When Clegg speaks out on Europe, it’s absolutely vital to realise that his first and most pressing interest is self-interest, however much he huffs and puffs about what’s good for the people of the UK.

Nick Clegg (and so many like him in European and British politics) have so much to lose personally by the eurozone and (ideally) the EU collapsing that what they have to say about Europe is barely worth considering.

In any other era, people like Clegg and his ilk would be considered little short of fifth columnists.

The tragedy is that so many ordinary folk probably consider Clegg to be a quite likeable fellow; a decent, well-meaning sort of chap; harmless.  The reality is that he’s lethal to the best interests of British citizens.

The fact is that the euro monetary union and the European Union were/are politically demented, socialist-fascist experiments that were always going to unravel, and would now indeed seem to be unravelling at the seams.

Perverse politics can suppress economic realities only for so long before those same economic realities rise to the surface. For the past year or two, thank goodness, we’ve been experiencing the first tremors of an earthquake that we must hope, fervently, will rip the European Union asunder.

The EU is a complex, diffuse, omnipresent, subtle and sly dictatorship with tens of thousands of bureaucrats and politicians (like Clegg) in its deep pockets (pockets filled with your money and mine). If the EU is not at least emasculated, but ideally destroyed by the collapse of the euro monetary union, then we can all kiss goodbye to the last vestiges of democracy on the European continent, all for a political fantasy called the ‘United States of Europe’.

That may suit the likes of Nick Clegg, but I for one am horrified at the prospect of the continued existence of the EU dictatorship and the steady crushing of life and liberty out of the citizens of Europe and the UK.

Look around you at the socio-economic turmoil in many European nation states today, and to a great extent the socio-economic unease here in the UK (and let’s be honest, I’m talking primarily unfettered immigration, demanded by the EU, coupled with stifling EU bureaucracy, laws being imposed upon us by foreigners and with our economic circumstances deteriorating with each passing day) and ask yourself, does it look like the European Union is a ‘good thing’?

Clegg thinks so.  I wonder why?

[Originally posted as a comment on the Daily Telegraph website 24 May 12]

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