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Post-EU Referendum analysis of the principal reasons for voting one way or the other threw out the following key conclusions. Remainians voted primarily out of fear of the economic and social consequences of us leaving the EU: honourable and fair enough. On the other hand, we Leavers voted primarily for self-determination: equally honourable and fair enough. Now, if the Establishment, the Political Class, the EU itself, or whosoever works to undermine the majority decision of the British people, there would be hell to pay.

Seventeen-and-a-half million people cannot possibly all be neo-Nazis. Indeed, statistically, a minuscule proportion of those of us who voted Leave are fascists. I have every confidence that this situation will come good for the British people and our friends in Europe and around the world. Personally, I love my fellow human beings and nought will change this as we chart a new course for the UK in the world, free from the shackles of The Treaty of Lisbon. I suspect the overwhelming majority of my fellow Leavers are of the same ilk.

But what of the Remainians and their heartfelt view that for the UK to exit the European Union spells economic, political and social disaster?

Well, our parliamentary democracy should now see the evolution of the Remain campaign into a coherent political movement making the case for the UK to JOIN the European Union and the euro currency (one must go with the other these days). Let’s call it the Join.EU campaign. If the case is strong enough for the UK to be part of the EU’s ambitions for the complete political, economic and social union of Europe’s nation states then, please, let’s deal with the debate in the Houses of Parliament and in the UK’s voting booths.

The EU Referendum is done and dusted. The UK must (repeat must) leave the European Union, or I fear there would be serious trouble in our society. Thirty five million of us all had the same information (call it lies, if you will) and we each made our respective decisions.  The (slim) majority voted in favour of Brexit. Period. That’s democracy, as hard to swallow as it is.

Now, if 16 million people want the UK to JOIN the European Union (which has absolutely every ambition, stated up-front and on-record, of creating a unified European superstate), then let’s debate this proposal for the future of our country and deal with it through the process of our recently recovered parliamentary democracy. Bear in mind that the British government-led campaign to have the UK retain its membership of the EU never once majored on the benefits of membership of a superstate governed by an unelected elite (the European Commission); this was never explained to the British public, for obvious reasons. Instead, the Remain campaign stayed focused on one thing and one thing only: the catastrophic economic consequences of the UK leaving the EU. The EU is founded upon this deceit; that if you ply the public with the economics of the European Union, they’ll be hoodwinked into ignoring, or at least subordinating the democracy-free politics of it all in the name of the greater European good.  Like I said earlier, fair enough, but the British government was deliberately disingenuous about the politics of the European Union .

So please, let’s drop the Referendum/Leave/Remain history and look to the future. Leave is going to happen. I’d now like to see and have a debate about the case for the UK becoming a vassal state of a European Empire if such a groundswell of political opinion persists. However, Join.EU had better move quickly, because the EU’s days are numbered, mainly thanks to the ill-conceived Euro Monetary Union (watch the video below) and the evident lack of a European demos (note the irreversibly rising levels of Euroscepticism across the continent).

I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that any Join.EU campaign would struggle to get much traction. It’s one thing to lament the outcome of a referendum; it’s another thing to make a credible and palatable case for ceding a nation’s sovereignty to a foreign oligarchy.

Meantime, as I write this, I say well done Lewis Hamilton for winning the British F1 Grand Prix. Well done Andy Murray for winning at Wimbledon. And tonight, I’m supporting the UK’s oldest ally, Portugal in the EUFA Euro 2016 football final. Slainte! Despite everything, damn it all, I love being British; a citizen living under a constitutional monarchy governed within a sovereign parliamentary democracy.

Sorry guys, but I’ll need some persuading to relinquish all this and swear my allegiance to Jean-Claude Juncker, or whichever bureaucrat is appointed to succeed him – without your say so, or mine …


Meantime, of course, we should expect the British government to get on and negotiate and lead the UK’s exit from the European Union, with or without the Join.EU campaign.  Dr Richard North put together a good proposal for this in his publication ‘Flexcit‘.  Also, Daniel Hannan MEP and Douglas Carswell MP together some time ago wrote ‘The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain’, which is a good read.  There are plenty of ideas out there.  It’s just a shame (well, a disgrace really) that the British government bet the farm on Remain.

The European Debt Crisis Visualised



  1. Absolutely spot on … I still only have one reason for BREXIT, a fully fledged democracy and no more appointed commission. Figuring if I at least have that we can work out the other details as we go along. The sovereignty issue has to be considered but again if I have my democracy to defend me I can again go forward with it.

    This removes the like of Junkers who just appeared as a Tyrant aftrer the referendum.
    Merkel operates in the best interests of Germany already seen once, not the rest of europe.

    I want an ECB fit for purpose that does not launder monies with more bailout debt on Greece to be handed to european TBTF banks to then talk of directly bailing out those banks. Give the money to Greece then they slap 150 billion euros off their debt and the banks guess what? Got the money!

    Without it … no thanks not negotiable.

    BREXIT and BREMAIN need to get together because more now than ever before our parliament needs to be made accountable. Right decisions going forward please and cut the “racist” word out as a cheap shot and debate the real issues on both sides.

    Signed this too … and not to be awkward … NO to draw a line so we can all go forward and the future can be what we make it.

    Need a petition, 100% voting from now on like Australia. Alot harder to commit fraud but think it would give us that more accountable parliament we are currently lacking.

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  2. Robert E Lee · ·

    I’m English, but I’m also British. Note which comes first. You can be my ‘equal’ anytime, but tell Ms Sturgeon all about power trips please.

    MM, It looks as if the undecideds fell the right way for us. Some interesting stuff in Breitbart etc on the ‘toxicity’ of Nigel and the possibility/probability of the leave margin being a few percentage points wider without him. One thing’s certain though, and that is there would have been no referendum without him.
    I’m not keen on May. She did bugger all as Home Sec to even try to contain our borders. She’s as big an establishment figure as ‘Call me Dave’ who showed himself at his pusillanimous worst to turn and run when he lost a referendum of his own calling.
    I’d love the MSM to get behind what’s been unequivocally decided: Brexit. They and the remainers should grow up and crack on with it. Every time I hear remainers bleating about their 48% vote, it cements my firmly held belief that they “should feel the sting of the lash across their pitiful shoulders.” (John Kennedy Toole—A Confederacy of Dunces).
    Keep up the good work.

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  3. flyer · ·

    Yes I think we will leave the EU now, I did have my doubts immediately after the referendum, when the Remainers kicked up such an awful fuss. As glad as I am to be regaining our democracy, when I look at our political class, I sometimes wonder if our democracy was worth saving. I think so many people still are very naive as to what the European union really is and we’ve had a frighteningly close escape, so in spite of the faults of democracy, for me it’s Democracy every time.

    I love being British too and in spite of the fact that I haven’t set foot in my native country for many years, I’m looking forward to being able to return one day and once again being proud of my native land.

    The video is good too and I agree with it 100%. It upsets me to see Europe in such a mess, the Europe where I spent much of my early life, skiing and enjoying the food, was such a civilised and cultured place. I love Europe too, just not the European Union.

    I was reading an article by,Ambrose Evans Pritchard recently, about the flight of capital into government bonds, it seems the smart money is already sensing trouble. Finally, after all of these years of can kicking it seems we’ve just about come to the end of the road. Britain will be a lot better off navigating its own way through the coming financial disaster.

    People have often noticed, that in spite of the fact that I haven’t lived in Britain for so many years, I am still so very British. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I stop being British!

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  4. Arfur · ·


    A good post and an excellent video which pretty much nails the problem in my opinion.

    Essentially, the reasons for leaving the EU during the referendum are still extant. Our democracy remains intact and we can look forward (eventually) to avoiding any requirement to obey the diktat of Brussels. The threat to ‘De Economy’ was a straw man and the pathetic attempt to label all Brexiters as neo-Nazis has also been shown to be hyperbole. Overall, the argument of Democracy was the winner.

    Unfortunately the politicians – who almost universally covered themselves in shame and self-interest during the ‘debate’ – are now showing themselves for the shallow and dishonourable bunch they are. It saddens me that the future of our country is in such frail hands. The mainstream media, who are a major part of the problem, are going to have a field day with the upcoming leadership debates.

    I hope there are enough honest, intelligent and reasoning patriots still left in the UK parliament who can put self-service aside and do what is best for all of us.

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  5. Batsoupdragon · ·

    well said that man, although I’m not British, I’m Scottish. Its time for unions of equals – as difficult as any marriage. These power trips are so 20th century!


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    1. reallyoldbill · ·

      I have never seen any conflict between being English and British, Scottish and British or Welsh and British. I agree, however, that the United Kingdom should have equal partners, and the constitutional vandalism of Tony Blair (lest we forget a Scot) turned England from just that into a nation that dare not speak its name. The Scottish parliament which he created should have been mirrored by similar arrangements for England, but instead we were only offered the dismemberment of our ancient nation into EU-inspired artificial “regions”. Once we are free of the EU (and there are still determined efforts being made by powerful forces to thwart that) the unfinished business of fair constitutional reform for the UK will have to be properly addressed. The sight of an SNP bloc voting to prevent extended shop opening hours in England on Sundays, something already enjoyed by Scotland and which was an issue having absolutely no impact on their own constituents, should have concentrated a good few minds on the inequity and sustainability of the present situation. Unless this matter is fairly sorted, and soon, the SNP will continue to use it to foster bad feeling between England and Scotland to further their mischievous cause. Equality for each of the home nations is in the best interests of them all, and the only way that a rejuvenated and newly liberated United Kingdom can forge a prosperous future for itself in the post-Brexit world now before us.

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      1. moraymint · ·

        Very well put – and hear, hear!


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