Brexit Balloon

Well, there we go. Democracy in action, whether you like the result or not. Remember, the European Union only does sham democracy. The UK does democracy in the raw. Let’s take a moment to look at some sentiments about the European Union.

I have never understood why public opinion about European ideas should be taken into account at all” Raymond Barre, PM of France, 1976 – 1981

The age of pure representative democracy is coming to an end” Peter Mandelson, European Commissioner, 2004 – 08

The European Union is a state under construction” Elmar Brok, MEP, 1980 –

The fusion of economic functions will compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European state” Jean Monnet, Founding Father of the European Union

It is an illusion to think that EU states can hold on to their autonomy” Hans Tietmeyer, President German Bundesbank, 1993 – 99

A Europe of nations is a relic of the past” Guy Verhofstadt, MEP, 2009 –

The EU is a non-imperial empire” Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, 2004 – 14

We need a political federation with the European Commission as government” Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner, 1999 – 2014

The time of the homogenous nation state is over” Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, 2009 – 14

I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber of Europe” Kenneth Clarke, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1993 – 97

I see no case for having a referendum on [The Lisbon Treaty]. We don’t govern this country by referendum” Tony Blair, Prime Minister, 1997 – 2007.

National sovereignty will soon prove itself to be a product of the imagination” Gerhard Schroder, Chancellor of Germany, 1998 – 2005

The day of the nation state is over” Roman Herzog, President of Germany, 1994 – 99

We must not bow to populism” Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, 2014 –

The UK belongs to the European Union” Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, 2014 –

Thanks for that last comment, Herr Schulz (who he?).  All I can say at this stage is:

All the best with those barnpot ideas guys, but we Brits are about to relish our freedom” Moraymint, British Citizen, 1957 –

Once again, it’s coming down to the people of the United Kingdom to save the Europeans from themselves.  At least this time we stand a chance of doing it without warfare.  Let’s hope so.

Come on Europe. Who’s next?

You French, Italians, Dutch, Spaniards, Greeks, Portuguese … you don’t have to put up with all of that end-of-the-nation-state baloney above. Have a little faith in yourselves. Be proud of your history, your culture, your willingness to engage in peaceful and productive trade with your neighbouring states and other countries around the world – without being governed by some unelected, unaccountable, foreign oligarchy. Reject totalitarianism. Indeed, reject all of those alien ideas above; they are self-serving fallacies concerned ultimately with the subjugation of you and me.

I’m pleased at the result of the EU Referendum. But I’m surprised that so many of my compatriots preferred the alternative to sovereignty, freedom and democracy. What was that all about? If you voted Remain, please comment below and tell me what exactly you wanted from keeping our country under the yoke of The Treaty of Lisbon, and having our people governed by the European Commission. What were you thinking? And, today, are you really melancholy about being in that balloon in the picture above? Pray tell me.

Scotland’s view is strange. Desperate to extract itself from perceived English governance. Equally desperate to be governed by a foreign oligarchy. Explanations for this national mindset in the comments section below please. To the proud Scottish people I would say, run your eye down that list of quotations above again, and again, and ask yourself if those types of sentiments fit with your own sense of nationhood.

We now owe it to ourselves as a society to pull together in the name of our Queen and country and to set an example to the nations of the European Union and the rest of world. All eyes are upon us. But first, the Prime Minister must resign.

One of my favourite, easy-watching films of all time is, ‘Kelly’s Heroes’.  As Oddball says in this clip, and I would now say to my friends in the nation states of the European Union:

Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here?” Oddball, A Kelly’s Hero, WW2

Like Kelly said, It’s a beautiful day …

Brexit Bock





  1. Moraymint,

    Disillusioned on how many wanted BREMAIN … side swipe on the establishment “how much ballot stuffing went on”.

    Personally I feel the way the Messina guy was rigging it as a play all had to be within margin of error for the ballot to be stuffed and not noticed. They did not expect the result so they failed and we won.

    Hence all the media that was BREMAIN win all the time convinced me we had lost only to wake up and BREXIT had won.

    But only for now, it will not pass they will not pass it but the EU is now the EU superstate did you see the trick so it is no longer what the vote was. It is now to give up or keep sovereignty in full nothing esle.

    In all this as a people I learned and now I understand 2 things.

    1.) The UK parliament is sovereign (a king) it takes precedence over everything.
    2.) No parliament can bind a future one.

    So article 50 we abide by it because we can be courteous as kings and queens but we do not have to and none of all the treaties neither we have ever signed if it is not in the interest of the UK people. We have control of our borders if our parlimanent chooses it to protect us it does not. 95% of parliament does not represent the majority of the people and with the ballot stuffing far higher a number.

    An eye opener all, from a king refusing to give up his divine right to Cromwell so Cromwell made parliament a sovereign to deal with cruel and merciless kings and queens. After the king lost his head there was no way to remove the sovereignty of parliament … best yet though is this

    By being able to form a parliament by any group of UK citizens we are all kings and queens and the referendum was by 70 million kings and queens for we can all form parlimanent a single voice of us all.

    Parliament needs to watch out now… the people have been deceived. Off to walk the realm now with the dog and a birthday to boot. Independence day for me every year and I get fireworks on my birthday too 🙂

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  2. Simon Hodges · ·

    Britain has chosen Brexit and now is the time to choose a leader with the right vision and strategy to achieve what appears at first to be a monumental task. There is only one chance for the Conservative party to make this decision just as there was only one chance for the Brexit referendum. This decision should be taken very seriously.

    I believe that Andrea Leadsom is the right choice and I will now explain why. I think that the problem with the other candidates is that Theresa May is likely to be drawn into inexorable negotiations with Brussels compromising border controls in exchange for access to the single market along the lines of the Norway model.

    Given his leadership launch speech, Michael Gove has too many laudable ambitions on social justice and wide sweeping processes of ‘change’ to be able to concentrate on the main task of creating the economic conditions which will make the UK’s exit swift, painless and generative of great economic momentum. Mr Gove’s speech was full of fine sentiments and ambitions – but – he offered zero content in terms of how any of his aims could be feasibly achieved and what would be involved. Gove’s rhetoric was that of Obama’s ‘change’. History has shown that Obama promised much and delivered very little. It is difficult to see how Michael Gove’s enterprise would turn out any different.

    In terms of what is immediately required in terms of policy one needs to be realistic. There is only one point of focus that needs to be the only real concern of the next Prime Minister, even if they only see themselves in an interim role of steering our way to successful Brexit. This concentrated focus should be upon negotiating as many trade agreements with the rest of the world as we can, as quickly as we can – in order to downplay the significance of membership of the single market and with it the leverage that Brussels believes it holds over the UK in its negotiations. This is something that was completely absent from either Theresa May’s or Michael Gove’s leadership launch campaigns but it is the fulcrum by which the UK will achieve Brexit with overwhelming success.

    The crucial economic differential here: is each candidate’s response to the proposition that in terms of trade the UK is entirely dependent on tariff free access to the single market. Any candidate who holds this to be true will firstly find that they are negotiating very much on the EU’s own terms and secondly they will be distracted by their central concern for negotiating with the EU at the huge cost of immediately establishing agreements with the rest of a very willing world. In my mind the only candidate who has expressed a direct affinity with this globally progressive path is Andrea Leadsom.

    Why is this of crucial importance? In any game of poker around Brexit, the only Ace that Brussels holds is the consensual agreement around the central importance of the single market for all its members and this is the single most important concept by which the EU effectively controls and dictates to its member states.

    The problem for Brussels is that since 1993, countries outside the EU have enjoyed far greater export growth with the EU than the UK has. According to datasets from the OECD recording trade in value by partner countries, from 1993 to 2012, as a member of the single market the UK increased exports to other EU member states by 72%. In startling contrast there were 14 countries with WTO basic trading arrangements which out performed the UK by a considerable margin. Excluding the top performers such as China, Russia and the Ukraine as this is largely an effect of the fall of communism, amongst the mature, developed economies listed we find Brazil achieved 347% growth, Australia 235%, South Africa 195%, Singapore 162%, Canada 138% and the US 128%.

    Switzerland has a bilateral trading agreement with the EU and achieved 103%. The ‘preferred’ Norway model with an EEA only achieved 100% in comparison but was still over 33% better than the UK’s 72% reward for single market membership and the exorbitant costs involved. – See table on page 9.

    The UK is twice the loser in this in that since 1970 we have been unable to establish any FTAs with the rest of the world as this responsibility was given over to the EU whose performance has been nothing short of miserable.

    • Since 1970, the EC has concluded 37 agreements, most of them with small economies, some multi-country. The aggregate GDP in 2015 of the 55 countries with an EU agreement in force in January 2014 is $7.7tn.

    • By contrast the aggregate GDP of all the countries with which Chile had agreements in force is $58.3tn, Korea’s totalled $40.8tn, Singapore’s $38.7tn and Switzerland’s $39.8tn. However, the agreements of these four countries include their agreements with the EU, which has a GDP of $16.7tn.

    • About 90 per cent of the agreements of these four smaller, independent countries include services, whereas only 68 percent of the EC’s trade agreements do so.

    • The EC has therefore opened services markets of just $4.8tn to UK exporters, whereas the Swiss have opened markets of $35tn, the Singaporeans of $37.2tn, the Koreans of $40tn and Chileans of $55.4tn. – see Page 2

    The UK and other EU member states have lost out badly on this front. Once one acknowledges all of this, then one can see why historically, it was so strategically vital for the EU to deny member states the ability to independently negotiate trade agreements with the rest of the world and centralize all agreement making in the hands of the EU themselves. This is an essential element in the straight-jacketing or effective economic imprisonment of EU member states. Not only does exiting the EU appear to involve sacrificing the unquestioned ‘advantages’ of single market membership, but it also charges any escapee with the daunting task of re-negotiating all those agreements with developed nations that the EU had produced since 1970 but whose aggregate GDP only amounts to $7.7 trillion.

    In view of this it is clear that in terms of trade the UK has been getting a raw deal for decades. Personally I would like to hear an invitation issued to the rest of the world that the UK is now open for business and for all leaders of countries interested in establishing trade agreements with the UK to contact the Prime Minister’s Office immediately in order to register their interests. I think the response to such an invitation would be very large. The New Zealand Prime Minister has already offered the assistance of its experienced trade negotiators and I believe the UK government needs to ask for assistance from other countries such as Australia and Switzerland etc: who have successfully negotiated far more trade agreements than the cumbersome EU has ever achieved. This could maybe proceed by way of broad trade agreement templates to speed up any such arrangements leaving only fine details to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

    A strong global response to such an invitation would offset any financial turmoil and would probably benefit the UK economy greatly as the rest of the world will see it as highly progressive and attract greater investment capital into the UK. This will also put pressure on the EU when it comes to negotiating any trade agreement with them if it were needed. It would be a mistake to focus on initially negotiating an agreement of access to the EU single market with reluctant partners at this time, who have even gone so far as to suggest that the UK should be punished for its decision.

    Strategically by establishing trade agreements with the rest of the world and putting those with the EU on hold, there will come a time when eventually mounting pressure from producers within the EU on their politicians will mean that they will establish free market access without any demands or penalties. As surplus traders with the UK the rest of the EU has more to gain from it.

    With regard to the US putting us at the back of the queue as far as trade negotiations are concerned then we should prioritize establishing trade agreements with all their major competitors and put them at the front of the queue. Seeing that the UK is the US’s fifth largest export destination and they have a trade surplus with the UK I am sure they will want to come to the table as soon as possible rather than let their competitors steal a march on them. Of course this is the decision of the US President, but to do otherwise and sacrifice exports for the political sake of the EU project will not endear him or her to their captains of industry.

    Lastly, such an explosive increase in potential trade agreements should lead to spectacular growth in the UK which will look very rosy to all the remaining members who will likely want the same thing. The benefits of membership of the EU and single market will have been shown to be an illusion, and without economic benefits the entire bureaucratic edifice cannot survive.

    For these reasons, on account of her 25 years experience in finance and the fact that she believes the single market to be a red herring, I would identify Andrea Leadsom as being the only leadership candidate with the skills and vision to take the UK safely on this path. Conversely it shows how big a mistake it would be to choose a pro-EU leader such as Theresa May who will compromise and concentrate on getting as bad a deal as she can with the EU with the likely effect of sabotaging Brexit.

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  3. flyer · ·

    After reading over the weekend., I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody has any intention of invoking Article 50. David Cameron stated that he would invoke Article 50 immediately if he lost the referendum; he’s already gone back on this. By the time Cameron’s successor is appointed they’ll have found an excuse not to invoke Article 50, this is all going to end like Cameron’s famous renegotiation: nowhere.

    People are moaning about Nigel Farage’s mistake about 350 million for the health service, this pales into insignificance compared to the incredible, brass necked lies of David Cameron.

    Nobody is going to invoke Article 50, we need to face up to this now before we loose this hard won victory.


  4. Tom Taylor · ·

    Or is it!?

    Hopefully you have some idea of what is actually going on or do you think we’ve truly descended into chaos and no one has any idea?


  5. @drtimmorgan – your post – enough time to post before off “all is not happy in the land of BREXIT.”

    Why? “Another proposal is not to use the article 50 at all but instead repeal the 1972 European Communities Act that gives effect to EU laws” we have been misled I think.

    See the bloody date when you access the link 24th June 2016 not completed. These wolves are moving fast don’t ya think. Bypass the Libon Treaty its been nerfed. Likely major powers knew it was in there and Germany will have a free get out too.

    If you were unlucky to have signed up after this … chances are you can’t get out!

    A 2nd referendum breaks democracy because all the actions democratically taken against me in my life start to unravel. Blood bath coming or my option where the EU is revealed as a tyrant never to truly hand democracy to the european peoples or if it does “then the wolves here get it”.

    We are being played and they are moving fast – tomorrow I guess parliament anything happening
    who knows.

    Note:- Carswell name on the documentation who has sidelined Farage a tory plant it looks like now.

    Cameron was a chicken too in the economist 24th June 2016 he promised an immediate article 50 but he never won. Chicken shit! I don’t want it I want my prize now and I do not want the EU to go up in smoke. In that economist article is the mention of the european communities act so chances are he knew this all along.

    We have possibly always had the get out and I reckon so has Germany and France but we wanting out can wreck it the day we played the card and THAT DAY IS HERE. If we had gone in we could not have played the card so Cameron and there may be some truth have played the double-double bluff knowing path was clear NO ARTICLE 50.

    Now I don’t like BREMAIN because they feel they have the right to break democracy because it suits them. But can you see they have been played too, our politicians on all sides were playing us so it is a total collapse in the democratic rule.

    My prize please because the play is BREXIT + BREMAIN we champion together we only ask the EU commission to step down give the elected MEP’s the democracy and we both tell the fucking lot of politicians here to piss off.

    This is maybe a reverse coup none of us voted for.

    Somebody is pulling their strings Bojo, Gove, Carswell they will be reeling out next they found a way to bypas article 50 not so sure that is right. we have defcon 4,3,2,1 for a reason but they are legislating in parliament the day after to finish tomorrow? Gonna put this on ZH because I know it is trolled LOL let the fur fly I don’t like being decieved.


  6. Forgot to add it BREXIT and BREMAIN both like what I wrote? … We do not have a problem Houston but can we grab it together.


  7. Going to the election box only one thing on my mind, stomach turning never had that in a vote before.

    Way to vote… one principle is all and only one so many have died to preserve and maintain over centuries … elected democracy at the highest level. I would not care who was chosen in so many ways those in now elected positions if elected from the themselves as elected sitting MEP’s are accountable to the peoples the span of the EU empire.

    So I voted BREXIT – simple is it not?

    Looking at the aftermath of what has been happening BREMAIN are not able to accept democracy as I would have had to accept the opposite result. There was so many things if you went back and looked at the whole campaign and vote on all sides I just ignored them all in the end and stuck with a principle I felt to be the only truth. The BREMAIN camp from day one used fear alone nothing positive in that, no scapegoats BREXIT did that too.

    You do not debate with a person who has no democracy, it is not possible and we are seeing that unravel in the UK parliament.

    Nobody stated the prize we could all get from this instead the EU is now falling but they built a fake democracy lets make it a real one and see can we because we will NEVER EVER GET THE CHANCE TO DO IT AGAIN.

    Everyone and I swear every f%^k%^ on the planet cannot see what could happen here. It is almost like the elites are not allowing this final transitional step for it binds them in many ways.

    Now though the world it feels alien, see even my parliament is 95% BREMAIN how can they represent the population? They can’t, now BREMAIN demanding a rerun because they did not win? On top of that nobody in the government prepared to instigate article 50 to start the exit. So now we are held in a holding pattern of what? A country now unable to move forward, you can’t go back the > 50% how do you incorporate them into remaining in the EU.

    Worst of all worlds now and no BREMAIN I cannot sacrifice the principle yet in a democracy the winners seal the fate of the minority who then suffer … yea had that now 30 years I be glad when this life is over.

    In the end with my democracy I can fix or accept anything without it then nobody is safe and secure in their lives realising a democracy is your defender and strength but the great moderator and arbitrator too. It encompasses comapassion, see the 51% if they persecute and punish the losers humanity weakens there position passing the strength to the losers through human interaction increasing the number.

    The BREMAIN really do not understand democracy and that is because the EU they follow does not hold this principle. It is so kewl and living in a sardine can like we do if you had any other governance you would have been at each others throught 800 people per sq mile.

    Want a suggestion and i would flip and possibly many more could … the EU commission resign en masse at the next election of MEP’s and the MEP’s will vote and choose those in the highest position. THERE FIXED THE EU FOR YOU. Reckon I could then march and convert the lot of you if you let me have my democracy and what it brings but without it you fall into ruins.

    The EU commission in a way has worked tirelessly to build a social structure to be admired as did Cromwell yet it is still a fake tyranny but here comes the final choice … turn the structure over to all european peoples … it blossoms into democracy like Cromwells did in the end lasted 400 years or it falls into tyranny and unrest. We are just warming up to the latter. Could the EU commission handover power to the people or maintain the tyranny for that is the juncture the EU is now at …

    I would be BREMAIN in an instant if they did this for I would then think the prize was worth everything in the world but to sell out my democracy for something less is a price never worth paying. Now why did all those colonies come to defend the UK in her hour of need WW2? A price worth paying to preserve or was it just Hitler I think the former.

    Humantiy is so shallow and stupid it really begs belief we got this far and you know that EU prize I ask you now how much would you pay for it? How I see what the EU could be if those running the show turned it over to the people? Go on give me a price … but it has to be the EU commission hands over what they built over to the people of europe and no Germany it is not just for you.

    Ever wonder why even these last few decades why it always seems to have to include the Britain into the mix. Why? Is it the Cromwellian spark of democracy and freedom passed to us through the generations.

    So what comes next, do we lose the most coveted prize I mean I don’t mind being on a little old island and fighting forever over wether I can have my democracy or not. You must all decide if you carry democracy or not … I hope you do.

    Also with my view BREXIT and BREMAIN do you want the prize or you going to sit and argue forever. If so keep well away from me because I like neither of you again you do not hold democracy in your heart so go spin!

    Have a nice day all … I keep my little old Cromwellian democracy safe thank you because it is mine and it can never be taken and I get to take it with me when I go.

    We are here for a nano second in the history of the world the only thing we can do is leave something worth preserving forever “my democracy”.

    Hope it not too long all and worth the read for you either got it or you ain’t and you can’t have mine ever.

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    1. Arfur · ·

      Good post, Mark.

      Let’s wait for the dust to settle. Emotions are high and people – mostly Bremainers – are reacting not reasoning.

      The politicians need to stop thinking for themselves and start representing the people of the UK. They actually need to earn their crust now.

      The referendum never should have been about politics – as in political parties. It was about an individual choice. It shouldn’t matter whether one was Labour or Conservative, UKIP or SNP, Christian or Muslim, parent or child, brother or sister.

      It was about a simple choice re the way this country is governed beyond and within it’s own borders and the responsibility of the elected to the plebiscite. The choice has been made and it is frankly pathetic to see so much puerile nonsense from so-called leaders in the aftermath.

      If Remain had won I can honestly say I would have accepted the result with grace, even though I would have been disappointed. The fact that (mostly Labour) politicians seem to be unable to accept the decision of the public just shows how out of touch they are. Same goes for Nicola Sturgeon. They are acting like school kids. As for the ‘youth’ who feel they have been ‘let down’ by their elders, well they should have voted – and maybe get some life experiences before whingeing.

      I’m beginning to rant so I’ll shut up!

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  8. What chance that the elite, having put off Article 50 until October, have bought time in which to wait for (or engineer) a financial crisis, and then stage a counter-coup with a second referendum? Someone has asked this on my own site, which is why I ask.

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    1. flyer · ·

      You can bet on it!

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    2. @drtimmorgan

      Why? “Another proposal is not to use the article at all but instead repeal the 1972 European Communities Act that gives effect to EU laws” we have been misled I think.

      See ther bloody date when you access the link 24th June 2016 not completed. These wolves are moving fast don’t ya think. Bypass the Libon Treaty its been nerfed. Likely major powers knew it was in there and Germany will have a free get out too.

      If you were unlucky to have signed up after this … chances are you can’t get out!

      A 2nd referendum breaks democracy because all the actions democratically taken against me in my life start to unravel. Blood bath coming or my option where the EU is revealed as a tyrant never to truly hand democracy to the european peoples or it does then the wolves here get it.

      We are being played and they are moving fast.

      Note:- Carswell name on the documentation who has sidelined Farage a tory plant it looks like now. Cameron was a chicken too in the economist

      24th June 2016 he promised an immediate article 50 but he never won. Chicken shit! I don’t want it I want my prize now and I do not want the EU to go up in smoke. In that economist article is the mention of the european communities act so chances are they knew this all along.

      We have possibly always had the get out and I reckon so has Germany and France but we not being in could wreck it the day we played the card and THAT DAY IS HERE. If we had gone in we could not have played the card so Cameron and there may be some truth have played the double-double bluff knowing path was clear NO ARTICLE 50.

      Now I don’t like BREMAIN because they feel they have the right to break democracy because it suits them. But can you see they have been played too, our politicians on all sides were playing us so it is a total collapse in the democratic rule.

      My prize please because the play is BREXIT + BREMAIN we champion together we only ask the EU commission to step down give the elected MEP’s the power and we both tell the fucking lot of politicians here to piss off.

      This is maybe a reverse coup off to post the above because the trail of treachery by the poiticians is seemingly never ending and not necessarily what you thought.


  9. Edward Hurst · ·

    A note from The Scottish Borders….While the majority of my family and friends voted leave some of those supporting Remain did so because they REALLY REALLY DID NOT WANT another Scottish Independence Referendum and would have rather stayed bonded to europe than live in an Independent Scotland in any shape or form. So a percentage of Scottish Remain voters are not necessarily in favour of Scottish Independence for this and probably many other reasons. Scotland needs to be part of something bigger to survive and the SNP seem to think being part of the EU dictatorship is better than being part of a free democratic Great Britain.

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  10. Some Chicken! Some Neck! · ·

    Thank you Moraymint. You have always put into words perfectly how I also felt. My great grandfather fought in WW1, my grandfather was a D-Day Veteran, my father saw active service in Malaya and I did in Northern Ireland in the ’80’s, and I have watched this country’s freedom and democracy, so bitterly fought for, won and protected, slowly stolen from us by Brussels. Remarkably, and wonderfully, we now have it back without British blood having been spilt to regain it (as was inevitable if we had stayed on the course our treacherous leaders were taking us on). Knowing that other people could see through the EU and elites’ lies and deceit, people such as your good self, Daniel Hannan and the like, has maintained my hope in our country and its people. Today they spoke and won a momentous victory for democracy. Once again, thank you for keeping the faith and helping me to keep mine with your insightful posts.


  11. Bill Best · ·

    Fantastic! Hardly got a minute of sleep last night here in Ghana. English through and through but unable to vote unfortunately. Today I am extremely proud of my British brethren for standing up to the bullies in Westminster and Brussels. A special vote of thanks to the good people of wales who did us proud. Thank you all who voted for Brexit!


  12. astute angle · ·

    I’m unexpectedly pleased, but I think that the hard work starts now. A group of us at work had a frank discussion about the result and although the younger ones voted Remain many did so reluctantly. They don’t like the EU but they are too young to know any different, so they are justifiably worried and their worries should not be dismissed. Additionally, I have some colleagues from other EU countries and they need re-assurance that their skilled status will be valued, that we do not want to ‘kick them out’. I am not going to indulge in any jingoistic flag waving, I’m not in the mood for it.


  13. Phil Shawcross · ·

    English born but now living in Cape Town, thanks for your blogs, always thoughtful, I am proud of all the Brits who had the courage to vote leave.

    I cannot quite understand the thinking of the Scots, history has shown they have been pioneers, explorers, inventors always seeking new frontiers. The Scottish names of those early pioneers in graveyards here in South Africa are tribute to that spirit. What has happened? Why do the majority want to tie themselves to a moribund European Union and its anti-democratic elite and not look to the wider world?

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  14. Robert E Lee · ·

    My hopes were fulfilled MM. The DKs came good in the end.
    I note the poisoned munchkin is invoking the possibility of a second referendum on Scottish independence. Will she ever give up?
    Cameron and Osborne were toast once Brexit won. I don’t think Carney’s position is tenable either, having pinned his colours to the ‘remain’ mast.
    I note the markets in France and Spain have dropped by twice the % than the footsie’s suffered.
    The EU is now holed below the waterline and the € won’t survive five years in its current format.
    A good day, and as the quote from the film ‘Local Hero’ goes, “Interesting times Archie. Interesting times.”

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    1. Arfur · ·

      [“I note the poisoned munchkin is invoking the possibility of a second referendum on Scottish independence. Will she ever give up?”]

      It would be the political equivalent of leaving the RMS Carpathia and rowing back to the Titanic as it slowly descends to the bottom of the Atlantic.

      I don’t think the Scots are that daft. Choosing whether or not to leave the UK is a very different debate to Brexit. If she campaigns to leave the UK in order to join the EU, I suspect she will be disappointed.

      Let’s see what happens after the dust has settled.

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      1. I agree Arfur.

        What is more the canny Scots know that rejoining the EU means adopting the Euro, and adopting the Euro means bailing out Greece (and Spain, Portugal, France and Italy). They’re not that daft.


  15. Arfur · ·


    Cameron (and, by association, Osborne) has played this all wrong.

    He needed to remember that he represented just one vote – as it was an referendum, not an election. All he had to do was to say to the country “It’s your decision…”, not get involved in any election-type campaigning, and then promise to continue steering the country to the ‘best of his ability’ in the direction which the country chose.

    Tying his flag to the Remain mast was an unnecessary and naive gesture, and his mis-reading of the popular sentiment has led to his resignation. I suspect Osborne will have to go the same way.

    It just shows that actions have consequences.

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  16. Simon Hodges · ·

    This is a great day for Europe and a bad day for the EU. These things are not the same.

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  17. Gavin Noonan · ·

    As a New Zealander I recently enjoyed reading your recent article on Charles Upham and his thoughts on Britain vs Europe in the 1960’s, as you were entering the then European Common Market. Whilst Upham voiced his concerns about trusting the Germans in particular, he was really appealing to Britain to stay out of the ECC. and to remember the debt that Britain owed New Zealand,Australia, Canada,and other Commonwealth Nations for their service in both World Wars to help the ‘Mother Country”.

    Of all the Nations that suffered most on Britain entering the ECC, New Zealand was the worst hit. So much of our exports went to Britain that we needed special considerations from European Common Market countries to protect our industries. Our then Trade Minister John Marshall for several years was backwards and forwards to Europe and Britain to get support for our protection. We were given a few short years to find other markets for our exports and then left to fight the battle on our own.

    Thousands of New Zealanders were so disappointed in the British stance, that from this time on we became friends of the world and gave up on the feeling of having a’Mother’, one who had turned her back on it’s child.

    Now the wheel has turned again and you are rejoicing in leaving Europe. The countries of European Union will spurn you, as a nation the world will not really trust you again. So who will be your friends to share trade, defense, education, common goals, and ideals? With the racist tone showed during the last months in Britain, the friendly countries you may wish to befriend has got a lot shorter.

    Always love it when the worm turns. Sadly you have just opened a million or so cans of them. I wish you good luck because you will need it. The expression that ” an English mans word is his bond” is a load of cock.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gavin, I understand exactly where you are coming from; New Zealand was treated disgracefully.

      I just hope that you can see that it was not at the hands of the British people, rather the political Establishment who lied and tricked us into a federal Europe that few of us wanted and none of us voted for.

      Now that the people have spoken perhaps you will forgive us.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. reallyoldbill · ·

      You may perhaps have read my post on that particular Upham thread, Gavin. I voted OUT in the last referendum in 1975 precisely because of the way the EEC insisted on treating NZ. You are making a mistake by confusing a country and its people with the political establishment.


  18. Brilliant! What a night.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Simon Hodges · ·

    I said 60% but it was 52%. So glad that project fear failed. We are not the Greek people. This is massive and now the pressure shifts to Europe. The pound and markets will recover far quicker than anyone thinks. Freedom for all of Europe and lets carry this momentum forward.

    Best Wishes to everyone in the UK and Europe.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Great stuff. But now the hard part starts. We need some calm political,leadership.

    And stay tuned for what happens in Brussels – I can still see a twist in this tail.

    Brilliant blog posts MM which I have widely shared.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. moraymint · ·

      Thank you, sir. Per Ardua.


  21. Thank you Moraymint for plugging away at this. I have enjoyed your postings over the years on the Telegraph’s website and will continue to enjoy your musings here. Regarding the result. As a lady once said “Rejoice, rejoice!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moraymint · ·

      You’re welcome; thank you.


  22. reallyoldbill · ·

    Well I sat up all night watching history being made once again in our great nation’s story. I couldn’t be prouder of the UK as it once again demonstrated that it put liberty, democracy and freedom above short term economic considerations. I note the expected turbulence on the financial markets, which is in part due to the constant talking down of our country’s prospects as an independent state by our own prime minister and chancellor, which is now a self-fulfilling prophesy, but will I am confident be short lived as markets adjust to the new reality. I am filled with renewed hope and confidence for the future. I just hope that Scotland doesn’t demand another referendum on independence; she has a smaller population than greater London which also voted to remain in the EU but will have to live with the result and having chosen to stay in the UK so should Scotland – that after all is how democracy works. As you rightly say, the idea that leaving the UK is a good idea but wishing to remain under the heel of Brussels makes absolutely no sense to anyone not bitten by the nationalist bug. Together the 4 nations of the UK forged a glorious history and together we can forge a similar future.

    Waiting for the shops to open so I can buy a bottle of champagne!

    My thanks to all who voted to leave.

    Liked by 4 people

  23. Craig · ·

    I’ve been up all night scarcely able to believe my eyes!
    Fantastic !
    Moray, thank you so much for your continued efforts over the months to spread the word…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. moraymint · ·

      Thank you, and you’re welcome. I write my blogs at 5 o’clock in the morning – to mitigate the wrath of Mrs Moraymint!

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Arfur · ·

    mm – thank you for your efforts. Blogs like this one played a modern day part in helping people do their own research.

    There is a difficult road ahead, but at least the UK will be able to choose its own path.

    Good work. (Bravo Zulu)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moraymint · ·

      Thank you; you’re welcome. Better this medium than everybody shooting each other …


  25. Susan Playfair · ·


    don’t know if my comment went into the comment box or as a mail – its nearly 7am and i’m cross eyed and about to get up and do a days running around on ships. Back to Zurich tonight and to Russia on sunday. shall garner opinions as I go!

    CONGRATULATIONS and take some credit for your most excellent blog and the thoughtful coverage.

    now the really difficult stuff begins. Scotland overwhelmingly voted IN (even Shetland, which I’m really suprised at), England voted OUT but not by a huge margin. Wales voted out by a bigger margin (steel, coal).

    Eire being allowed to vote was absolutely scandalous.

    this is all going to be soooo interesting. watch the political ripples spread through Yrp…….

    big hugs and enjoy the flying scotsman – what do you do on it may I ask?




    Liked by 1 person

    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Susan. To answer your last question, from time to time as a wee sideline, I host The Royal Scotsman train guests as we trundle around Scotland enjoying an Edwardian house party on rails. To my great astonishment, I get paid for it …


  26. Susan Playfair · ·

    Up since 5 here today in Holland. Just spoke to the hotel reception guy and said “its OUT for the UK” and he said “we’ll see about that…..”. i shall garner opinions as I travel East over the next few days and report back.

    So the next while will be fascinating in terms of making sure this actually happens and there are no slippery back room deals…..

    Be very proud of yourself Mr Moraymint – you played your part with cogent, witty and well through through arguments.



    Liked by 2 people

  27. flyer · ·

    Bloody brilliant, I’m ecstatic! It’s daytime here and I’ve been sitting at my laptop all day watching and swigging Merlot to ease the tension.

    Congratulations all! I feel so proud of my fellow countrymen; they weren’t taken in by the campaign of lies and deceit.

    Time to pop the Champagne I think.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. The question now is to how to reunite the public – bitterly divided after a truly nasty campaign, and with the ruling elite more discredited than ever.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. moraymint · ·

      That has to be the political class’s number one priority. But, as you say, their stock is now so low, where to start? We need the political equivalent of a second coming …

      Liked by 1 person

  29. Welcome to the start of the break up of the U.K.

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. moraymint · ·

      Yes, we really do live in interesting times. Empowerment of the people courtesy of the Internet (in a nutshell) …

      Liked by 1 person

  30. Arfur · ·

    A truly momentous day for democracy in Europe.

    (mm – Moray voted Remain by 122 votes? Golly that was close!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moraymint · ·

      Yes, I’m not surprised. Obviously, I’d hoped for the other result, but mustn’t complain …


  31. Andy Grafton · ·

    Wow. Wow. Wow.
    Been up all night watching the talking heads on TV. Awesome!
    23/6 – Independence Day!

    Liked by 2 people

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