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Once again the shameless cynicism of the British political class knows no bounds.  The death of Mrs Jo Cox MP was indeed another one of those ‘beneficial crises’ which the Eurocrats love so much, appalling as it was.  Short of a ‘Black Swan’ emerging from the flawed science of opinion polling, then I suspect that 50 years of Europropaganda will win the day on Thursday 23 June 2016.

For me, it is truly scary how powerful and effective that propaganda has been.  With the greatest of love and respect to them, a significant proportion of my educated, professional, middle-class friends (that’s not me being a snob, it’s the reality of my peer group) appear to have made little or no effort to research and understand the reality of The Lisbon Treaty, the history and ambitions of the European Union, the history of our own nation, nor the true meaning and implications of voting Remain.

The EU Referendum isn’t about a European group hug; it’s about retaining or relinquishing a way of life that our forebears’ fought for – literally – over centuries.

In one stroke of a pen on a ballot paper on Thursday, millions of my fellow citizens will vote to cede the sovereignty, freedom and democracy of the United Kingdom to a foreign oligarchy without a shot ever having been fired.  One thousand years of the history of these isles will be scrubbed within a moment.  In the fullness of time, we shall come to rue the day and may once again be forced to recover our freedom and democracy by force of arms.

If, on 23 June 2016, the consensus is indeed for the UK to remain in the EU, history will show it to have been one of the blackest days in the annals of our nation.  That so many people still seem to fail to comprehend this is utterly depressing.

All that said, I accept and respect the fact that my Vote Remain friends may well have taken a considered and perfectly rational decision to vote in favour of government by foreign oligarchy. Indeed, I have to believe that that’s what they’ve done, or at least they’ve concluded that by whom and how we’re governed is of virtually no significance, compared to us remaining within a declining trading bloc.

Come the weekend, we could discover that we are a nation that’s lost its backbone, entirely consistent with the objectives of the European Union project.

So, vote Remain and, on Friday, this man becomes the United Kingdom’s de facto Head of State, as indeed he has been for some time already.  But, after Friday, he will revel in his role, exploit every unchecked and unbalanced power that he has – and there will be nothing that you nor I can do about it, ever …




  1. astute angle · ·

    I’ve just voted Leave on my way home from work. I have to say that I am totally fed up of the whole bloody thing. Of the seven general elections that we have had and in which I have voted during the past three decades, I have never known as much propaganda thrown at us as we have had from Project Fear.

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  2. Robert E Lee · ·

    It is indeed saddening mm that seemingly ‘thinking people’ can shun 1,000 years of history and turn their back on sovereignty and self-determination. They must take pleasure in being duped and subjugated.
    In my heart of hearts, I’m hoping the DKs are keeping their powder dry and are secret ‘outers.’ It’s our only chance. The fact that it’s come to such a close call is a source of despair. The ‘sheeple’ will have their way. As de Toqueville remarked “–the tyranny of the majority.”
    Regards, REL.

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  3. I know that reading internet forums can be a bit like sitting in an echo chamber in that we tend to read mainly those with similar views to our own. That in turn can lead to misleading beliefs about the popularity or otherwise of any particular position, but I have to say that reading comments on a good many sites over the last few weeks, and from talking to an eclectic group of people from different backgrounds and political allegiances in the flesh, I am astounded that opinion polls continue to show the Remain and Leave camps neck and neck – I struggle to find many if any supporters for staying in the EU. Most people acknowledge that Cameron did not achieve any meaningful reform, many that he didn’t really even try, and almost everyone agrees that the EU urgently needs major reform if it is to survive. It is impossible not to feel that there is a groundswell of support for taking back control of our own country and kissing the whole sorry enterprise goodbye. We gave it our best shot for 43 years and the time has come to admit that we made a mistake. The only cheerleaders for staying seem to be the establishment, those with vested financial interests like the multi-national companies and the smug urbanite chattering class like left-wing journalists, media stars and entertainment luvvies. Ordinary people from all walks of life seem to feel very differently, and there is a rising anger at the way the Remain campaign have tried to use unsubstantiated fear as a tactic to cower the electorate. Just who do they think we are?

    I will be devastated if I awake on Friday to find that the Remain side have prevailed (through fair means or foul) and will have to reassess my belief that the British people are the true descendants of those generations that have gone before them, writing their names large in the glowing pages of our island history, undaunted by odds and threats, to achieve the golden legacy that they bequeathed to us, but have instead meekly allowed their heritage of freedom and liberty to be consigned to the dustbin that is a federal EU state. The very thought is too dreadful to contemplate.

    Whatever the outcome I thank you for this blog and the efforts that you, and many others like you, have invested in trying to spread the word that essential freedoms are not something that should be taken lightly, but fought for and defended with the tenacity for which those from these islands were once renowned.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thank you Bill, and I concur wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I too am constantly, mournfully surprised at the apparent support for this nation to cede its sovereignty to what is little more than a soft tyranny (becoming harder by the day). I find myself speechlessly stunned at times that, apparently, so many of my fellow countrymen can be so enamoured with the travesty that is the Lisbon Treaty and all that it inflicts on its signatory nations. As you yourself question, are these truly people of the same birthright and ancestry as me? Why do they think this way? What is really going on here?

      I want to believe that there is indeed some huge error of analysis and reporting going on here, coupled with an unprecedented level of media and information manipulation – call it propaganda. If I’m right, and this is the case, then we really have arrived in 1984.

      Then I wonder why? Why would our Political Class and the Establishment and The Fourth Estate collude to sweep us all under the governance regime of a foreign oligarchy? Why do that? I can only conclude that it is indeed about a concerted attempt, conscious or otherwise, to snuff out democracy and thereby remove the pesky punter from the gilded lives of the political, the establishment and the media elites. But who the hell knows?

      Forget interesting: we live in the most bizarre times.

      Whichever side wins tomorrow, there will be political meltdown in the UK. The serious challenge we face is national reconciliation once this circus finishes. If we vote to Leave, I have my doubts that the Remainians will spend every waking moment begging the nation to fall back into the arms of President Juncker and the European Commission.

      I’ll lay money, however, that if we vote to Remain, the Leave campaign will run, and run, and run. There seems to be more passion associated with recovering the nation’s sovereignty than there is to cede sovereignty, once and for all, to a foreign oligarchy. Perhaps that shouldn’t surprise any of us … but then again we come back to what is it, for God’s sake, that makes the Remainians tick? What on earth is the attraction of gifting your way of life to a tyranny?


    2. Arfur · ·

      Well said. Excellent post.

      I suspect many of the younger generation will be inclined (having been seduced) to vote Remain. Hopefully they will mostly be stuck in traffic around Glastonbury, along with much of the media and luvvies… 🙂

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  4. Simon Hodges · ·

    To leave will be initially painful in that the pound and markets will take a short term hit, but to remain as helpless prisoners of war in the EU concentration camp (as Cameron has foolishly constructed us) would be intolerable.


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    1. moraymint · ·

      The most worrying aspect of this is that should we remain in the EU, our way out can then only be associated with the collapse of the empire itself (for collapse, it will). I dread to think of the pandemic chaos that that will bring about …

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      1. Simon Hodges · ·

        Britain once again is leading the way to freedom in Europe and making sacrifices in order to achieve that. If you put a vote across Europe as to whether its people would want sovereign nations in control of their own borders and currencies operating in a completely free trade zone with one and other and the rest of the world they would all say yes.

        We must go first and then the rest will follow. We were the only country in Europe to successfully stand up to tyranny in two world wars and we will stand up to tyranny yet again to shine a light of freedom across Europe.

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        1. moraymint · ·

          The critical difference, Simon, and the greatest challenge to freedom and democracy in Europe today is the 50-year propaganda campaign that has embedded the false nirvana of the European Union in the minds of hundreds of millions of people. EU propaganda is unprecedented in the history of mankind, in my view. It has captured the minds of so many people, especially and most worryingly, the young. This is what we’re up against and it’s why, I fear, that the future of the European continent is once again in the balance. If this referendum results in the UK remaining bound by the Lisbon Treaty and lashed to the European Union then, I really do believe that once again, ‘the lamps will be going out all over Europe …’.

          I’m an atheist, but I’m finding it hard not to pray for the British people to choose to throw off the EU shackles tomorrow …


          1. Simon Hodges · ·

            I really believe that we will vote 60% in favour of leaving. Personally I’m sick and tired of bullying, threats and intimidation. I believe in the UK and its people to ride out any storm and make a great success of Brexit. Cameron on the other hand has no faith in the abilities and talents of the British people whatsoever. It is not surprising that his track record in government is so abysmal.

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      2. elliemaesgrandad · ·

        I think the evil empire will collapse, but cannot put a date to it. Who can? It’s been a long time coming, but it is close. So much is happening on the continent that will affect the future; Brexit is a major part, but not the entirety of the destructive force now building.
        We’ll all be looking “over here”, when the disintegration will begin “over there”. The whole edifice is crumbling; slowly at present, then very quickly . . .
        Why worry about the pandemic chaos? Liberty always comes at a high price.

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        1. moraymint · ·

          Yes grandad, my backstop wish, the saving grace (if ‘grace’ is the right term) is that the European Union is an empire without a shred of democratic consent and will, in the end, collapse. Any tilt towards democracy within the EU is a sham; fraudulent attempts to buy off the useful idiots. This can only be sustained for so long and I, for one, am hoping that so long is so soon.


    2. Arfur · ·

      Cameron’s display on BBC breakfast this morning was nothing short of charlatanism.

      Virtually everything he said – from start to finish – was either a downright lie or a specious statement designed to mislead the voting public. Before this referendum debate started, I actually had a modicum of respect for him. Now I will never be able to believe a thing he says. (You’re right, he’s a politician, but even so…)

      The way he deflected every (rather weak) question put to him by a fawning BBC newsreader toward ‘De Economy, stupid’ was excruciatingly obvious and shallow.

      Jean Monnet must be clapping his hands in glee from the grave. His instructions on how to use arguments about ‘Economy’ to lead a gullible public toward a Federal Europe have been adhered to with admirable fortitude and guile.

      Whatever Merkel has on Cameron, or has promised him, must be extremely persuasive to remove any vestige of personal, national and political integrity…

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      1. Simon Hodges · ·

        Cameron is a disgrace. What this referendum will prove is how shockingly out of touch the UK political elite is with the people. No to the EU. No to crony capitalism and time to reinvent a fair society with fair opportunity to all.

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  5. flyer · ·

    The extent of the brainwashing is unbelievable. Our schools are not about education anymore, they’re EU brainwashing facilities. My son, who has just graduated with a first class degree at a top university, says he would vote to stay. Thankfully, the little *!*!* has decided not to vote. And you’re right mm, I know so many highly educated people that are brainwashed too: they feel so sophisticated and Politically Correct.

    Since we mistakenly voted to join the Common Market, the demographics of the country have been, through cynical manipulation, forever changed.

    You’re also right, that this will all end in violence, the EU far from preventing wars will cause them, as it already has done. I hate violence, but I’ve known for many years that it’s the only way we’ll ever get our country back.

    This coming referendum will be our last chance to resolve this peacefully.

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    1. Craig · ·

      Very interesting, my son has just finished his second year and he tells me that the majority of Lecturers, rather than just imparting information, do tend to brainwash the students with their jaundice views.

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  6. astute angle · ·

    This is so prophetic it’s frightening.

    Labour has no-one of this calibre any more.

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  7. Angela Meyer · ·

    Over the centuries we have fought to retain our national identity and pride…and this is a thought shared by many of our immigrant population also…who are proud to be a part of this nation. If, as it seems, we are to be fully swallowed up by a lack-lustre, uninspired EU, it will mean that everything we have ever fought for will be as nothing. It will be a sad day.

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  8. astute angle · ·

    Unfortunately, if only Bernard Connolly’s book hadn’t been quite so technocratic it would have reached a wider audience

    I brought it into work today to show one of my younger colleagues who has a healthy scepticism of the EU (though I don’t know how he is going to vote). He was surprised that the book was written in 1995, when he would still have been at primary school.

    As it is, I am aiming my fire at the Green Party, which has totally betrayed its origins in supporting a continental superstate.

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  9. Arfur · ·

    Oh, and by the way, if anyone thinks that staying in the EU after Thursday is bad enough, just wait until they start ‘persuading’ the plebiscite that joining the Euro is ‘good for the economy”…

    Just read this and weep:

    It will take you to a page from which you can choose the language version of your choice (English is at the top). This will download something called the European Stability Mechanism, which is basically how they intend to have a pot of Euros from which countries can be aided when in time need.

    The really important bits, however, are in Articles 32 to 36 at the end of the document. Here are just a few sentences:

    [“The ESM, its property, funding and assets, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall enjoy immunity from every form of judicial process except to the extent that the ESM expressly waives its immunity for the purpose of any proceedings or by the terms of any contract, including the documentation of the funding instruments.“]

    [“The property, funding and assets of the ESM shall, wherever located and by whomsoever held, be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation or any other form of seizure, taking or foreclosure by executive, judicial, administrative or legislative action.“]

    [“The archives of the ESM and all documents belonging to the ESM or held by it, shall be inviolable.“]

    [“In the interest of the ESM, the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Governors, alternate Governors, Directors, alternate Directors, as well as the Managing Director and other staff members shall be immune from legal proceedings with respect to acts performed by them in their official capacity and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official papers and documents.“]

    Welcome to the EU, where all countries are equal, but some countries are more equal than others…

    Britain will be one of the others.

    And I know we’re told that we have a piece of paper. So did Neville Chamberlain…

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    1. moraymint · ·

      It’s called tyranny …

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    2. Craig · ·

      I believe that you’re correct, if we remain, I’m pretty sure that there will be a “vote” on whether or not to adopt the Euro.


      1. I shouldn’t think they will bother with a vote by that stage.

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  10. Economic models “proving” that leaving the EU would damage the UK economy have been pretty comprehensively debunked – here:

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  11. John Bickley · ·

    Let’s hope Leave wins, however the politicisation of Jo Cox’s murder has changed the odds that Leave can win. Remain, Labour & the PM have trawled new depths to use her death to push for a Remain vote.

    If Remain wins I think when the dust settles many who voted for Remain (having previously decided to vote for Leave) will realise they’ve been duped (again) by LibLabCon. Then it’ll get interesting.

    I despair at how our children are being educated & their lack of analytical & critical thinking skills. At one EU debate one university student, in all seriousness, thought that a vote to Leave would result in UK citizens being banned from taking holidays in the EU – dooh!!

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Here’s an alternative slant on the angel Mrs Cox:

      Things are never quite what they seem in politics …

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    2. moraymint · ·

      Incidentally, I saw another acquaintance of mine make his case for voting Remain on the basis of two lists. One was a long list of Establishment and other worthies (The Archbishop of Canterbury, the CBI, the IMF, The Prime Minister, Bob Geldof (worthy?), etc etc) and the other was a much shorter list: Farage, Johnson, Gove and few other names of that ilk.

      My acquaintance then declared that on what basis could one possibly vote Leave if the list advocating Remain was so long and apparently distinguished? QED.

      I think the term is ‘useful idiots’?

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  12. DICK R · ·

    If they the EUSSR commissars win this by a tiny majority they will ensure there is never a referendum again anywhere in their empire

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  13. Old Goat · ·

    Good stuff, as always, sir. Reposted on, and will be on Breitbart, when they wake up…

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  14. There will never be another referendum if the UK votes to Remain.

    The EU’s 5 presidents and their sinecured commissioners, which thereafter will hold all political power, will ensure that.

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  15. Simon Hodges · ·

    Hi Moraymint

    If you have not seen it there was a very good article by Norman Lamont on the economics of Brexit in the Telegraph.

    He cites a study “Myth and the Paradox of the Single Market” which is well worth a read.

    Click to access mythandparadox.pdf

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  16. Simon Hodges · ·

    Cameron has been utterly reckless in his arguments and has effectively but Britain in a lose lose situation. He has effectively ensured that the maximum economic damage will be done if we choose to leave the EU and at the same time he has stripped the UK of any ability to influence the EU project should we choose the remain. The threat of Brexit and the UK’s antipathy to the EU was what gave us any influence at all within the EU.

    In mounting project fear and presenting the argument that Britain has no economic choice other than remain in the EU, Cameron has effectively rendered the UK utterly impotent to have any further influence in the EU. By his own admissions Cameron has given them the absolute assurance that we are entirely dependent and tied to the EU and that economically we have no choice other than to remain in the EU under whatever terms they care to dictate to us. There is nothing that Cameron can now do about that as he has presented the UK as a hostage at gunpoint to his own arguments. In his desperation to win this vote – by demonstrating that Brexit would be economically impossible – Cameron has effectively given up whatever leverage we may have had in the EU forever.

    Following a sheepish remain vote, we will be marginalized and punished for having the referendum in the first place. To vote remain is tantamount to a complete capitulation and submission to the will of Brussels. Cameron has waved the white flag of abject and cowardly surrender and permanently damaged this once proud nation’s standing and credibility both at home and in Europe as he has foolishly amputated the Great from Britain.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Well said …

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    2. I too despair at the level of ignorance of so many people, they have no understanding of what the EU is, the difference between inter-governmental cooperation and supranational governance and many locals I have spoken to truly belive in what they are being told by ‘Project Fear’.

      I did read somewhere that Cameron had promised Juncker his Referendum would “anchor the UK in the EU….” Any ‘reforms’ Cameron claims are superficial and at best only temporary.

      Talk of further ‘reform’ is total nonsense, Corbyn was at it again last night on SKY News. Likewise, talk of “leading in Europe”, “being at the heart of Europe”,……. yet outside of the eurozone, Schengen, ever closer union… totally absurd. It gets even worse when you realise Cameron has given up any form of veto on the work the EU will proceed with to shore up the euro project:

      If the vote is for Remain the UK will be well and truly “anchored in the EU”. The Referendum really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and if we spurn it the only escape will be the EU collapsing altogether and all the drama that will go with it will be Project Fear in spades..

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    3. Craig · ·

      Very well said!

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  17. Cheshireman · ·

    I can’t believe that The Independent has printed this column this morning.

    Pretty much blows their Remain campaign out of the water.

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  18. Reblogged this on Wolsten and commented:
    Unfortunately it looks like this assessment is correct.

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  19. I agree with your analysis. It was always going to be an uphill struggle, given those ranged against us, and add to that an appalling campaign by the main leave groups. We do seem to be facing a defeat, but I am an optimist by nature and hope that there are many who are not disclosing their innermost intentions to the pollsters.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      That too is my parting shot wish …


  20. Brilliant summary

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  21. Arfur · ·

    [” In the fullness of time, we shall come both to rue the day and once again be forced to recover our freedom and democracy by force of arms.”]

    And I would fight at your side.

    However, we should not be under the illusion that we would not be fighting our children’s generation. The under-30s (mine are just on the limit) will have had no real knowledge or understanding of the USSR in its early days. Most will not know the initial aims or early days of the Common Market. Most will have been attracted by the ‘coolness’ and ‘progressiveness’ of European Integration and may feel it will be more like the USA, not the USSR, without understanding the essential difference (nationalism). They will not remember the aftermath of WW2, or the ‘Cold War’, and will not imagine that Germany has never truly discounted being the controlling authority of Europe. (It’s just soooo much easier doing it financially…).

    The future of our children’s generation is ultimately down (up?) to them. They have been seduced by smooth words by ‘the political elite’ (particularly the PM, Chancellor and Leader of the Opposition) who have, seemingly without the slightest trace of remorse, been vocal in peddling assumptions and disingenuousness about the political agenda behind the EU.

    It’s just a gang mentality – and I dislike gangs.

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    1. elliemaesgrandad · ·

      * we should not be under the illusion that we would not be fighting our children’s generation *
      First time I’ve seen this truth articulated. It must be the worst aspect of the whole business.

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  22. Cheshireman · ·

    It is with a very heavy heart that I agree with you. We will indeed come to regret the ease with which we ceded our right to govern ourselves in the manner that we choose.

    However, any criticism amongst ourselves of our EU government in the future will I fear become the new ‘terrorism’ and likely to be put down harshly. Just remember that there are many more tools to track people today than were ever available within the Orwell’s 1984.

    Because that’s what I think ‘Remain’ will bring.

    Sorry to have such a gloomy view.

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    1. Craig · ·

      Hi, I don’t think you’re over stating the point, your summary has been my view for years. I feel as if I’m living in a parallel universal, most people haven’t got a clue how they are being manipulated and guided towards the EU abyss, I simply don’t understand it.

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    2. Samantha Asher · ·

      But I think you are right. I have moved to the USA (permanently I hope) because I despair of the UK’s future. I too, think remain will win on Thursday. Propaganda is indeed a powerful thing


  23. Craig · ·

    Good morning Moraymint,
    I totally agree with you, I feel abject disappointment and a sense of foreboding.
    All the best.

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  24. Batsoupdragon · ·

    Nailed it again McNash. I’m crossingn everything for this one. England deserves better!

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    1. Adrienne Fullerton · ·

      The whole of the UK deserves better @


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