As I understand it, according to the classical music purists, Classic FM is for philistines.  So be it. Notwithstanding, here at Castle Moraymint we do listen to Classic FM where we refer to it as ‘nursery rhymes for grown-ups’.  It’s comforting listening to popular classical pieces (or usually parts thereof) being played time and again.

However, over the past couple of months I’ve been switching off Classic FM as soon as the state comes on air and starts bullying me.  Her Majesty the Queen courts great popularity at the moment, not least after her successful Diamond Jubilee year.  However, when the politicians in the Treasury dreamt up one of their many and growing schemes for extracting our money from us (they’re pathologically incapable of arresting their own propensity to spend our money), they cleverly dropped any reference to ‘Her Majesty’.

I’m talking, of course, about the ‘public service’ broadcast that now pervades the airwaves; well certainly it does on Classic FM.  To the sound of windscreen wipers swishing back and forth I picture in my head some hood driving towards my home through a dark, wet night before a man’s voice comes on and says, “Revenue and Customs is closing in on unreported income … sinister pause … if you have declared all your income, you have nothing to worry about … sinister pause, lowers tone to more menacing … if you haven’t … another sinister pause, lowers tone still further … we’re looking for you.”

If I fail to switch off the radio before the Orwellian git finishes his message I am usually unable to prevent myself from uttering, “Oh fuck off, will you.”  It’s like 21st century feudalism, eh?


  1. So somewhere between Verdi, Vaughan Williams and John Suchet you can suddenly expect the taxman to pop up .. dear god, whatever next and one of the very few music stations you would tune into for peace and relaxation

    Intimidation or desperation, I guess the latter with much more of this style of privacy invasion to follow and what a cynical world we have evolved into.

    Thanks for the tip, I guess a handful of cds and the odd radio news bulletin will suffice for the longer distances… state radio can provide a very high level of entertainment these days, the news always makes me laugh.


  2. Your comment about switching off ClassicFM when the state get their airtime made me laugh because I also do that. No sooner as I hear the voice, the volume goes down for a minute. Like your good self, I can see it for what it is. Bullying and intimidation.
    What really gets my goat up however is when central government starts accusing local government of ripping off the local residents with council tax hikes. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. It is a concern of mine that as state finances get squeezed even more than they already are, the state will become ruthless in it’s attempts to fleece us even more.


    1. moraymint · ·

      I share your view rob that over the coming years the state will stop at nothing to relieve us of our hard-earned spondoolicks. The political class has lost control of its own budget (‘budget’ being a meaningless term to a politico, generally speaking), ie they’ve lost control of the UK economy. The deficit is still growing and, therefore, the national debt is growing even faster than when Brown was hosing funny-money in to the economy. In other words, they’ve opened the valve still further … and so ramped up the steam train’s acceleration in to the buffers. It beggars belief. Meantime, they come on the radio and the TV and tell us that everything’s under control, everything’s going to plan, relax and get back to ‘Strictly’. So millions do. Orwellian, like I said. Interesting that the BBC is ‘doing Orwell’ at the moment. Ironic in some ways.


  3. Johnnyboy11 · ·

    Funny you say that MM. The Johnnyboy11 family had a long hard look at their tax affairs this year, particularly in light of the imposed Child Benefit changes, and decided enough was enough. No more 40% tax will be paid by our family, not a penny, and as a bonus we vowed to ensure the continuance of our full ‘Child Benefit’ tax rebate until the kids have flown the nest.

    So we opened a SIPP for Mrs Johnnyboy last month, in addition to her works pension, and paid in exactly the right amount to drop her UK relevant earnings to just below both the £50k CB threshold and also the 40% tax bracket. A quick letter was dispatched to HMRC and acknowledged with the issuance of a new tax code for the year (£15,500!!!), so a bumper tax rebate will land in this month’s pay packet through the PAYE system, in addition to a +20% automatic rebate to the SIPP.

    Evidently, strong-arm tactics from HMRC on behalf of HM Government have resulted in a rather unintended consequence (Laffer Curve springs to mind).

    HMRC would be better pursuing Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and others of their ilk, rather than pissing off their indigenous middle class.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Outstanding top tip there Johnnyboy11 … I shall refer the wheeze to Mrs Moraymint forthwith. Meantime, yes … the next decade will be about crushing the middle-classes to sustain the political class. Let’s hope the Laffer Curve does its funky stuff …


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