UKIP+leader+Nigel+FarageI find it extremely interesting that on Europe and the European Union the only political party that holds a contrary view to that of the 3 main British political parties and the BBC – the United Kingdom Independence Party – is getting virtually no airtime right now as the euro monetary union faces the meltdown predicted by, er, the United Kingdom Independence Party.

I don’t think folk are twigging yet just how profound are events in Cyprus: for the euro currency; for the European Union; for beyond the European Union; for the geopolitics of the Middle-East; for the geoeconomics of global energy supplies.

Meantime, as I make my coffee, on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning (whilst the euro faces a potentially disorderly unravelling and the Russians are poised to gain an eastern Mediterranean naval base along with access to vast natural gas reserves) there’s a phone-in programme on, er, bringing up babies …

One of these days I’m going to switch off the wireless with such force that I’ll end up wrecking it …

Anyway, here’s a Russia Today interview with Mr Nigel Farage MEP that the BBC would never dare to conduct and transmit …

I have to say, I love the way this guy always tells it just as it is. No wonder the BBC is terrified of him.


And then just now up pops Daniel Hannan MEP speaking to Adam Boulton – who is a Sky TV presenter, but who can’t pronounce Hannan, nor does he know which constituency Mr Hannan represents …


  1. Excellent, Moray! I’ll be back!


  2. Malcuk · ·

    Ian of course many people now fully understand how biased the BBC is, and that idiot Labour plant on the DT recently has blown the whole thing apart.

    It is now very important to read elsewhere rather than the MSM or the BBC for what is really going on. MM will now be in my facourites list, giving some clarity and less biased info.


    1. Malc,

      I sit here in Southern Spain (temporary visit) seeing some old haunts and comparing how life has visibly changed. Not much outwardly… I’m told that unemployment is around 80% ( I was surprised!) I expect that basic needs ( aka Maslow) are being met and some what satisfied.. Beggars and homeless abound in the town CBD. It feels like folk are just existing… Not that there is any sense that hope is lost.. Just that this is the way it is…

      The only Information tap and ability to continue educating one’s self to the outside world is the Internet here. No local libraries.. Only the drone of cafe TV’s with sport (aka bread and circus) ..

      Well I can’t wait to leave now that I have touched base with my past…

      To return back to the UK and more financial preparations..May be take advantage of some house building before my savings make a contribution( aka haircut..)

      I am and will be a “thrivist.”


  3. AGAIN trying to determine courses of action and understanding for both the BBC and Cyprus. The BBC in my view is now a propaganda machine based on it’s non- impartial ( double negative I know) I now read RT and Al Jazeera and well as the DT to find out what is going really on. Mustn’t frighten the sheeple and group think continues nationally. On Cyprus, dirty politics exposed and the money trail is running dry. A regressive marker shown and a line is crossed. Watch out…. watch out!


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