poland-03Over at the Daily Telegraph, Jeremy Warner has been making observations about certain countries’ appetite to join that success-story-of-all-success-stories, the euro currency (link below).  Apparently, Poland’s Prime Minister is now itching to sign up his own star-struck citizens.

How is it that the euro currency can be so popular, so desirable?  Well, it’s important to remember that according to Craig & Elliott (‘The Great European Union Rip-Off’), the European Commission blows some €3 billion per year on propaganda “communication”.  Joseph Goebbels will be chuckling, indeed probably laughing hysterically in his grave.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least, therefore, that the citizens of continental Europe (along with the BBC) think that all things European Union and euro currency are the height of wonderfulness.  That’s precisely what the Emperors Barroso and Van Rompuy want them to think.

If you then throw in the fact, as Mr Warner implies, that once a politico gets a place in the European Union gin palace then that politician is made for life; they can and do rapidly become millionaires (again, check out Craig & Elliott) and live extraordinarily gilded and privileged lives. It’s medieval in many ways.

What’s happening in Europe right now truly beggars belief; it’s becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend the sheer lunatic wickedness of it all; and yet on and on it goes.

What is so frustrating and perplexing for an ordinary bloke like me is trying to discern from where the political counter-attack will come, and led by whom? In particular, how has the entire British political class become so inveigled by the monster that is the European Union; by the tyranny of the Lisbon Treaty? How did it get to this? Just look at those poor bastards in Cyprus today. Why are we are not screaming “Stop this now!” from the rooftops?

You know what? I have greater contempt for our own politicians than I have for the apparatchiks and bankers who make up ‘The Troika” and who are now crushing the Cypriot people.

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle

‘Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents’, Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)

‘Life Under Rule of the Troika’:

PS For the record, my dentist is a Polish lady and she’s outstanding. However, neither she nor I needs the Lisbon Treaty nor the grotesque political construct that is the euro currency in order to relate and transact as we do.


‘They’re Queuing to Join the Euro’:


  1. There is a very clear distinction to be made between what the politicos of a particular country want, and what the plebs want – although the latter are usually not asked, or ignored. For the politicos its a career move.

    On a not totally unrelated subject, I’m reminded of The David Millibrand saga and how politicos enrich themselves. (ie as Foreign Secretary he organises/signs off aid to Africa; as David Millibrand he gets African sponsor for Sunderland FC who promptly appoint him as Director on an outrageous fee; Millibrand then exits stage left when question on this money merry-go-round start to be asked.)


  2. Ernie · ·

    Addendum to my earlier comments.

    I look at many articles and posts from all sorts of sources, including yours MM, of course. I keep trying to understand why the majority of EZ people don’t “get it” about the stupid Euro and the harm it is causing them and the collateral damage to others. Nearly all of the things I read I agree with and reinforce my own thoughts. I then had a small LED dimly flash in my brain and I wondered whether my logical engineering mind was absorbed with facts and rational thinking (a process for which I was expensively educated and trained). My question is that am I totally absorbed with the hard logical issues to the point I have ignored the “soft” issues in this argument.

    I have to say this is not the first time I have had this “gut wrenching moment”, the first time was when I had hung up my “light blue suit”, working as a production manager and trying to persuade almost two hundred or so unskilled and semi skilled workers to change their way of working and thus protect their jobs – I failed as I wasn’t equipped to handle the seemingly intransigence, down right hostility and stupidity of people led by the unions; I hadn’t noticed that even most of my foremen couldn’t sign their name with joined up hand writing. One of my peers, an old hand, said I was too logical and I should talk to them until you can see they have lost their concentration and then just tell them what to do! I left and found more profitable work elsewhere.

    Back to the Euro. I am convinced the Euro is wrong for everybody in Europe, yes, and Germany. Who will bore the people to the point they will change direction when Brussels has firm control of large chunks of the media. Who in Europe has the nous, charisma and access to media the majority of the people read or listen to to communicate with the masses to turn this Euro leviathan around? I can’t think of anybody and certainly nobody popped up in Cyprus never mind the rest of Europe.

    Looking back in history is not helping me either – any thoughts MM or, indeed, anyone else?


  3. Kropotkin · ·


    Click to access gsifi.pdf

    (see point 34 esp.)


  4. Ernie · ·

    The question, “Why does any country want to remain in the Euro Zone, never mind consider joining it, is indeed perplexing.” To me it belongs in the same category as turkeys voting for Christmas. Clearly, I don’t understand.

    Yes, there is a Treaty obligation for new members of the EU to adopt the Euro and at the very least they have to consult their electorate either directly through a referendum or indirectly from a consensus of their representatives as to when and how to surrender their sovereignty to Germany. Although I see it as submission to Germany others do not and I don’t know why. Because I can’t see major reasons fo such blind disregard for the obvious pitfalls I fall back on the view of a hapless or corrupt political leadership exacerbated (or aided depending on your view) by the insidious, relentless denuding of power from the individual nation states and transferring them to Brussels; the Ratchet Effect. This slow “irreversible” transfer of power seems to have removed fear, or at least lulled the masses into a sort of trance, and rationality disappears.

    I find it incredulous that the Club Med countries and the former communist controlled East European countries in particular are comfortable in allowing their democratic rights being frittered away. However, why, when they get a bucket load of cold water, in the form of the debacle in Cyprus, thrown at them they don’t flinch, or at least no meaningful opposition is reported. What does it take for the penny to drop?


  5. We continue down the road to socialism, remove Thatcher from the equation and you are left with a string of leaders from Heath to Cameron who are socialist in everything but name.

    “Where the political counter-attack will come, and led by whom”… from anywhere in my opinion, these things usually explode especially in europe, just look down a time line over the last couple of centuries to see just how fragile and individual the political systems are and how quickly the wheels come off when the system collapses. The Polish will face a barrage of lies and propaganda and the politicians will fill their pockets and overseas bank accounts.

    I continue the theme with a quote by Marx, (Groucho that is) “The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing, if you can fake that you’ve got it made” nice weekend everyone.


  6. Or to use another quote from that fine Irishman: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”


  7. Craig R · ·

    I agree, it really does beggar belief !
    If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.
    I think the real “victim” in all this is democracy!
    Very worrying.


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