Mr Douglas Carswell MP has had the following thoughts on the matter of MPs voting for Hilary Benn MP to chair the Brexit Select Committee. I feel sure that Mr Carswell won’t mind me re-posting his comments here but if he does, doubtless he’ll let me know.

‘MPs have voted for Remainer Hilary Benn to chair the Brexit Select Committee, rather than Leaver Kate Hoey. The rest of the Committee has been agreed behind closed doors by the big parties – so no space for me as UKIP’s only MP. Do Parliamentarians really think this is how representative democracy is supposed to work?

Three months since the EU Referendum, many MPs still haven’t come to terms with the outcome. In fact, they’re still trying to undermine it.

Despite 17.4 million people voting to take back control of our laws, our borders, and our trade policy, some MPs disingenuously claim that Brexit can mean staying inside the European single market and customs union. They think Parliament has the right to block Article 50.

Choosing Hilary Benn – by a margin of 330 votes to 209 – to chair the Committee that will scrutinise the work of David Davis and his department is merely Parliament’s latest attempt to block Brexit.

For a brief period, it looked like the EU Referendum might be a wake-up call to the self-serving cartel that dominates Westminster. Apparently not. MPs still seem to think they can get away with ignoring the people they are elected to represent.

This is a dangerous route to go down. The most cocooned of Westminster insiders may not have noticed, but respect for politicians is already at rock-bottom – with good reason. By setting themselves up in opposition to the Brexit majority, MPs risk doing serious damage to public faith in representative democracy. If that happens, what then?

Fans of Hilary Benn might be better advised to heed the words of his late father:

The parliamentary democracy we have developed and established in Britain is based, not upon the sovereignty of Parliament, but upon the sovereignty of the people“.

Tony Benn wrote those words in a letter to constituents 40 years ago. They were part of his case against staying in the European Common Market.

Maybe 40 years of Common Market membership have made Parliament forget what it’s for. Now that we’re leaving, it’s about time MPs remembered.’

Recently, I expressed my own views on the dysfunctionality of our parliamentary democracy here.


  1. Jack Wallhurst · ·

    The same pressures that provoked the leave vote are still there and being stoked by May’s hints at Brexit light and affronts like the Calais “children”. It is easily foreseeable that serious civil strife is becoming more likely with every frustration imposed by unworthy “leaders”.
    When, inevitably, the coming inflation starts eating into living standards the fallout will not be pleasant. Unfortunately many undeserving groups are likely to suffer.

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  2. Robert E Lee · ·

    Carswell has gone up in my estimation, (not difficult).

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  4. Douglas Brodie · ·

    I don’t have a problem with Remainers having a prominent role in the Brexit scrutiny process. It is essential that Brexit is implemented well and that we don’t end up in a bad “cliff edge” situation such as having no EU trade deal in place by the time we leave the EU. Good scrutiny is not going to thwart a successful exit.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Fair comment. For me, it’s about the balance of power now between Parliament and the Executive. The British people were led (or misled, depending on your point of view) to believe that – per the Government’s £9 million EU promotional campaign – whichever way we voted, ‘This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide’.

      If over the coming months and years, Parliament works tirelessly to subvert the UK’s extraction from the European Union, or to water it down to the point that the EU remains an economic, political and social burden on the UK, then there should be hell to pay in terms of public reaction.

      The worrying thing for those of us who voted Leave is the overwhelming weight of opinion in favour of the EU that permeates the British Political Class, the Establishment and the mainstream media, led enthusiastically by the BBC.

      I wonder if we’d had a more balanced political and media environment over recent decades, the outcome of the EU Referendum would have been more emphatically in favour of Leave? One has to bear in mind the truly frightening propaganda capabilities that the EU developed over the past generation – using (or, rather, abusing) your money and mine …

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  5. As I wrote in my article for UKIP Daily, entitled: ‘Beads, Baubles and Trinkets,’ democracy has become an illusion and the people need to wake up. Thankfully people are waking up to what is happening but they need to hurry up.

    Douglas Carswell is right, this is a dangerous road to go down and unfortunately I can see things getting very messy, very unpleasant.

    To many politicians democracy has become something of an inconvenience.

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  6. I’m afraid Mr Carswell is the antithesis of WYSIWYG. His idea of democracy is people who agree with him. I used to be a great fan of his till I realised what he said and what he did were poles apart.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Fair comment, albeit I’m struggling to pick holes in Mr Carswell’s comments above.


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