In many vexed situations there comes a time when you’ve got to lay your cards on the table, so to speak.  Observing today’s flurry of interest in the question of Scotland’s independence I felt moved to pen a few lines during tea break.  I’m all for localisation and for power being devolved as far down the food chain as possible.  However, unless and until the Scottish National Party’s push for Scotland’s independence becomes a push for total independence (own head of state, own parliament, own currency, own central bank, own fiscal and monetary policies, own armed forces etc), then what on earth’s the point of it all?

King Alex the Salmond and his henchmen want the best of both worlds.  They want to be able to strut about the place, pipes skirling, kilts swirling declaring themselves to be an independent, sovereign nation (= fantasy; see picture above) whilst (in reality) being tied to a foreign head of state, a foreign currency, a foreign central bank and with foreign involvement in public spending plans whilst being defended by foreign armed forces and presumably with foreign subsidies needed to prop up the nation’s economy … and on and on.

Like I said, what’s the point of it all?  It’s difficult to avoid seeing what’s going on here as being much other than a monumental waste of effort, time and money; Tony Blair’s got one hell of a lot to answer for (as usual).  As the UK rockets towards hell in a handcart, tied (paradoxically) as it is to the lunacy that is the European Union (what happened to Scotland joining the euro then Alex?), the economy on the verge of basket-case status and faced with the prospect of, to all intents and purposes, an invasion by hundreds of thousands’ more immigrants over the coming years (check out the scale of the problem in the link below) … the Scottish National Party fantasises about winching Scotland back to the 18th century (sort of).


And politicos wonder why (do they?) ordinary citizens are disengaged from politics these days.

Of course the amusing thing is that if a referendum on Scotland’s union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland was put to all the citizens of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland (why not?), then Scotland would be out on its ear.  Now that wouldn’t do, would it?  It’s crazy isn’t it, when you think about it (for just under a microsecond).

You can’t help thinking that right now the British political class might have more important and urgent things on which to spend its time and our money.  As ever the political class moves about effortlessly in its own alter-universe.

PS  Scotland has a fine and enviable history of independence: independence of thought leadership (think David Hume, Adam Smith, William Paterson [co-founder of the Bank of England, no less], Adam Ferguson, James Watt et al); independence of military performance (think of fine Scottish regiments throughout the ages); independence of history; independence of culture; independence of spirit; independence of education; independence of religion; independence of national costume; independence of dialect (or even language if enough Scots wanted to speak Gaelic); independence of sense of humour; independence of territory; independence of legal system, and so on.  After more than 300 years of union with England, it’s hard to argue that Scotland has somehow lost its identity and character.  Long may it continue, but please not in some hybrid pastiche of faux-independence, ruled by King Alex the Salmond loafing on a throne somewhere in Holyrood, lording it up at our expense …

‘Alex Salmond spends £370,000 on entertaining’: http://tinyurl.com/cumj2xg



‘Migration Watch – What is the Problem?’: http://tinyurl.com/c2rcn3x


  1. EllieMae's grandad · ·

    ** what on earth’s the point of it all? **

    Devo max is the whole point.

    Wee eck gets a salary increase and Scotland gets to stiff the English some more.

    What’s not to like? Then again, let’s not tell the public.

    If Scotland really wanted out of the UK
    then give a vote only to the English. *

    * Some of us would vote for continuation anyway,
    but not everyone has visited the Highlands, alas. *


  2. I truly believe that it would be in Scotland’s best interest to “Go it Alone”.
    As far as I can see, the UK as an entity is finished. It has already split economically into two countries: “London” and the “Rest of the UK”.
    The UK is going down, and unless Scotland can cut itself free, then it will go down with it.
    However, I do not believe that Scotland will chose independence, as I do not think that they have the courage of their convictions.
    The worship of Royalty and all things Military, ( ), will ensure that they stay the underpaid house-servant in the UK mansion.


  3. gordon · ·

    Yeah Mm kudos, but wgas if salmond is a phylectic gradualist, theres nuthin like a bit of punctuated equilibrium to get things movin along. Events dear boy,events. Roll on the interesting times. Would like to know if u ever chkd george ures urban survival site Like minded but slightly more scary just now. Defcon prep 2ish just now. Thanks again for your efforts. Live long etc


  4. gordon · ·

    Bought and sold for english gold such a parcel of rogues in a nation. Twas ever thus . Read it sometime faintheart. Independance takes courage and the try again tenacity of the spider. Unity thru diversity not adversity. We can always get hitched again after separation . You never know what you’ve got till its gone. Englands gone bad and maybe a renewed Scotland could show a better back to the future if we had the freedom to explore our own destiny for better or worse.


    1. moraymint · ·

      Yes, I guess you’ve reinforced my point gordon. If Salmond and the SNP want independence then they should seek and push for independence; not some faint-hearted, make-believe independence. But they don’t have the courage of their convictions or the guts to do that.


  5. John B · ·

    If Scottish independence happens it will end up as just one more layer of administration. Another reason for meetings, expense accounts, limousines and the rest, while not actually producing anything. Another trough to feed in. Same as we get from the EU. The hard working citizens will not benefit in any way.


  6. mark deacon · ·

    Like any divorce, any agreement or partnership between 2 sides must be completely dissolved.

    Currency is the easiest one to pick on with the fine example in the EZ and in this case a central bank that will devalue its currency if needed. Please do not come complaining when this happens and my only advice is get your own currency and central banks SO YOU CAN MANIPULATE IT FOR YOURSELF.

    Then to any form of cherry picking from both sides now. Both sides are going to be strapped for cash and I see no reason why the UK government should support in any form anything in Scotland and similarly for the Scots.

    If those two parts are adhered to then your own life is what you make of it

    All i have seen from polticians though is they want more all the time … got to justfy their level of income and gets kind of hard if the “total GDP of the nation will not stand there excesses”

    Anyway good luck to Scotland if the decide to be independant but do not come crying over spilt milk if it does now work out.


  7. gordon · ·

    I will vote for a nuclear free scotland.Its a wasted vote since all the rest have no guts for independance or are too feart for their land and gold.At least there will be a more democratic vote this time compared to the parcel of rogues who capitulated last time. Not for land nor honors but freedom. Once were warriors.


    1. Chris Kirk · ·

      Gordon, I get the feeling your living in a fantasy. I’d love my country to be independent. I share your fantasy of a free Scotland. I have no land or gold and no fear of independence. I will be voting “NO” in this referendum.
      “NO” because it’s not a referendum for independence. It’s a vote for change of which foreign state gets to run our country next. England are our closest neighbours and if any foreign country should rule us let it be the union of Great Britain, where democracy still has a foothold. Not some new communist state of Europe where you get no say in how your country is run.

      If slavery is what you want then vote “Yes”.


  8. I strongly suspect that this will run and run, exactly like the position of Quebec in Canada. Every few years some wannabe hotshot politico will wheel out the old independence drum kit and start bashing away for all they’re worth! The poor old Canadians have had what,………two referenda now, each at an astronomical cost and each time the French have seen which side their bread’s buttered on and have voted to stay. I guarantee the same will happen with Scotland. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a time-travelling machine and, knowing what we now know, go back to 1997 to the days before the arch-meddler Blair?


  9. Ernie · ·

    Divorce is always a sensitive subject and, according to the experts, should only be undertaken after some counselling and heart to heart discussions between the parties involved. However, there are more than two in this Union and whilst I have experienced the “anti English” sentiment in Scotland, Wales and in a distinct half of Northern Ireland I would like to hear the other national views before Scotland votes against “London”. Like most on these islands I have mixed ancestry (one English grandmother, one of mixed Welsh and English, a grandfather from Stornaway and the other from the English side of Berwick). However, being brought up in the North East of England, worked throughout the land, but now living on the English Welsh border, I believe it is the lack of devolved powers from London that has caused the dissent throughout the Union that provides the most of the ammunition to “separatists”, with culture, religion and some politics making up the rest.

    All the talk from Salmond is independence from England (London). Down at the “Dog and Duck” they retaliate with, “Great, if we don’t have to share the financial burden and their overweighted political representation in Westminster as well as their interference on “West Lothian” subjects – a source of much anger – then lets go for it.” Some of these views I share and others I don’t.

    It seems as if the “divorce” is a one sided question and I have no vote, my views cannot be heard where it matters. I don’t believe it would work for Scotland and the rest of us would be the poorer in many other ways other than just financially. However, a good Union need to be able to have a common goal with the needs of the individual members as well as the Union as a group taken into consideration but it is obvious that the current arrangements are not achieving this. Anyway, the legal professional will clean up as usual – for a fee.


  10. The SNP are behaving like teenagers, they want all the ‘best’ bits, as perceived, of adulthood, whilst still wanting the benefits provided by Mum and Dad.


  11. Bickers · ·

    Well said MM. To be fair to Westminster it’s the SNP that’s driving this lunacy. If the SNP was really interested in true independence (and confident they could achieve it) they’d be talking about being in control of all elements that accrue to an independent country, as you stated at the start of your piece.

    And it’s clear that Spain might block any attempt bt Scotland to join the EU (they don’t want precedents setting that Catalans & Basques will want to emulate); and even if they are allowed in it’ll be on the basis that they have to use the Euro, after which Scotland will be effectively governed from Brussels.

    You couldn’t make it up!


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