TodaysTheDayToday – Monday 21 January 2013 – I decided to abandon commenting on the Daily Telegraph’s website, where I’ve been commenting for several years now, and to focus sharing my thoughts here on my own blog.  I’ve left this blog dormant for some months, but I shall crank it up over the coming days and weeks.  I shall still comment on articles that I read in the Daily Telegraph and elsewhere.  However, at least when I share them here they won’t be mysteriously deleted by other people’s ‘moderators’ … which has been happening more and more frequently lately.

Incidentally, I checked the statistics with Disqus and can see that, as at today, I made 4,296 comments on Daily Telegraph articles and earned 94,090 ‘Likes’.

Something weird is happening in our society.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but ‘Orwellian’ comes to mind.  I don’t think I’m being paranoid here – certainly I hope not.  However, the point is that I’ve had enough of being ‘moderated’ and would prefer the freedom to speak without others deciding on the merits of my views and, moreover, whether they should be heard at all.

I hope you’ll join me.  Take a look at the ‘About (Life, the Universe and Everything’)’ section of my blog to see where I’m coming from.


  1. Andy Grafton · ·

    I took the Red pill a couple of years ago. I read the MSM looking for the angle now, and also enjoyed your posts MM at the Telegraph- you will be missed! Often an erudite observation backed with too much sense clearly for some who have the power to silence other voices. I do think that as the ‘pressures’ ramp up the ‘Elites’ will use every weapon available to them to main the Status Quo – or should I say, keep them at the top of the pile. I do think the majority in the UK prefer to keep the blue pill – ‘the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe’. Certainly when the sun seems to be shining it’s hard to prepare for a Hurricane and not feel a bit foolish when others are sunbathing!
    I’m a fan of Chris Martenson’s 3 E’s [energy, environment, economy] and his useful website. We all need a ‘plan’ and develop resilence as best we can. Although he’s American, I can forgive him that 🙂
    I’ve booked marked your site and I will pop in regular to see what you’re thinking and noticing.
    Do your children ‘listen’? I have 3 later teenagers who know what I think is coming but prefer to do what young people have always been doing. I guess they should enjoy it while it lasts, but at least they are all training in useful professions which is a good investment in itself.
    So best wishes for your blogging, and the DT will be poorer without you.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks for your comment Andy. From time to time I may post a line or two over at the DT, if only to swing people over here! As for my children listening, I don’t really know. I think they do. I have feedback from them already to which I intend to respond in my next essay post. I call them my ‘children’ but they are young adults, living away from home. But the proverbial ‘modern technology’ means that we’re never that far part, virtually! Stay in touch …


  2. Cheshireman · ·

    Hi MM,

    Hi MM,
    Like many others, I have always enjoyed your comments on the DT pages and agreed with 99% of them. Of course comments are now not allowed on most DT articles, so perhaps moving to your own blog is the best answer of all.

    As one of retiring age, I have time to spare over the last five years studying the western world’s headlong plunge into financial oblivion. I cannot see any way in which things will end well, but I have been astounded with the way our ‘leaders’ have been able to ‘extend & pretend’ with finances and ignore all reality checks, democracy and common morality. Unfortunately it’s likely to be an even harder landing the longer it’s postponed

    I recognise your featured coastline and have played golf on the course about half a mile behind you as photographer. A nice part of the world indeed but I think also you are geographically better situated than most if social order were to crumble.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks for your comment Cheshireman … and, yes, this is a good place to be geographically. Like you I don’t really understand how our political class has got away with this monumental economic, political and social deceit for so long. I think it has much to do with widespread public apathy and/or ignorance about the ‘state we’re in’. This has been fuelled by the unsustainable benefits (literally in so many cases) of soft socialism. I wonder, however, if we are now indeed reaching the end of the unsustainable road and it is really just a matter of time before the house of cards starts to collapse? Certainly, it’s my view – per the philosophy of this blog and the ‘letter to my children’ – that our lives are going to be changing unrecognisably over the next 2 decades or so. Virtually every economic and social leading indicator tells us as much. It seems to me that very few people are yet joining the dots and seeing the big picture.


  3. MacBandy · ·

    HI MM
    Now, as you know, I am invariably tempted to look for a positive spin on your fears. I was going to admit, though, that I have long shared your ‘Orwellian’ concerns. One only has to watch Question Time to realise that one can only ‘question’ some things. There are now 2 ‘establishments’: the governing ‘fiscal’ one and the thought controlling ‘liberal’ one. I have a vague feeling that if I were fluent in double speak I might discover that their agendas are, strangely, mutually supporting!

    The positive spin is that we have always been manipulated: myth, feudalism, religion, etc. It has just become ever more subtle as we, the citizens, have become ever more discerning. The pot gets stirred by the likes of Kant, Rousseau, Marks and Nietzsche and then solidifies again through misapplication of the ideal; a. repeated cycle, ying and yang.

    So perhaps it’s just time to heat and stir the pot again? After which it will inevitably cool a different way. The secret may be to enjoy the challenge without the expectation of perfection; learning to ‘Dance on a moving Carpet’ (anon – I think!).


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks for your comment MacBandy and I see your perspective/point. One of my objectives in writing a letter to my children in this way is to try and balance the factual (endeavouring to explain what’s really going on around us these days, because we are at the leading edge of truly ‘interesting times’), the philosophical (what is the good life?) and the practical (how can I maximise my self-reliance and – paradoxically perhaps – my community spirit?). Certainly, I don’t want to be the curator of a weblog version of ‘Apocalypse Now’ – that’s definitely not the aim. However, after years of observing, checking, cross-checking, analysing and seeking to draw conclusions from the extraordinary events of the first decade or so of this century, I (we?) can’t escape all of those indicators signalling transformational economic, social and political change over the next 10 – 20 years. My irrepressible Boy Scout instinct is telling me to ‘Be Prepared’ and, moreover, to help my children prepare. Keep commenting MacBandy … my views are always being shaped and/or tested by others. I can feel a beer and curry coming on …


    2. MacBandy · ·

      By Marks I of course mean Marx and not M&S!


  4. Johnnyboy11 · ·

    Hi Moraymint, good luck with your blog, which I have bookmarked and will drop by regularly.

    I’m a fellow countryman, but now resident in the tiny State of Qatar, enjoying the massive redistribution of wealth from West to East. Long may high oil prices continue and double digit GDP growth in the Emirate.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Johnny … stay in touch.


  5. The DT is unfortunately fast losing it credibility in many areas and, while I enjoy the pieces by a number of the writers (AEP and Liam Halligan come to mind), the Comments sections are increasingly filled with the “views” of the clearly disturbed and hate mongers of every stripe. I’ll be disappointed however not to see any more of your thoughts there (which coincide in pretty much every way with my own world view), and look forward to visiting your blog frequently.



    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Martin, and I agree that some of the comments on the DT site are getting stranger by the day!


  6. moraymint · ·


    Thanks very much for your comment. It was getting to the point where quite often within moments of me posting a comment on a Daily Telegraph (DT) article, my comment would disappear without trace. Occasionally my comment would have attracted a few ‘Likes’ and ‘Replies’, but even then it would be ‘Removed’ of ‘Flagged for Review’ … and never reappear. I find it quite extraordinary and can’t really understand why the DT would choose to do this. It struck me that there were always plenty of other comments being posted of dubious provenance or merit but which didn’t attract the moderators’ attention; nor should they really. Unless a comment was obscene or blatant plagiarism or likely to incite hatred (and some comments seemed/seem to do this!), then all comments should be allowed to stand. I realise now that I’m probably being naive. The DT is a company with all sorts of vested interests – commerical and political – like any other company. I suppose if I was saying things that were at odds with DT company policy (like, say, the DT being pro-EU, or pro-big government, or pro-orthodox economics, or whatever) then they might eventually feel obliged to have shot of me. Well, I suppose they have. I am terribly cynical these days about the British media, the so-called ‘free press’. As far as I can discern, the British press is as much in cahoots with the political class as are the banks and certain big corporations. We live in an era of corporatism politics and, as Peter Oborne says, we live on the receiving end of the triumph of the political class.


  7. PrestonPark · ·

    Hi MM
    I look forward to reading both posts & comments here – I thought it was quite extraordinary your posts being, erm, ‘moderated’ is such a manner. It’s always interesting though, that when the arguments hit home (in both the literal & metaphorical sense..) in any discussion & there is no hiding place, those that have power to close the debate, invariably will. Best.


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