If the BBC – or ‘Auntie Beeb’ as we in the UK refer to the institution, affectionately – was in mourning after the outcome of the European Union Referendum, she’ll be positively suicidal this morning.  Almost choking on his words, James Naughtie, the BBC’s special correspondent in Washington, has just announced – at 0735 hrs on Wednesday 9 November – that the 45th President of the United States of America will be Mr Donald Trump.

Editorially, the BBC is a bastion of the liberal elite[1]; it’s a self-confessed ‘institutionally left’ leaning organisation which consciously, or otherwise, would prefer us all to think like Auntie Beeb (it’s a trait of the political left to expect everyone to think like them – or be considered a fascist).  This meant, for example, loving ‘Europe’ during the EU Referendum campaign, and subtly ridiculing Donald Trump during the American Presidential Election campaign.  It’s precisely because of this type of institutional thought management – and for other important reasons, of course – that most British people voted for Brexit, and Americans have now voted for Donald Trump.  That’s one hell of a lot of fascists.

These two voting outcomes were as much protests against ruling elites (political, Establishment, ‘big business’, mainstream media, bankers and central banks, remote institutions like the European Commission, the IMF, the European Court of Justice (sic) and so on) as they were votes for Brexit and Trump.  Something profound is happening right now and Auntie Beeb’s struggle to influence our thinking is emblematic of the wider loss of thought- and, therefore, voting-control traditionally exercised by the political class and the Establishment.

Without wishing to put too fine a point on it, we’re experiencing revolution on a grand scale here – so far, thankfully, without too much violence.

One can’t help but have mixed feelings about the outcome of the US Presidential Election.  During the campaign, I said that if I were a betting man, my money would be on Trump.  I had a similar feeling in the run up to the EU Referendum – and really did stick money on Brexit.  Indeed, I argued fervently in public for the UK to leave the European Union; so I put my money where my mouth was.  I didn’t feel a similar urge to argue Donald Trump’s case, but I understand absolutely why he’s just been voted into the most powerful public office on the planet.

So, what’s going on?

Well, you’ll have your own views on why the British people voted for Brexit and why, today, the Americans voted for Donald Trump.  For example, a friend of a friend of mine on Facebook posted this comment just now.  John (not his real name) said that the outcome of the US Presidential Election was:

‘Proof that universal suffrage in the media age is dangerous and produces abuse of the very democracy it claims to support’

Now, John is exhibiting a trait of the liberal elite.  What John is saying is that whilst he’s able to take the omnipresent information and misinformation that swirls all about us in the internet age and make sensible decisions, the guy next to him isn’t.  When I challenged John along this line, he said that the other guy’s vote can only be legitimate if he ‘considers properly the issues and [doesn’t] vote on slag-used soundbites’.  So, John reinforces his own view that he knows how to sort the signal from the noise and vote wisely, but the other guy probably relies on ‘slag-used soundbites’ – and so the other guy’s vote is less valuable, or indeed worthless.

Notice anything here?  Do you notice the fine line between liberal elitism and fascism?  Fundamentally, fascism is about intolerance.  So too is liberal elitism insofar as the liberal elite doesn’t tolerate views from outside its caste.  As a prime example of this, just listen to the jeers and sneers whenever UKIP’s Nigel Farage speaks.

The ridiculous irony of the arguing stance of the liberal elite is to accuse virtually anyone who thinks – and votes – differently to them as being fascist.  If you voted for the UK to leave the EU you must be an intolerably thick, racist.  If you voted for Donald Trump for President you must be, er, an intolerably thick, racist.  The liberal elite struggles to get its collective head around the idea that tens, and perhaps now hundreds of millions of bog-standard, ordinary people aren’t interested in being told how to think, or that their opinions carry less value than the likes of John’s.

Like I said, there’s some sort of revolution under way here and the western political and other Establishment elites are struggling to make the pace.

Another Facebook friend of mine commented that he ‘fears the spirit of fascism is in the ascent’.  In other words, the desire of tens/hundreds of millions of people to break free from unrepresentative political and other powerful institutions and see the charting of a different societal course, represents the rise of fascism.  I’m not convinced.  To my friend I replied as follows …

Perhaps in the ascendant is the spirit of liberation from stifling political and Establishment elitism?  Definitely a case of take your pick at the moment.  Bear in mind, however, that prior to our own EU Referendum here, the upshot was going to be pogroms, total economic disaster, World War III and, finally, the collapse of western civilisation.  I remain to be convinced that Donald Trump will prevail over the American Constitution any more than UKIP will win a landslide victory at the next UK General Election.  So, I think both here and in the States, the motto for us all at this time should be, ‘Calm down dear …’

The bottom line is that I’m in favour of the seismic political forces now at work in the US, the UK and indeed across Europe.  For almost a generation the western political classes have been creating an intolerable and ultimately unsustainable gulf between themselves and ordinary people.  It’s probably appropriate today, therefore, to recall the words of a previous American President, one Abraham Lincoln who observed at Gettysburg in 1863 a new birth of freedom which he said should be marked by ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people.’  Amen to that.

PS As an ex-serviceman myself, today I shall be out on the streets of Moray collecting for Poppy Scotland – so forgive me if I don’t respond to comments as swiftly as usual.  If you feel moved so to do, by all means please donate to a good cause.

[1].         There are several definitions of ‘liberal elite’ swirling about, but for me the liberal elite is that cohort of politically left-leaning people whose education has traditionally opened the doors to affluence and power allowing they themselves to form a managerial elite.  The term liberal elitism is commonly used with the implication that the people who claim to support the rights of the working class are themselves members of the ruling classes and are, therefore, out of touch with the real needs of the people they claim to support and protect.


  1. Hi MM.
    Re: President Trump.
    I thought this was worth extracting from the original and posting on its own.
    It’s only 6 minutes long, but worth consideration.
    All the best.

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  2. vincent johnson · ·

    Have only just gotten around to reading your post as there has been so much happening
    Another very good piece on the present political situation facing the Western World it is going well is it not in comparison to what was. We must be on our guard the leftist superior ones are in shock but they will get over that soon and start a counter attack of massive proportions. I hope the President elect Trump is well protected as he will need to be I fear for his safety until his inauguration on Jan 20th ? I was really worried that Clinton if elected would start a war against Iran and Russia with her stupid idea of imposing a NO FLY zone over Syria —I have read that 330000 Russian troops are on the Russian border facing West I have not been a military man but I am of the opinion that nothing much is in place to stop these Russian soldiers from performing a modern day Blitzkrieg that would stop only when they wanted too indeed who would stop them only the English channel or nuclear weapons—hopefully this will not happen–but can I ask you your opinion and thoughts on such a situation as I fear European military are a hollow force and would fold easily I have faith still in British forces but it would be a get back home asap order from London as indeed it should , shades of Dunkirk perhaps The Russians are tough Western military are questionable I am not including American military in this thought bubble as I still have faith in their capabilities

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Vincent. I think that Europe’s security has been greatly diminished since the Berlin Wall came down and we in the west declared that communism and, therefore, Russia had been beaten. I’ve not investigated the matter, but I’d be surprised if any military analyst worth their salt would argue that we’re now adequately prepared for conflict on the European continent involving regular forces engaging each other in open warfare; certainly not in the form of a short-notice turn of events. You’ve spurred me to look more deeply into this!


  3. Well put, Moraymint. At Desperado Philosophy, we reserve judgement regarding the messenger, but cheer the message: globalization favors only the .01% while gutting the rest of us. The Clintons are among the most venal, self-serving political operatives in American history, and as an amateur historian, that is saying something. They are well-placed in the dustbin.

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  4. derekbernard · ·

    Well-said Moraymint and most of the commentators above.

    I’m fascinated that nobody mentions one of the bigger elephants in the room: Gun Control. An increasing proportion of Americans feel extremely unhappy about the possibility of losing their right to effective self-defence as a result of the hypocritical policies of people like Obama, both Clintons, Bloomberg et al, all of whom insist on being very carefully protected by men with guns, usually at the taxpayers’ expense.

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  5. Excellent post my friend.
    The Anglosphere leads the world today in 2016.
    Both sides of the pond, the workers and the working classes, the tortured middle classes and a few brave souls at the top of the food chain and at the bottom have DARED to give their betters yet another slapped arse , yet another cold douche.
    Brexit was the John the Baptist herald for an American Jesus-of course, I`m talking out of my mitre here, but the left exaggerate so much that its nice to reciprocate in end times hyperbole as they do.
    Look-both sides of the pond we had a vote. Could we face our kids knowing that a Farron, Clegg, Clinton or Madonna were allowed to speak for us, as we shrivelled in the challenges of no jobs, a rigged crony capitalist class in the public sector and the media? And with IS taking the piss as Clinton and Heseltine etc crave MORE Europe, MORE Malmo, Calais and Cologne? More Fort Hoods and Beghazis?
    No-I want to face my grandkids knowing that we`d learned enough from Major, Blair and Dubya not to let them hogtie our great nation(and the even greater one over in America)-just so the BBC and CNN, Bruce and Izzard can feel good about their privileges and wealth, their fatuous songs and cheridee appeals.
    God Bless the USA. Great what you`ve done there, like to think Lord Farage of the Kentish Weald will be our loving bridge across the ocean-and that we in some small way helped you win over there. As if Nigerl didn`t do enough for US-he`s now gone a done a lot of good over there fore the U.S!
    Man of the decade-and does anybody else hear the sound of distant drums as Geert and Marine plan THEIR storming of the EU citadels next year?

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  6. reallyoldbill · ·

    Your facebook friend John epitomises the establishment attitude that democracy is a wonderful thing as long as the voters agree with their world view. They can’t seem to accept that without opposing views democracy would in fact differ little from tyranny. The whole point of democracy is to give electors choice, and then have the choice of the majority enacted. Living in a one-party state is probably a wonderful experience if the one party happens to be yours. Sadly for John and his like, (and that includes the BBC and most of the media) people and their opinions come in many shades, and it would be the height of arrogance to believe that any one is more valid than another. Since the Brexit referendum, I have lost count of those (probably like John) who claim to know why people voted in a particular way, but unless they can read people’s souls then they are simply making assumptions based upon their own prejudices. In the final analysis it really doesn’t matter anyway; each vote has equal weight and the winner takes all. It may even be that attitudes like those of John, expressed publicly, are one of the reasons that votes turn out to be cast for results that he doesn’t like.

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  7. Robert E Lee · ·

    I note no reference to Common Purpose in you post MM, rightly vilifying the liberal elite. The former should be purged from the planet, as they are synonomous with, if not equivalent to, the latter. Google Common Purpose exposed. It all smacks of an amalgam of 1984 and Animal Farm.

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  8. Malcolm · ·

    Hi, again I’m in total agreement with your comments Mr Moraymint ☺
    Personally I’ve been disenchanted with our Politicians for close on 20 years. With the advent of political blogs (yours and Breitbart being top of my list) the disinformation and propaganda can be highlighted.

    The “war” is far from being won, in fact all we’ve done is forewarned the elite.

    Now we need a strong UKIP in the UK, following Nigel’s parameters, and we might just make some real progress.

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  9. Richard Ross · ·

    Well put. There are more grounds for optimism today, in the UK (since May) and the US (since I had my breakfast) than at any time I can remember. Clinton is bad news, to put it mildly – continuing the “legacy” of a man who has achieved nothing and skewered his countrys’ standing in the World is a strange ambition. I was pleased to see magnanimity and calm in Trumps speech this morning. The Liberal / Left elite can learn much from that, at least.

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  10. Well said. I have stopped responding to Facebook posts on this topic – it’s too easy to family and friends and I am tired of “but everyone else apart from you is a racist”!

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    1. Missing “upset” !

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  11. Lady Magdalene · ·

    I’m looking forward to Channel 4 News tonight. If the BBC will be dismayed, the left-wing presenters of that programme will be apoplectic with rage.

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  12. In my view the Liberal Elite are the true fascists. I have seen the same sentiment that the people voting are too stupid to understand what they are voting for repeated in many places. That is effectively what the brought about the EU and all it stands for, An organisation that is built upon the idea that the people cant be trusted. Only clever folk like Simon Schama and David Rottenborough are clever enough to discern what is best for us. Well chaps sorry to break it to you but I am perfectly capable of making up my mind who would do a better job.

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  13. Old Goat · ·

    Excellent, thank you.

    Reposted on Going Postal and Breitbart.


    1. moraymint · ·

      And thank you, sir!


  14. Sadly the word liberal does not carry any of the attributes generally associated with the term. They may be an “elite” in the sense they have been in the control room pulling the levers of power, but they are most certainly not liberal. They use the term to legitimatise their ideas, at the first differing of opinion they screen foul. Thus they are a controlling class at the end of their time, I hope.

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  15. […] Source: PRESIDENT TRiUMPh […]


  16. There is indeed a strong academic position in the US that democracy is a bad thing, and that only certain qualified people should have the vote. I can only hope that Trump will be sufficiently surrounded by people who can keep him under control, what else is there to say? If Clinton had won, the problem would simply have been kicked further down the road for one term.

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