MChat9JUN13I’ve been out of action this past 2 weeks.  My dear father died on 11 May at the age of 84 years.  He fell at home, was taken in to hospital in Weston-super-Mare, contracted pneumonia and died peacefully as a result.  The NHS staff were truly superb.  My dad lived in Clevedon, near Bristol.  I live in Moray.  I hadn’t realised (living as I do in the Highlands of Scotland) that there’s a 2 – 3 week queue to get cremated in/near Bristol.  Up here, if you die on the Saturday (as did my dad), your funeral can be done and dusted before the end of the next week.  So, it’s taken me a wee while to deal with Dad’s estate, arrange the funeral and so on.  I flew back to Inverness last night with Mrs/Dr Moraymint.  This weekend we have friends staying and we’ve been enjoying the sunshine in my garden on the Moray Firth.  Life is sweet  and life goes on.


  1. My condolences, MM. Remember the good times, forget the bad. Miss him and celebrate him and I will join you in raising a glass or two.


  2. craig R · ·

    Sincere commiserations
    Take care


  3. telegenic · ·

    Condolences and welcome back.
    Looking forward to more articles


  4. Ski Carver · ·

    Condolences MM. Never easy to lose a parent.


  5. Sorry to hear your news, but thankful that in your case, the NHS managed to be nice.


  6. Moray….please accept my condolences….it’s some time now since my Father passed away (20 years) but at the age of 44 I still have very fond memories of him. I wish you the same fond memories and hope that all goes well with the Cremation.


  7. Donna · ·

    Sorry to hear of your loss.


  8. Malcuk · ·

    Hi Moraymint,
    from your comments you will have copious amounts of fantastic memories to fall back upon, and that is just as it should be. Parents should be special, and grandparents even more special to the grandchildren, doesn’t always happend just magic when it does.

    Look forward to reading your articles in the future..


  9. Ernie · ·

    Sorry to hear of you news. Celebrate your father’s life, where you can, look after the living and think of the future.


  10. Trevor Bailey · ·

    Condolences from Almería, Moray. I trust you and your family have happy memories of him.

    El G.


  11. Mark Deacon · ·

    Condolences but it is how life works.

    Provided you have no regrets etc. then get on with your life remembering the good times you had together.

    Lost a close friend recently, yes we had our moments arguing etc. but these are brushed aside remembering the best parts is how you heal. Do not brush the memories aside being painful you just delay the inevitable coming to terms with it.

    Nobody can avoid it neither, hence now I pursue one policy in life never leaving something like a friendship broken so if I pop me cloggs today there will be no regrets on either side of any relationship that was formed.

    Think that makes me part socialist and the above is for you and your kids, do not leave anything undone. If it needs saying, say it! If it needs doing, do it! etc. etc.


  12. S MacDonald · ·

    I’m sorry for your loss – cherish your memories, especially the ones that make you smile.


  13. EllieMae's grandad · ·

    Sorry to hear of your loss; Dad’s are important people.

    You’ll miss him – and that’s as it should be. Take care.


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