London Bridge-2

Warning: this post contains black/military humour

I know we live in an era when to offend is to all but commit a crime, but I’m going to risk offending a few folk anyway (stuff it, I’m too old to care).

If the ongoing incident on London Bridge turns out to be a terrorist incident then I would say (a) don’t worry, be happy: the (Labour) Mayor of London (whose boss, the Leader of the Labour Party hangs out with terrorists, by the way) said that getting killed and maimed is just part and parcel of life in a British city nowadays, and I would also say (b) Islam is the religion of peace; so, whatever is going on on London Bridge, it can’t be anything at all, whatsoever, not in a 1,000 years be anything at all, ever, to do with Islam as such. So that’s OK.

It’s just some nutter who has no Islamic influence on his life at all, absolutely none at all to speak of, that is. The guy’s just killing a few people in keeping with the Mayor’s policy on dealing with Islamic fundamentalism as it affects British people living in cities and stuff; it’s like a part-and-parcel thing. But it’s got nothing to do with Islam being embedded in our society, or open borders, or #refugeeswelcomehere, or anything like that, OK? Got that?

That said, if it turns out that there is no incident on London Bridge, or it turns out to be some White Van Man – like a joiner or somebody – who’s had a few too many bevvies after work before losing control of his Transit then I rescind all the above and cry, ‘Heil The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and that nice Mr Corbyn!’, and I also cry enthusiastically, ‘Allahu Akbar!’

In case you’re wondering, I’ve not had a drink this evening because I’ve been the Dad Taxi. But I am getting a bit pissed off with our politicians telling us that Islam is the religion of peace and you or I can be arrested for declaring our hatred of its pernicious influence on our way of life. Indeed, sod it, we appear to be being slaughtered on our own streets in the name of Islam. I mean this isn’t Kabul, or Tripoli, or Baghdad or Raqqa or wherever; it’s London FFS. There, sorry if I’ve offended you. I’m off to bed now and will catch up on all the #hopenothate #notallmuslims #inthistogether #islammeanspeace #lightacandle #hugyourteddy etc etc crap in the morning – all being ably and enthusiastically purveyed by the BBC. Nighty night …


I tried to use black, military humour as best I could here. We need to open up a full, frank and forensic analysis of the pros and cons of Islam in our society. Not ‘radical Islam’, or, ‘Hard Islam’, or ‘Soft Islam’ (the politicos are trying that one with Brexit), or ‘Islamic fundamentalism’, or ‘Islamic Jihad’, but Islam. We need to take the religion of Islam off its pedestal, take off our kid gloves, lambast and ridicule Islam, draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, bring the Enlightenment to bear on Islam, scrub bandying about the preposterous term ‘hate crime’ and move to eliminate (rather than protect and promote) the Medieval, politico-religious creed that is a cancer in our society – before it eliminates us. Forget ‘moderate Islam’ and ‘radical Islam’ – we need to talk about Islam. Full stop. Every day we don’t discuss Islam, we move a day closer to the Caliphate. It’s not difficult …

Like I said in the wake of the Manchester Arena slaughter, we need a change of attitude.

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  1. Well said MM.

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  2. flyer · · Reply


    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Thanks flyer. It’s always difficult to know how to approach stories like the one you’ve posted here. Assuming the fertility rate information is academically/scientifically correct (that would be easily verified), the consequences as presented here are disturbing. But then one wonders what are the other scenarios associated with a fertility/birth-rate-driven societal change? Is the only trajectory a ‘bad’ one, so to speak?

      I don’t know the answers to these questions. I suppose what I do know is that we do seem to be sleepwalking at the moment when it comes to the threat posed to our way of life by what is clearly an Islamic religious ideology (politically-incorrect statement).

      Our challenge in the systemically politically-correct culture that we live at the moment is to figure how to open up a full, frank and forensic debate about responding to a Medieval religion embedded within our society. Even writing what I’ve written there in that last sentence will be deemed politically-incorrect by many (most?) people

      We’re conditioned to think that way thanks, primarily, to the sustained efforts of our political class over about a generation, and all of the paraphernalia of the state and the Establishment that hangs off the political class, including the Fourth Estate and especially the extraordinarily powerful BBC (when it comes to shaping the national mindset).

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  3. Well said as always Moray. I have been banging on about this to anyone who would listen since I first encountered large numbers of military age, so called refugees turning up in Dover and at the channel tunnel to claim asylum here. Around the same time I started reading Mark Steyn and his views on the demographic disaster we face. I recall when the Somalis and others (I will not accept they are British) set off bombs in London in 2005 and I thought then that maybe the public would wake up, but this was at the height of the Blair terror and he was the architect of much of the damage. So it was little surprise that it was swept under the carpet. The years have rolled by and we now have even more of these swine amongst us.

    The butchery of Lee Rigby I hoped would finally get the message through that we need in Churchill’s words “Action this day” But no, yet more platitdues and empty weasel words. My gut feeling is that the bombing in Manchester will prove to be a turning point. This was a new low in the undeclared war. There is something particularly sickenening about stealing the lives from children and I feel that finally the public are getting it. My view is that we need internment for the people that they are aware of, because clearly they dont have the resources to deal with the numbers. We need to deport where we can, and we need to get out of the ECHR and ECJ.

    I have to be honest I thought May’s statement was rather pitiful, but imagine what might happen if the communist terrorist apologist is elected to Prime Minister. With that said I will be voting UKIP. Despite my misgivings over Nuttall their manifesto is the only one that has the balls to address the issues that need to be addressed such as cutting aid to contries that hate us and putting an end to the BBC tv tax, plus my constituency has an alleged crook for the Conservative candidate.

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Good stuff in there, sir …


  4. It seems to me one of the biggest problems we’re up against, is that many people imagine Islam and Christianity are somehow comparable – two “great” religions that encourage good behaviour. This view appears to be practically unquestioned truth in the House of Commons. The myth is reinforced by such statements as “Jesus is regarded as a prophet in Islam”.

    The reality is that the two religions are very different in character (almost polar opposites in fact), an argument I made in this blog post:

    Incitement and Religion


  5. disillusionedbystander · · Reply

    Excellent, Moraymint. You have expressed very well what others are very clearly feeling. I completely agree with your sentiments. Enough of political correctness; we need to call it for what it actually is. People need to speak out. Islam is indeed killing us. The platitudes have to stop.

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Thanks bystander. Disappointingly, some of my real-life friends so to speak (few in number to be fair) are mortified that anyone should air views like I do here on the clear and present danger to our very way of life. It’s somehow not British (is, I think, they’re take). I may not agree with some of my friends’ attitude to this situation, but I’ll die for their right to hold and express it …

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  6. And the reaction from the muslim community? Harun Khan, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said that muslims were “outraged and disgusted”.

    We need a bit more than that matey. We need every mosque in the UK closed down until they can demonstrate that they have integrated a full anti-radicalisation programme and have a reporting system to alert police of any terrorist sympathisers. If any terrorist is found to have been a regular “worshipper” there should be permanent closure of the mosque and proceedings against the imam.

    Incidentally, as I type this I get a spelling error when typing muslim without a capital letter. They have to earn that – they are lucky that I am not more abusive about those that allow these scum to roam our streets.

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  7. Is it purely coincidence that this spate of attacks follows the defeat of IS in Syria and Iraq? It could be that IS is re-emphasising terrorism as their efforts at “conventional” warfare fail – but it’s also possible that the Europeans who travelled to the region are now returning, better trained and even more fanatical then when they left.

    It is to be hoped that these IS volunteers are not allowed back – but what is really happening about this seems far from clear.

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  8. Lady Magdalene · · Reply

    This is the consequence of mass immigration by a culture/faith which is incompatible with western society; enforced multi-culturism and political correctness, which did what was intended and silenced the native population.

    The Roman Empire collapsed when the barbarians broke through. Our political class invited them in and our civilisation will be fundamentally changed by Islam

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      I agree that we’re running out of time, fast. Sickeningly, our politicians are a huge part of the problem …

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  9. UKIP will NOT suspend campaigning-please see statement below

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      This is a demonstration of the sort of politically-incorrect brass neck that’s probably needed right now. Watch as the BBC goes into meltdown and other mainstream politicos slip into virtue-signalling overdrive …


  10. reallyoldbill · · Reply

    I live on the very outer fringes of London and I woke up this morning to the radio news of yet another slaughter of the innocents. I have lived through decades of terrorism in our capital city so in that sense it was not a novel experience. I spent much of my adult life in uniform fighting it. What was the most striking thing today though was, whilst we were treated to soundbites from all the usual political and community figures, some of whom even uttered the words terrorism and terrorists, that not one them added the word “Islamic”. It has become the word that cannot speak its name. In previous attacks upon our society there was no compunction about calling a spade a spade and describing the terrorists properly as “Palestinian terrorist”, “Irish republican terrorist” or whatever was appropriate. Nobody suggested that all Irish nationals with republican sympathies were terrorists or that all Palestinians living in the UK were terrorists, but there was no public outcry from sensible people about laying bare the motives of those who were. Why is Islam so different? These cowardly, misguided excuses for humanity, who still dwell in the medieval world and are driven by hatred of those who do not conform to their distorted beliefs, even if that includes fellow Muslims, are Islamic terrorists, pure and simple. Until our leaders confront that reality and start to ruthlessly root out those who preach the perverted form of Islam that leads to such atrocities, wherever in the world they may be hiding, we shall see no end to these acts of slaughter. Enough! Previous generations around the world knew full well that to poke the sleeping lion was going to have only one outcome, and not usually a good one for them. Our politicians may not be aware of it yet, but the lion is stirring and will not for much longer allow itself to be poked and prodded in this way.

    In a related indication of the hopelessly misguided way in which our political class react, although they spout the usual platitudes about not allowing the terrorists to win and affect our way of life etc etc, what is the first thing they do this morning? Announce that all electioneering will be suspended for 24 hours “as a mark of respect” for the victims. If stopping, even temporarily, the normal transaction of our democratic process is not allowing the terrorists to affect our way of life then I find it hard to imagine what it is. Personally, I am going to Lord’s to sit in the sunshine and watch some cricket while I ponder on how such an ancient and successful democracy came to be served by such dire and cowardly political classes.

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Excellent, Bill. Let’s all keep at the throats of the cretins who (purport to) govern us …


    2. Our national broadcaster, the BBC, won’t even use the term Islamic State, preferring “so called Islamic State”.

      It’s high time this pussyfooting around was stopped, preferably by closing down the left wing PC BBC.

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      1. moraymint · · Reply

        That one has always pissed me off, chip …


        1. Tom Taylor · · Reply

          The worst I’ve seen the BBC do was the second series of ‘Our Girl’ in which the Islamic terrorist bad guy is actually a white man and the main character, Michelle Keegan, is even saved by a soldier who is British Asian.

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          1. moraymint · · Reply

            Of late the BBC has been tripping over itself to weave into its news schedules subtle little celebrations of Muslim culture; they were doing it this morning on the Today programme. The day the BBC ever celebrates British culture in the wake of Islamic terrorist attacks on our people and our way of life will be the day I put up the bunting and pop the champagne cork. I shan’t hold my breath meantime.


  11. Robert E Lee · · Reply

    We might get somewhere if we could ‘uninvent’ the words racism and islamophobia. It’d be a bloody good start.

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  12. Malcolm · · Reply

    Moraymint, it’s 45 years since my time carrying my SMG/SLR (delete as appropriate), but I’m beginning to think it’s time I carried another!

    What is obvious is that I cannot expect any of the politicians in Parliament to safeguard either me or my country. And sadly we are about to vote in a GE for the least worst person.

    What are we to do to break the mold?

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      I think, and I really do think that as far as us civvies are concerned, the pen has to be mightier than the sword. I’d love to be able to carry a concealed weapon and drop any c**t that came at me, but that’s me coming over all Dirty Harry. So, we have to hammer our political class relentlessly in public on all forms of social media, in newspapers and so on, as well as writing directly to them – I send all of my elected politicians in local government, in Holyrood, in Westminster links to my writings. I agree that we must break the mould …

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    2. Vote UKIP.

      If course FPTP is now forcing people to vote for a party they don’t really want to in order to stop another party they really, really don’t like winning. Time for PR so every vote counts


  13. meltemian · · Reply

    The government can’t keep a lid on the root cause of these attacks much longer, if I’ve reached ‘seething’ there must be many with stronger reactions. It’s Going to Blow!!!

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    1. moraymint · · Reply

      Yes, the terrible irony here is that we ‘need’ (sorry) a few more of these attacks for the political class (especially), the Establishment and much of the mainstream media (the BBC especially) to get the message. The message is that Islam is killing us. Not ‘radical Islam’, nor ‘Islamic fundamentalism’, nor ‘so-called ISIS’, nor ‘hard Islam’, nor ‘soft Islam’ – not any of these Islams with politically-correct handles. Just Islam is killing us. And so we need to talk about Islam, without fear or favour. It’s not difficult, is it? Unless you’re a politico …

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  14. Peter · · Reply

    Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel.

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