Standing Up For What You Believe In

This is about standing up and being counted. A number of my friends, good friends, are dismayed at my decision to join The Brexit Party, still more dismayed at my decision to stand as an election candidate – which I have done. Nigel Farage called me at home a couple of weeks ago to tell me that I was a promising potential election candidate and that The Brexit Party would be following through with my application to stand in the next General Election.

At the risk of putting words into their mouths, by and large those dismayed friends of mine seem to believe that the EU Referendum decision of the majority of the British electorate, that the UK should leave the EU, was some sort of grotesque political aberration which we’ll live to regret. I may be wrong in that assertion, but it’s the impression I get from at least some of my Remain-voting buddies. I don’t seek to change their minds; we’ve had the Leave/Remain debate and the democratic decision for the UK to Leave the EU was made on 23 June 2016. In my last post, however, I did seek to persuade the ‘Don’t Knows’ of the case for recovering the UK’s sovereignty.

If my friends or anyone else for that matter continue to feel strongly that the UK should be a member of the European Union, then they should press their case after the UK has recovered its sovereignty, per the decision of British voters in the EU Referendum. Let’s fulfil the original democratic decision of the people of the United Kingdom before campaigning for a new or different democratic mandate. By all means make the case for a United States of Europe if you will but do it after the UK has left the European Union. If you wish to make your case on this blog, please feel free to send me your essay at any time.

Standing as a Brexit Party Election Candidate

In applying to be a Brexit Party election candidate I was asked, inter alia, two key questions:

Tell us why you should be considered as a candidate for The Brexit Party.

Tell us the political messages you would like to deliver.

Here’s how I answered those two questions.

Why Vote for Moraymint?

First, I’m not a politician. I’m an ex-RAF Regiment officer and past company director-shareholder. Today, I’m a business consultant and I also work from time-to-time hosting guests from all over the world travelling on the Belmond Royal Scotsman train. I control my own diary.

I base my eligibility to be a Brexit Party candidate on the following: my diverse and extensive real-world experience; my active interest in politics, economics and the workings of our society; my political philosophy (see below); my education – I have a Joint Honours degree in Physics & Applied Physics and I’m a Master of Business Administration; my personal organisation skills; my writing skills; my public speaking skills and experience; my energy and integrity. I would stress my belief in the Nolan Principles of Public Life.

My Political Messages

In terms of my personal political philosophy, above all else I believe in the sanctity of the free and democratic sovereign nation-state. Bluntly, I abhor the anti-democratic, artificial political construct that is the European Union.

Furthermore, I value and believe in the following: small government – the smaller the better consistent with effective national security, the rule of law, public order and protection of the weakest in society. I believe in free enterprise, in personal and economic freedom. I believe in property rights and in individual judgement as opposed to the ‘Nanny State’. I believe in voluntary association (join any club, political party, society or religious group that you like). I believe in freedom of the press.

As a bottom line, I believe in patriotism (as opposed to nationalism) and I believe in the UK’s constitutional monarchy.

A Call to Arms

‘A call to arms’ means a call to make ready for confrontation. That said, I believe in pursuing and achieving change through peaceful confrontation and the power of the ballot box, the power of democracy.

Hey look, if you believe that the best possible future for the people of the United Kingdom lies within a United States of Europe governed by unelected, unaccountable, overpaid bureaucrats like Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk, Michel Barnier et al, then please ignore everything in this post. Make a compelling case for the United States of Europe to your friends over a beer, in letters to the editors of newspapers local and national, across social media. Tell people why living in a free and democratic sovereign nation-state is anachronistic and all rather passé. Instead, tell people why living in a vanilla, geographic region within a federated superstate under an unelected government is the bee’s knees, the way to go, the best possible future for the people of the United Kingdom. You’d struggle to persuade me of your case but who knows – millions might agree with you.

Alternatively, you could swing in behind the only political party in the UK today that stands for democracy: The Brexit Party. Here’s The Brexit Party’s election broadcast – why not watch it and give some serious thought to rallying to the call?

Thank you for reading my post above. Please comment below if you wish, one way or another. I don’t censor or edit any comments unless they’re gratuitously offensive, of which there are virtually none.

To stimulate debate, please share this post on social media using one or more of the buttons below. Tell people you share my views; or tell people I’m talking cobblers; I don’t mind either way. I just want us all to use peaceful means to effect change. Jaw-jaw is better than war-war.

Feel free to join the 350-odd other followers of my blog by clicking on the ‘Follow Blog via Email’ box over to the right of the page. I didn’t plan it this way, but Moraymint Chatter now gets tens of thousands of hits during the course of a year, so if you comment your views will be widely read.

See you down the pub.


  1. English Patriot · · Reply

    “A father’s thoughts for his children …”

    Do you believe in traditional family values or not?

    If you do, how do you reconcile joining and running as its candidate for a party founded by a man who abandoned his wife and children for an adulterous relationship with a French mistress?

    Do you judge a man by the company he keeps?

    Nigel Farage is good friends with both Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

    Do you also endorse the moral values of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon?

    Steve Bannon has shown active support for Geert Wilders ( Partij voor de Vrijheid), Marine le Pen (Rassemblement National), Radim Fiala (Svoboda a přímá demokracie ), and Tom van Grieken (Vlaams Belang).

    Are these the people with whom you wish to be associated and whom your children should emulate?


    1. There aren’t that many politicians who would win awards for high moral character and utter personal and professional rectitude, sadly, of no matter which Party or Nation.

      Remember the Kennedy brothers’ behaviour, and their father who was a Fascist sympathiser (and also US Ambassador to the Court of St James)?

      How about those two C19th amazingly successful diplomats, Talleyrand and Lord Palmerston and their ‘robust’ sex lives? Read a biography of Disraeli and see what an unprincipled scoundrel he could be.

      And having participated in London Tory politics in the last 3 decades, I could personally testify to some stories about a couple of Party leaders and their flagrant lying about serious Party issues….

      It will be up to TBP supporters, MEPs and hopefully MPs to influence their Party’s direction, honesty and decency.

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    2. moraymint · · Reply

      Thanks for your comment English Patriot. I understand your point of view, but I don’t accept it. Here’s why. My attitude to debate is that always I separate the man from the ball; I separate the person from the issue. Then I focus on the ball/issue.

      I know all the arguments about the personalities of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump Steve Bannon and their ilk. Similarly, I know all the arguments about the personalities of Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable, Nicola Sturgeon and their ilk. One could go on all day about personalities whether one is on the subject of politics, business, the media or whatever walk of life one chooses to observe.

      However, for me, the issue of the UK’s membership of the EU is not about Nigel Farage per se. The issue of the UK’s membership of the EU is about the honouring of democracy, or not. The Brexit Party is the only political party which has a clear message: the UK must leave the EU per the democratic decision of the British electorate on 23 June 2016. All of the other UK political parties are either resolved to prevent Brexit (and, thereby, spit in the face of democracy), or their message is confused – deliberately, or otherwise.

      Politics is riven with people good and bad; of course it is; politics is about people and ideas. The key for me is to focus on the ideas and not get too hung up about the personalities. I support The Brexit Party’s principal ideas of upholding democracy and seeing the decision of the British people that the UK should leave the EU upheld.

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      1. English Patriot · · Reply

        I must congratulate “sm” on his excellent posting consisting of nothing but “whataboutery” except for the failure to mention Asquith, Lloyd George, and Corbyn and their moral failures.

        It is truly a sad state of affairs that a politician’s behavior can be excused because so many other prominent politicians have engage in the same reprehensible behavior.

        Do you think adopting that stance will ever lead to an improvement in behavior and character of politicians or in fact mitigate a continual downward slide?

        Moraymint wrote
        “The key for me is to focus on the ideas and not get too hung up about the personalities.”

        But I did not ask you about personalities, I asked you about moral values and actions which seriously damage society. Your deflection from the question shows you are clearly already trained for being a politician.

        You either believe abandoning your wife and children is an acceptable form of behavior for somebody campaigning to be prime minister, or you regard it as something which is wrong for any politician.

        Is a man who is unable to uphold the vows and commitments he made in a marriage ceremony going to be more or less capable of upholding the vows and commitments he takes upon entering office? Once a behavior has been established, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop.

        I am afraid that your response to this issue, perhaps summarized as “just let us ignore it, they are all doing it, its not important” demonstrates that you are no different in being prepared to compromise on truth, moral principles, and behavior than all the other politicians in the Westminster Parliament whom you decry as having sold out the people.

        You also state that “The Brexit Party is the only political party which has a clear message (re Brexit)”.

        This is untrue. UKIP has an equally clear message concerning Brexit, which it has been making for considerably longer than “The Brexit Party”, and unlike the yet to be written manifesto for “The Brexit Party”, it has defined policies on other issues as well.
        (This observation should not be inferred as necessarily being supportive of UKIP and its policies).


        1. As far as I am aware, Theresa May is a regular churchgoer and I am not aware of any disparaging remark or accusation against her faithfulness in marriage – sadly, this did not impact upon her reluctance to adhere to her political promises (sticking to red lines, etc).

          Surely a truly moral politician would have said, when aiming for Conservative Party Leadership, “I believe in Remain, and must tell you that if I become Prime Minister, that is what I will work for”. I might have disagreed with her choice, but I would have admired her honesty.

          My point is not ‘whataboutery’, but that history demonstrates that sticking to a personal highly moral code has little or no connection with the ability of a politician to do his job well.


    3. Any of your aquaintances ever get divorced?


  2. Well, you certainly have MY vote, MM.! Your reasons for standing exactly equal my own thoughts on the subject. We simply cannot go on with this corrupt, self-serving, demeaning Establishment any longer. On my travels abroad this year, I have been struck by how much our standing in the world has been diminished by that ghastly woman and her Brexit Fandango! So I am much encouraged by The Brexit Party’s idea of input from ordinary citizens in forming a manifesto, sorry, list of articles to be put to the electorate at a GE. People have not been slow to respond to this on the sundry blogs I infest, your regular readers will be familiar with the list, I am sure, and amongst the more common items for consideration are:

    – an end to fixed-term Parliaments
    – reform of the House of Lords
    – a mechanism to make it easier to deselect MPs without interference from Party HQ
    – ditto The Speaker
    – abolition of the BBC
    – selection of parliamentary candidates to be returned to Constituency Associations
    – an end to foreign “aid”
    – scrapping HS2
    – reform of the NHS
    – reform of the asylum/benefits systems . (I believe that they ARE connected!)

    Very best wishes in your campaign!


  3. Thomas Taylor · · Reply

    Well done, I’m sure you’d make an amazing MP!

    Yesterday in the Telegraph there was an article ( saying Italy will activate a parallel currency. The aim of this is to pay off at least 500 billion euros of debt to the Bundesbank and ECB with a currency the Italians hope to make totally worthless (immediately after payment with it?) and is explained in this You Tube video: Once the Greeks and other southern EU countries do the same, the Germans could instantly loose 1.4 trillion dollars and that’s the value of over 2 whole years of exports for Germany. Since they have no army they can’t fight back.

    Obviously Italy could get kicked out of the EU very soon but if they aren’t properly punished then they’ll be allowed to completely wreck the EU. That’s when I think when and how we leave the EU suddenly becomes totally unimportant compared to other events. The world needs to stop making us look like idiots and focus on countries like Italy that mean everybody some serious harm!


  4. MM

    I hope you won’t mind if I link to Tom Paine’s latest piece – and link there to this piece of yours. Like you he’s done with the Tories – and it turns out that we are far from alone in turning to the Brexit Party.

    Best wishes

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Thanks, and will take a look at Tom’s blog …


  5. 10navigator · · Reply

    Copied this latest Chatter page to my FB page.
    Keep sockin’ it to ’em MM.


  6. Good luck! I think the Brexit Party is our best hope for the UK right now. We need to get out the EU and abolish the BBC (that really needs to be one of the policies) plus allow other views to have a voice on national TV and radio networks. We also URGENTLY need to address the welfare state which is nurturing elements that hate our way of life and will become a very serious threat in time.


  7. Michael Foster · · Reply

    Best of luck – I hope you are elected.
    What is your policy re the Northern Ireland impasse?


  8. Boyd Stokes · · Reply

    Excellent Mark

    I’ve been a paid up member for about 3 weeks now, the first time in my life that I given financial support to a political party so it must be serious?!!

    I guess the current state of politics / government underscores the old adage of “you get what you pay for”?! I haven’t paid anything directly into politics (other than extortionate taxes which are invariably not always that well spent) so no surprise we have 2/3rds of the commons doing their own devious thing!

    We are all (and in particular yourself) in for interesting times ahead, hopefully in a polar opposite direction to what the current bloody government is heading.

    Kind regards


    Boyd Stokes Director Open Road Hire Ltd Highland Caterham Hire

    01343 842657 / 07831847212


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  9. rapscallion · · Reply

    Congratulations Moraymint, I hope you get it too, I’m sure you will be a fine MP and a great asset to our Democracy

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  10. arfurbryant · · Reply

    Good luck MM.

    I, like others on here, have voted Tory all my life but I will be voting Brexit and have joined the party.

    Keep your wits about you; there are a lot of sharp, agenda driven, political tacticians on the other sides but stick to what you feel is right and I sincerely think you’ll do fine.



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    1. Sadly for the Conservative Party, most of the sharp political tacticians have skeddadled!

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  11. Warwick Woodhouse · · Reply

    I would vote for you.

    I will be voting Brexit and am coming back early from France to ensure that I can cast my vote.

    Yours aye >

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Excellent, thanks …


  12. MM

    Well done, indeed!

    I think you’d make a first-rate MP, and wish you all the very best in your endeavours.

    Kind regards

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  13. MM – Sincere good wishes for the brave step you have taken. I’ve voted Tory since Mrs T became Leader, I spent many years working extremely hard for the Party, and now I think it’s finished – they have committed suicide, and for what? A return to The Holy Roman Empire.

    As an aside, I noted your comment in the D Telegraph the other day about becoming a candidate for TBP, and learned that Toby Vintcent is now managing things for the Party. You could not have a better organiser – I worked with him in London when he was a very senior Tory Party officer in London and learned a huge amount from him – sadly, CCHQ didn’t!

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  14. reallyoldbill · · Reply

    Well done, MM. I greatly admire people who are prepared to put their money (literally in this case) where their mouths are. I wish you all the very best in firstly getting selected as a candidate and then getting yourself elected. I suspect you have a mountain to climb in the latter as the system of FPTP unfairly disadvantages challenger parties outside the cosy duopoly of Labour/Tory. There is, however, a growing head of steam behind the Brexit party and its rise in the polls after barely a month of of existence is remarkable, a real sign of the mounting discontent with the tired and broken politics that we have been witnessing. I am not sure as an Englishman what the level of support is likely to be for you if you stand, as I suspect you will, locally in Moray, but if anyone can persuade democratic fellow Scots to stand up and be counted in support of a clear majority decision in 2016 it is you. I hope if successful you will still find time for your blog which I greatly enjoy.

    I became a paid supporter of the Brexit Party as soon as it announced itself after a lifetime as a Conservative. It is clear to me that the old Conservative Party that I supported since 1970 no longer exists and has been overwhelmingly infiltrated by liberal wets of the type despised (and with good reason) by Margaret Thatcher. That in itself gave me cause to question my continued support for it, but the scandalous spectacle of so many of its MPs, including so-called grandees of the party, openly and unashamedly working against the clear and unambiguous manifesto promises upon which they were elected so recently, removed the last lingering shreds of loyalty. Whatever now happens with the leadership, my membership is at an end and I will never vote for it again because it is patently clear that it is untrustworthy, deceitful and undemocratic; the disdain towards the grassroots membership displayed by the party hierarchy has been an utter disgrace.

    Brexit is, as others have said, the unrivaled priority at the moment for UK politics and unless it is properly delivered then democracy itself will be at serious risk. I suspect that the only hope for that now is the Brexit Party storming the EU elections and then, whenever it finally comes, putting up a strong showing in the general election; I wish I could vote for you but hopefully will have a candidate of my own that I can support. My only real concern for the party is that, having sensibly attracted support from across the political spectrum to bolster its base, it may have some difficulty producing a sensible domestic manifesto upon which such politically diverse supporters can coalesce. I suspect that some of the candidates and supporters in the EU elections will be forced to peel away before the general election which may create some difficulties, but with sufficient resolve can be managed. From a selfish point of view I hope that the party evolves to be the moderate, right-of-centre party that is currently missing in our political landscape in the spot vacated by the now defunct conservative party of old. Whatever happens, our politics can never be the same again, and thank goodness for that.

    Very best wishes for your selection and subsequent election.

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    1. reallyoldbill · · Reply

      I meant to add that I really wish that the few honourable Conservative MPs who has been valiantly standing steadfast in their desire to deliver on their manifesto promises – Andrea Jenkyns, Fish, Bone, Cash, Francois etc – would finally realise that their party is now a lost cause and jump ship to the Brexit Party. It would be a tragedy if such people were swept away in the inevitable Tsunami of anger that is going to overwhelm the Conservative Party and they were lost to politics as a consequence. They would make suitable colleagues for the likes of you in Westminster.

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      1. moraymint · · Reply

        Perhaps I should write to them accordingly individually?

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  15. Very well done and best of luck. I was a Tory voter for 40 years until they abandoned conservatism and become the liberal party. I have been a UKIP member for 6 years, but sadly they have lost their way. Despite my admiration for Gerard Batten and his strong leadership, they are not making the headway that the Brexit Party is enjoying.

    I agree with all your reasons to join the BP and to stand as a candidate. If I was 10 years younger I would be doing the same with similar life skills and experiences as yourself. The BP will win big in the Euros, but there is a real chance that you can do well in a GE and break the Two Party State that we have had fir too long (in reality it is a One Party State). The Tories need to be destroyed utterly and Labour need to follow but it will take longer.

    The danger for you (and for us) is the BP staying as a one-trick pony, you need to become as well known and trusted in many policies, not just sovereign independence. Also, Nigel Farage needs to be more collegiate and not become a dictator as he appeared to be towards the end with UKIP. It is a good start that he is attracting solid, sensible, grown ups like you and others and political heavyweights like Ann Widdecombe. We must move away from ‘career politicians’, troughers and chancers that infest the HoC right now. I good 60% of these useless parasites need to be replaced.

    Good luck and I sincerely hope you do well.

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  17. Though the Brexit Party will indeed be pushed on other policies, I see no reason why it should sign up to either extreme, be it neoliberalism or collectivism – after all, both are proven failures.

    My humble advice would be to champion the mixed economy, which seeks to get the best from both the private and the public sectors.

    Because the pendulum has swung too far in one direction over the last three decades, reinstating the balance from where we are now would require some moves in a supposedly ‘leftwards’ direction, including redistribution, and some rolling back of privatization and outsourcing.

    But asking the wealthiest to contribute more, and accepting that, say, prisons and water supply should not be run for private gain, and that there’s a case for building council houses, isn’t exactly Marxism, red in tooth and claw……….

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      You know I have great respect for your economic views, Tim. I accept and take on board your comments above. Very helpful, thanks …

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      1. I should have added – though it goes without saying – that I wish you every success, and think you would be a first class MP.

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  18. Malcolm · · Reply

    Hi Moraymint, flipping well done!
    I’ve quietly followed you for some years, once only sending a direct email. But I strongly identify with your ideals and political views.

    If the weekend polls are to be believed The BP are going to break the stranglehold Brussels has on this country.

    I hope you get a chance to help that along!

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  19. Boyd Stokes · · Reply

    As always, a credible and honourable missive.

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  20. Old Goat · · Reply

    Well done, sir – I wish you, Nigel, and the Brexit Party well.

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  21. C Walker · · Reply

    Thankfully; the UK, despite decades propaganda running the country down and selling the utopia of pooling sovereignty, still has people willing to stand up and be counted when it comes to defending the democratic birthright passed down to us by our forefathers.
    Fortunately, those seeking to defend UK democracy today do not have to go to war in order to make a stand unlike the aforesaid forefathers who volunteeered in their 100s of 10000s, not once but twice in a 30 year period, many of whom made the ultinate sacrifice, so we and other europeans could live in a democracy.
    Democracy was both saved and strengthened with the right to vote being widely extended through their actions and sacrifice..
    Our forefathers would not believe that 75 years after D-Day was launched to restore democracy across Europe the BREXIT Party has been formed to defend democracy in the UK.
    Respect to you Moraymint for having the courage of your convictions and good luck in any future election you may particilate in.

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  22. I wish you all the very best in your endeavours !

    Reading your CV, with “real world” experience you seem to be well overqualified for Westminster !!

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  23. Arnold Slater · · Reply

    The present MPs in the House of Commons are not doing what the electorate in a fair referendum asked them to do. So we should replace them with people who will carry out the wishes of the majority of voters in the country.Its called democracy,we the electorate vote for the people who create the laws of the country that we all live by.Its very simple and basic and if the elected representatives lose the trust of their electorate they should be voted out.Sovereignty, democracy and the rule of law are the cornerstones of a civilised society.We in the UK have moved on from just Brexit ,its now about do we live in a democracy or a totalitarian state.

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  24. Mrs Slocombe · · Reply

    Welcome to The Brexit Party and double kudos for not just joining but standing for election too.

    It’s now clear the Tories are ow on borrowed time and are, with a few honourable exceptions (e.g. Baker, Patel, Redwood, Bone, Cash etc) totally deserving our our utter contempt. Which is exactly they’ve treated us, firstly with the referendum result and secondly the 2017 GE.

    The political earthquake is only just going through the warning tremors, the real carnage has yet to come about, I predict the annihilation of both the Conservative and Labour parties in their current guise as they’ve completely lost touch with the bedrock of their grass roots.

    And it’s nothing more than they deserve because of their betrayal.

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  25. Well said MM

    With a somewhat heavy heart, having fought (for UKIP) three by-elections, one General Election, the EU referendum, served for three years on the NEC, two as Party Treasurer & as Immigration Spokesman I’ve cast my postal vote for the Brexit Party. Both Farage & Batten (along with the useless leaders that followed Farage) are responsible for UKIP’s demise, however Farage is a winner and I have to use my vote to try to deliver Brexit. The Brexit Party is our last & only chance to destroy the charlatans & anti democrats who infest our great Parliament and are in effect an EU Vichy regime, more interested in pleasing their Masters in Brussels than the British voters who elected them to represent them, not denigrate them.

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  26. Moraymint

    This should be about Brexit and nothing else. Farage should not be talking about private companies coming in to take pressure off the NHS etc. If you get tribal about this and I know that it is your habit as you hate anything left wing or socialist you will lose support. Be honest about who and what you are and so should the Brexit party.

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Thanks Simon. Yes, Brexit is the priority, for sure. However, there is a big screen scene here which goes way, way beyond Brexit. My own view is that The Brexit Party must, therefore, be prepared to set out its stall beyond Brexit. I’ve done that here. Nope, I don’t do socialism at all, ever, never; that’s me being honest. I’m a Libertarian and I’ve made my political philosophy crystal clear in this post. Like I said, this is now about standing up and being counted. I’m not being tribal. I’m just telling it as it is …

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      1. I consider myself a libertarian too but I sense very real differences between us. I try to see and understand the merits in all political philosophies and try and give all views a sympathetic reading and understanding. You do not and that will be your failing.


        1. moraymint · · Reply

          Yes, I guess that in the end that’s what politics comes down to: a choice. One can argue and weigh the merits of this perspective or that, but in the end one has to settle on and pursue a political philosophy – or nothing gets done. The failure of British politics today is that it has morphed into a single, homogenous, meaningless, self-serving, centre-left mush where politicians try to be all things to all men and end up being nothing to anybody. Hence the political crisis. I say again that it’s time to stand up and be counted. Some will count themselves with me, others like you presumably Simon, will count yourself with others. That’s OK; that’s democracy – and I love it …


          1. If you think its a ‘centre left mush’ then you really don’t get anything. Next you will be telling me that Jeremy Corbyn is a Marxist and Communist. Wow!


            1. moraymint · · Reply



                1. moraymint · · Reply

                  Corbyn is, of course, a rabid Marxist Brexiteer. It’s his political party that holds him back LOL!


                  1. So you agree that Corbyn is not a Marxist or Communist.


                    1. moraymint · ·

                      Probably more Communist than Marxist I suspect …


                    2. OK I understand you really don’t get it. I was going to vote for the Brexit party but now I am not. Happy you moron.


                  2. moraymint · · Reply

                    Oh dear, descent into an ad hominem attack – usually a sign that my interlocutor believes (rightly or wrongly) that their argument is lost. All you had to do was make your case against the recovery of the UK’s sovereignty, against democracy in the UK and in favour of a federated United States of Europe under an unelected government – and your case would have been up here for all to see. Or you could have made the case for voting Labour; whatever. Instead, ultimately your response to my post above and the comments dialogue is to call me a moron. Oh dear; too bad.


            2. moraymint · · Reply

              If Scandinavia is a socialist paradise, so is Britain:


    2. C Walker · · Reply

      The BREXIT Party will be pushed at every opportunity on what other policoes they have so far better to be prepared. We saw how UKIP were easily labelled as a ‘one policy party’ and how the MSM used that label to smear UKIP and its supporters.
      OFF TOPIC – Our politicos know the current NHS model is unsustainable and being privatised by stealth but will never admit this:
      The NHS is classic ‘the state knows best’ but few people will quibble on who treats them as long as they receive the treatment they need when they need it plus the majority would seek value for money because at the end of the day the NHS is not truly free it is funded through Govt tax and borrowing that we all pay for in one way or another.
      There are numerous health systems around the globe but none have copied the NHS model. It bemuses me that people will pay £100s to insure thier car, house, mobile phone ,,,,,,, but not thier health.
      Until we get away from the NHS sacred cow view there will never be an open and honest debate of the future of the NHS.

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      1. The NHS is like a Morris Minor (c 1952) being driven by an elderly person, maintained by a few expert mechanics, attempting to win an F1 race against Hamilton and Mercedes.

        The NHS needs a COMPLETE overhaul and rethink – should it provide emergency services and tuition and deal with major illnesses: yes. Should it commission routine services and surgery from private sources: yes. Should, after public consultations, consider what routine services should/should not be funded by the State: yes.

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    3. Simon,
      I’ve just read your thread with MM and because he doesn’t agree with you on certain issues, or on a definition of what Corbyn is you throw an ad hom at him and then state you’re not going to vote for the Brexit Party. How odd! Surely, if the Brexit Party stands for what you claim you believe in a disagreement with another Brexit Party voter shouldn’t dissuade you from voting for them.

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      1. moraymint · · Reply

        Yes, it’s unfortunate when the best somebody can do in the process of knocking ideas back and forth is to resort to calling the other party names. It’s not something I understand very well albeit I/we all know it happens …


  27. Donna Walker · · Reply

    Thank you for standing up for democracy and the majority who voted to Leave the EU. I wish you well in your candidacy.


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“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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A father's thoughts for his children ... and other stuff

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