Here’s how the conversation went.  As is the norm these days, the incident occurs – in this case a truck is driven into shoppers at a Christmas market in Berlin – and folk take to social media to observe and comment.  Like it, or not, that’s what happens.

I popped out of the woodwork and said I feel instinctively that there is a certain insanity associated with the peoples of the European Union choosing (do they really choose?) to live without national borders, in the names of peace and prosperity …

A good friend of mine, a citizen of another EU country on mainland Europe – let’s call him Daan – responded by asking, do you really think the US would have been the superpower it is today if all states had their borders still closed with 50 separate currencies?

I think the point Daan was making was that there is a case for unifying the nations of Europe into a single, USA-like state with a single currency in order to strengthen the European Union.  In Daan’s view, I think, national borders are part of the problem; removing them is part of the solution.  Daan has a point, but I’ll come back to that.

In response to Daan’s question above I responded by saying that the US has a single currency, controlled by a single, elected federal government with 50 states and 320 million people living under a single Constitution with just 2 international borders. For as long as the European Union comprises 28 countries with their own governments and laws, an enforced currency union without a government (crippling some of its users with no prospect of relief) and 37 bilateral borders some of which include nations overtly hostile to the peoples of the European Union, then the EU will be quite unable to mitigate the threat to its very existence that is now pervading the continent.

I went on to say that, as a soldier, I learned very quickly that to remove or destroy any threat to your territory you must contain that threat geographically; you must seal off one part of your territory from another (which means having hard national borders in the EU’s case). Open national borders within the European Union are a gift for the terrorist – like driving a truck from Poland to Berlin and slaughtering a whole load of people doing their Christmas shopping without the prospect of ever being stopped and checked. It’s hard enough preventing terrorism inside a single national boundary. Preventing pandemic terrorism across a continent without internal borders, a continent fragmented economically, legally, culturally, socially, militarily and politically, is an absolute non-starter.

I finished by saying pity the peoples of the European Union for they have no control over the decisions about how their countries and their continent are organised – and so they have no control over the extent to which they will be terrorised over the coming generation. But the men in Brussels will be just fine though, thank you.

So, returning to Daan’s point, I would say this. Either the 500 million people of the European Union must express their democratic desire to form a state without internal borders, in the way that the United States of America is not a grouping of nation states, as such, and is united (under a federal government), or the European Union’s political elites must impose a single state on the peoples of Europe.  In the absence of either of these options – a democratic decision to form the United States of Europe or a United States of Europe created by diktat – then everything I wrote above stands.

In other words, for as long as the European Union remains a political shambles then the terrorists now permeating that continent will proceed to destroy the European civilisation, for that is their mission, be under no illusion.  Daan has a point.


Since publishing this post, it’s become clear that the driver of the truck almost certainly hijacked the vehicle in or near Berlin, ie he didn’t drive the vehicle unchecked from Poland.  Notwithstanding, the thrust of my views above remain unchanged.


  1. Arfur Bryant · ·

    Thanks MM.

    I had a very similar discussion with a pro-EU colleague at work.

    I pointed out that, in my view, one can draw on the differences between the USA, the USSR and the proposed EU (taken to its ultimate goal):

    The USA was a bunch of separate states (and in many ways they still are with different laws in different states). But, crucially, it is governed by an elected (by the people via the Electoral College system) president and a Senate run by elected senators). When asked by an outsider, an individual in the USA will most always state he/she is “An American”. This denotes a sense of belonging to bunch of states with a common psyche.

    The USSR was a bunch of separate states (sub-nations) which became a Federation run by a single Party, which, simplified, was run by an unelected (by the people) Politburo. When asked by an outsider, a member of the separate state would probably have replied that he/she was “A Georgian” or “A Ukrainian” before considering “Russian”.

    The EU is much closer to the USSR model than the USA. It is a bunch of separate states (nations) which is governed (as the EU) by an unelected (by the people) Council of the EU which essentially decides what the European Parliament can vote on. When asked by an outsider, an individual will almost certainly state he/she is “French” or “Italian” or “German” before any consideration of being “European”.

    I believe it is this single distinction – that of identity – which separates the USA from the federations of USSR or EU.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Brilliant; thanks …


  2. Ian Bryant · ·

    Hi MM,

    The link appears to be U/S? Can’t find this post on your website…

    Arfur Bryant


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    1. moraymint · ·

      Apologies Arfur; now fixed …


  3. Very depressing and what an unholy mess.

    Two thoughts – Michael Savage’s main battle cry is “Borders, Language and Culture” – these define a nation. This seems to be the essence of your excellent post.

    Secondly – Mark Steyn also summed up the borders issue in his own inimitable style here..

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  4. an unholy mess right enough. I think Mark Steyn captured my mood today….I would also add my usual rallying cry (stolen from Michael Savage) – Borders, Language, Culture. These define a nation. Without these, we are nothing.

    Anyway – here is Steyn’s piece..

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    1. Apologies for the duplicate post ! I hate Word Press !

      Can you please delete one of them??

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  5. Robert E Lee · ·

    When you have the likes of Junker drawing a stipend of €300k pa, (with allowances of another €60k), and a lifetime pension of €60k from retirement, little wonder that the vested interests will win the day. Add to that, the 3.8% of the budget (of €145bn for 2015), described as ‘significant error’ discrepancy in ‘how the money is paid out,’ which has been present in the accounts since 1995, and you get some idea of the colossal sums of spondulicks at stake for the EU fat cats.
    Little wonder that they’ll stick to their sinecures like $#it to a blanket for as long as they possibly can. Notwithtanding the non-viability of ‘le projet,’ you would at least expect a few slick orators and impressive individuals at it’s helm as the best of the 500m souls from which to choose. The guys putatively in charge couldn’t run a whelk stall.

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    1. Flyinthesky · ·

      That’s the fundamental problem, the only people who could effect the required changes have a vested interest, their own, not to.

      Is it just me or are the entire upper echelons of the eu composed of failed national politicians…Nick Clegg soon to be one of them I would wager.

      The eu, 90% too great in scope and 99% run by the wrong people.

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    2. There will be immense pressure from a certain group within the EU – those with lots of vowels in their names, bulges under their armpits and a fondness for spaghetti – who will fight tooth and nail for the status quo! Why do you think that a bag of cement for a road in Poland costs 5,000 Euros, and why else have the EU accounts not been verified this century?


  6. I just hope they dont (to channel my inner Churchill) allow a good crisis to go to waste. The EU would like nothing better than to impose their “democracy” on the peoples of Europe.

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  7. If I recall correctly there was talk at the time the euro was introduced that the whole thing was a massive gamble to leverage Europe into becoming the United States of Europe – knowing that without political union, financial union would fail, TPTB then introduced financial union to force political union. Which of course was a non starter in the first place, otherwise they would have tried it first and it would have worked.

    Europe is a failing shambles. Switzerland is now at 5% muslim – the tipping point at which society begins to distort.

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  8. Old Goat · ·

    It’s crazy, we have no control over the EU “government” – we don’t get to see the budget, nor do we get to elect representatives. The whole shebang smacks of pre-war Germany, just as it annexed Austria, and arranged to enter Czechoslovakia – unfortunately one of the main differences now, is that people don’t seem to give a toss, whereas back in 1937/8, the populace was riding high under a budding dictator who virtually wiped out unemployment, and gave the impression of a strong and invincible country, and offered great promise, albeit a false one.

    The EU hierarchy may try, but can never achieve this level of adulation – most of the population of member countries loathe the idea of the “club”, but have no redress.

    I wonder how many more atrocities it’ll take before everyone else wakes up?

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  9. What is astonishing is that the EU opened its internal borders (Schengen) without first closing its external borders.

    Such is the cretinous thinking that pervades Brussels.

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  10. Good article. Uniting the States in America did, however, require a long and very nasty war.

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    1. Yes, well that’s it isn’t it, it’s like the American Civil War on a global scale: we’d better not loose this one. It’s all just about power, unfortunately the war’s coming the psychopaths don’t care.

      “Power tends to corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.”
      John Dalberg-Acton

      An oldie one but it’s how I knew that globalisation was likely a tyrannical disaster.

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    2. reallyoldbill · ·

      The long and nasty war wasn’t about building the united states but rather keeping them together when some wanted to secede. Thankfully we won’t face military action in an attempt to frustrate our intention to leave the union to which we currently and in many cases reluctantly belong, but rather war by other means in the form of hostile negotiations. No matter, any price we have to pay will almost certainly be worth it in the long run.

      The point always lost on those who call for a United States of Europe and who point to the success of the USA as an indication of what is possible, is the fact that the American states (colonies) originally agreed to join together to achieve their independence form Great Britain, and the nation subsequently grew organically as pioneers pushed further West. In Europe the opposite is true, fully developed sovereign states with their own identities and national pride have been forced into an artificial straight-jacket in the vain hope that the result would resemble the USA; but of course it never can. That reality may slowly be dawning on the more thoughtful leaders in Europe, but it has come at too high a cost and may any way be too late to avert the disaster that they have helped to create.

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      1. moraymint · ·

        Great comment …


      2. I like the post and agree, the EU always was a mad idea. Let’s face it, Merkel and co really seem to have gone mad and I don’t think they’ll be facing reality any time soon, until it’s forced upon them.

        As for Barack Obama, he actually stated (as I’m sure you’re aware): “national sovereignty is an outdated concept.” I’m not quite sure who Obama thinks he is making statements like that, as I’m trying to be polite, I’m not even going to get started on that one.

        Bottom line is, the globalist don’t care how much chaos and misery they cause as long as they get their own way. Unfortunately, there’s nothing logical about the globalists actions (not to a realist anyway), unlike your post which is very logical. As you say: “No matter, any price we have to pay will almost certainly be worth it in the long run.” I just don’t want to see our children getting hurt though.



“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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