apart from anything else! I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that are like-minded people out there. I shall endeavour to reply to commenters where appropriate. I shall also build on developing my blog to fulfil its aim as I’ve tried to describe it in the ‘About’ section. The truth is, there is so much going on in the world at the moment that I am constantly being moved to comment on unfolding events!


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