This is how it is when you wake up one day to find that your country is being ruled by some mob operating from a foreign land where, in this case, the mob is a cohort of bureaucrats and bankers, being the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, aka ‘The Troika’ (how Orwellian is that?) …

This is the reality of the European Union.  This isn’t made up.  This isn’t scaremongering.  This isn’t a mistake.  This is how it is in a member country of a Union that we’re told brings “peace, prosperity and freedom” to its citizens (to be believed, of course, when you consider that the European Union spends some 3 billion euros per year on propaganda communication).

… and another lady speaking here, thanks to Faisal Islam of Channel 4 News:

Listening to these two ladies, I’m reminded of an earlier post  ( in which I looked at the ‘Eurozone – Key Indicators to Watch’ … and made the point that one of the keys to the disintegration or survival of the European Union is held by Europe’s youth.

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  1. John Mauldin has a lot to say on this stuff, and he’s much better educated about it than I am:

    Excerpt, talking about EU technocrat who let the cat out of the bag about what is in store for the rest of the EU after Cyprus:

    [Now this is the key paragraph and takeaway. Read twice. – John]

    Essentially, why will anyone keep more than E100k in any EZ bank – indeed, why deposit any amount in certain EZ banks, as the value of the EZ bank-deposit guarantee is worthless in a number of cases, as a number of the peripheral EZ countries can’t afford to pay up. I repeat, the EZ bank deposit “guarantee” is not a joint and several responsibility across the EZ; it is the responsibility of individual EZ countries.

    If these comments are not withdrawn/clarified, the weaker EZ banks in the troubled countries, in particular, are going to come under severe pressure. Even if withdrawn/clarified, this is yet another self-inflicted wound. The euro has declined materially since these statements by Mr Dijsselbloem were published by Reuters and the FT.



“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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