If you’re wondering whether, come 23 June, you want to be a Brit or a citizen of the European Union (it’s one or the other; you can’t be both), then you need to watch this presentation by Boris Johnson. Show me one politician, just one politician from the ‘Remain in the EU’ side who has made, or can make the case for lashing the British people to the European Politburo as well as Mr Johnson makes the case for us ‘Leaving the EU’, then I’ll eat Jean-Claude Juncker …


  1. Boudicca · ·

    I’ve circulated this to friends and acquaintances because (sadly) they will watch BoJo, who mumbles and isn’t terribly good with facts, but they won’t watch Farage because of the Establishment and media’s prolonged smear campaign.

    I hope Boris polishes up his act PDQ and he doesn’t suddenly switch to pro-EU just as the campaign is nearing its end. I don’t trust him.

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  2. · ·

    Excellent stuff. He comes across as being “as daft as a ship’s cat,” however  you can’t help but like him.I noted the other day, that it was mentioned that Boris’s degree was a”only” a 2:1, versus Dave’s ‘first,’ to which Boris rejoindered, “Yes but mine was in Classics. His was only PPE.” Good stuff.I’ve replied by the way mm.Regards, Bob.El Vi 11/03/16 17:43, Moraymint Chatter escribió:moraymint posted: “If you’re wondering whether, come 23 June, you want to be a Brit or a citizen of the European Union (it’s one or the other), then you need to watch this … “


  3. Robert E Lee · ·

    Rousing stuff, but a couple of schoolboy errors, (if my general reading on the topic has been correct). viz-“Youth unemployment in Southern Europe is running at 22%.” Here in Spain, unemployment across the board is running at 22%. Amongst 16-24 yr olds, it’s at 54%.
    “EU accounts haven’t been signed off for 20 years.” They have, but they show a huge amount of waste (several percentage points, running into billions of euros).
    Boris’s arguments would be strengthened if he used the above.

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  4. flyer · ·

    I’m not even going to watch this video: I don’t need any further convincing. The European Union is using the tactics of Stalin to gain ever more power: selling Utopian ideas to gullible idiots. The EU is getting worse as time goes on; we’ve watched it stagger from one financial crisis to the next,spark of wars in Ukraine, drive many southern countries into poverty and they care not: total psychopaths.

    The EU have only just started though, things will get much, much worse. I was reading about projected population growth in Africa, calculated at a fourfold increase in a little over eighty years. I was speaking to an Indian family that explained to me that they’ve left India because the population was exploding and it was getting to be Hell on Earth. The Third World is the biggest threat to us in the West that we’ll ever face and the way the EU are handling things, it is going to swallow us whole. The Third World maybe developing in some ways, but it’s headed for some enormous problems and won’t have the economy or resources to deal with its populations.

    This very rapid population growth is happening at a time when most of the world’s wealth and ultimately power, is falling in to the hands of fewer and fewer people, as tends to happen with big state regimes such as the EU. So, I don’t need anymore convincing to leave the EU, if we stay, our children and grandchildren are going to grow up and live their lives in poverty, in a horribly overcrowded third world hell hole. All of this and I have barely mentioned future wars.

    That there are people out there that would even consider voting to stay in the EU fills me with despair.

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  5. elliemaesgrandad · ·

    I’d like to think he’s a reformed sinner and is fully on message, but he has a history of supporting €USSR enlargement, including bringing Turkey on board. He’s making himself different from dhimmi ‘Dave’ Cameroon right now, for his own purposes, with an eye to standing for Tory Party leadership when the present incumbent is booted out post June 23rd.
    Sceptical? Me? Where have all these people been when Nigel was ploughing a lonely furrow?
    I’d like to be proved wrong, because it will be very bad for us if I’m not.

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  6. Peter · ·

    I’m in Cape Town right now and missed this. Thanks for posting it, MM.

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“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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