5 Pillars of Islam

Hope, Anger and Courage

In a previous post on this subject I argued that if we were going to get serious about fighting the terrorist threat we now face, we needed to start with some form of societal change of attitude. Attitude is a settled way of feeling or thinking about something.

In that same post, I mocked somewhat the Hope Not Hate movement for being little more than a virtue-signalling irrelevance in terms of any serious fight for the survival of our way of life. Hoping rather than hating will not, per se, defeat terrorism.

However, I did refer to Augustine of Hippo’s wise words on the subject of hope. Augustine said, ‘Hope has two beautiful daughters: their names are anger and courage. Anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain as they are.’

Well, the events of recent weeks have certainly made me angry, and I suspect that that applies to you too. Whilst anger, or wrath might be one of the Seven Deadly Sins, anger – properly channelled – can be a positive emotion. Anger can be a motivating force; anger can reduce violence when the other party realises that the situation causing the anger must be resolved (or else); anger vented is a signal that something must happen, something must change.

Whose Attitude Needs to Change?

So, do we need to change our attitude to the threat now posed not only to our lives, but to our way of life?

My contention here is that it’s not millions of ordinary people like you and me who need to change their attitudes to the fight against Islamic terrorism. It’s the British political class, the Establishment and the Fourth Estate (especially the BBC, as always), who need to change their attitudes to the existential threat we now face.

Political Correctness

Islamic terrorists are killing us on our streets today. Political-correctness will almost certainly guarantee that Islamic terrorists will kill us on our streets tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. Listen to virtually any politician or senior police officer talking in the aftermath of the incidents in Manchester and London (twice); listen to, or read virtually every BBC news report on these incidents. Have the politicians, the senior police officers or the BBC given you any idea who’s behind these ‘terrorist attacks’? The Red Army Faction? Palestinians? The IRA? You’d have little or no idea if you relied on the British Establishment to explain who, or rather what was behind the people slaughtering our citizens lately.

What Sort of Islam Are We Up Against?

Let me tell you what was behind people being mown down, bombed and knifed in the past few weeks – not only in the UK, but in Europe and elsewhere too. The religion of Islam was behind these terror attacks. Not ‘radical Islam’; not ‘Islamic fundamentalism’; not ‘ISIS’ (known as ‘so-called Islamic State’ by the BBC, for fear of offending somebody, somewhere); not ‘Islamic jihad’; not any other form of labelled Islam. It was and remains the religion of Islam which now poses an existential threat to the United Kingdom (and the rest of the world as it happens, but let’s no go there for now).

Labelling Islam is the politically-correct way of avoiding offending people. Personally, I find it offensive that a woman enjoying an evening out in London should have a 10-inch blade plunged into her chest by a bloke shouting, ‘This is for Allah!’. However, to draw a connection between this particular murder and the religion of Islam could offend somebody, somewhere. So, the British Establishment’s strategy for fighting Islamic terror is, er, not to mention Islam. Try it and see. Over the next few days when you’re listening to a politician or a police officer or some other worthy pontificating about the recent attacks, or when you’re reading, or listening to BBC reports on the matter, see if you can figure out the nature of the terrorist threat we face. I mean, you know what was behind that lady being stabbed to death, but would you know simply by listening to those who are charged with governing us, protecting us, informing and educating us? I watch politicians tying themselves in knots trying to dissociate slaughter on our streets from the religion of Islam.

The Courage to Change

You can see why this is going to give us problems in the coming years and, what could easily be decades into the future as we fight for our lives and our very way of life against Islamic terrorism. If we’re not allowed to refer to the religion that dare not speaks its name, then forget fighting for our way of life; we may as well sign up to the Caliphate now and save a bunch of wretched souls from being blown to smithereens at pop concerts and the like.

I’m not advocating here for the eradication of Islam in our society, nor the persecution of Muslims, nor some other form of pogrom. However, our politicians need to free themselves from this pathological obsession with deferring and kowtowing to a Medieval, politico-religious creed that has absolutely no place in our post-Christian, Enlightened, plural and sophisticated society. Our politicians’ obsession with political-correctness, particularly in the context of the clear and present danger now facing us, must cease; and politicians must desist from protecting an ideology – Islam – which is the root cause of a movement determined to destroy us.

So, the question I would pose to the British political class is this:

Do you have the courage to change your attitude to Islam, and in so doing lay the foundations for this country to fight the greatest threat to its existence in generations?



So, what’s my expectation in imploring politicians and all the associated paraphernalia of the state, as well as the BBC and other mainstream media to change their attitude to Islam, thereby allowing us freely to explore the relationship between Islam and death on our streets? What are the societal implications of reversing our political-correctness towards the religion of Islam?

Well, in practice we must be prepared to dissect Islam in public, without fear or favour and to do so forensically. We must be able to speak freely about Islam and its influence, or not, on nutjobs hell-bent on murdering us. We must be able to criticise Islam. We must be free to offend Muslims and anybody else minded to speak for Islam. We must be prepared to lampoon Islam in the way, for example, Monty Python pilloried Christianity in ‘The Life of Brian’. Let’s hear the BBC’s ‘News Quiz’ cast taking the piss out of Islam in the same way they take the piss out of the Archbishop of Canterbury and Her Majesty The Queen.

We must be able to draw outrageous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. In short, we must be free to give Islam the same objective and irreverent treatment as we give pretty much anything and everyone else in our free society.

Also, we must be able and willing to monitor and control that which goes on in mosques, certainly for as long as there is any suspicion whatsoever that mosques are breeding grounds for fanatics. In so doing, we must have the legal powers to counter ‘bad’ mosques and, rather like we’d tackle an errant licenced premises, we must be able to close down mosques if that’s deemed to be best for society; bulldoze them to rubble if necessary.

In adopting this change of attitude and approach to Islam, we should be clear about the factions which exist within the religion and, therefore, who is most likely to cooperate in evolving Islam towards an acceptable form of worship in our society. Any new approach to our attitude to Islam in the way that I’m proposing here should be a cooperative approach. We need the Muslim community to buy in to and internalise profound, long-term change. If the Muslim community resists this change of attitude by our society, to its place in our society and the implications for the religion and its followers, then Islam in the UK should be crushed out of existence.

Finally, how would Muslims react to this culture change? Well, as we already know, some Muslims would be apoplectic. Perfect. Those Muslims who react badly or, indeed, openly and violently to having their religion put through the mangle of a free and democratic society will be exposed for what they are: criminals. We arrest those criminals and subject them to the laws of our land. Welcome to the 21st century and the nation which invented freedom.

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  1. flyer · ·


    1. moraymint · ·

      Interesting. Alarming.


  2. Good post, but I don’t see any viable path other than eradicating Islam, an ideology which advocates the murder of non-believers, even if those who ascribe to it are not themselves violent.

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  3. There’s going to be a march in Manchester organized by some of the pitifully small number of people in the UK today who dare to actively speak out publicly against the problematic aspects of Islam:

    “March In Manchester On Sunday 11th June”

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  4. Hang on a minute…….

    Lets attack the ball not the “man”

    Tackle the policies, issues etc. When Boris is seen with his shirt hanging out and his hair a mess, do we all start criticising his appearance?

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  5. Michael Foster · ·

    Long term, the influence of women may prove to be the crucial factor in defeating Islam. It wont come from the men, everything in the religion works to their advantage from their power over women and the fear they inspire which gives status to worthless individuals.
    There are a small number of muslims who are now ex-muslims but the fear, depression and loneliness they suffer is compounded by the guilt they fear of their actions upon their relatives who are targeted by the rest of their family and community.
    There must be many moderate muslims who now are questioning their ‘religion’ but are afraid to voice their fears.
    The state should be actively helping and promoting this process by any means possible, and in particular those measures which prevent women from exercising the freedoms which they should be enjoying in a free state; particularly the informal sharia courts.
    Who knows, the trickle could become a flood which sweeps this nightmare away.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Michael. I remember attending a lecture (one of many) during my year at Army Staff College (a long time ago now) and being told that the key to reforming (ie improving) the way of life for all (men, women and children) in many Middle-East and African countries was to emancipate women. I agree with your comment in this respect.


  6. Islam should be rejected in totality, it is immoral in the extreme. If you start talking to any Muslim groups at all you will end up accepting things that are not acceptable. A large majority of Muslims in Pakistan think apostates and blasphemers should be killed because Mohammed said so in the hadiths. This is mainstream Islam, not Wahhabi Islam or Salafi Islam, just plain ordinary Islam.

    Sorry but there is no sense whatever in trying to “evolve Islam towards an acceptable form of worship in our society”. This is a really bad idea, Islam should be rejected in totality. You cannot change what is written in the Islamic texts, and what is written there is very bad in all kinds of ways.

    There are a number of ex-Muslim groups – these are the people we should be encouraging in the UK, not fake “moderate” Muslims. There is no reason for Islam to exist in the modern world, there is no reason to tolerate this intolerant religion in any “form” whatever.


    1. moraymint · ·

      I suppose one could argue that there was a time in our history when Christianity held a vicious and apparently unshakeable and unchangeable grip on every aspect of life in our lands then. That was changed.

      My argument is that our politicians have to be prepared to expose Islam for what it is, or isn’t. I’m not saying that it’s axiomatic Islam is compatible with our desired way of life, but we need to expose Islam to the antiseptic of sunlight.

      Until we investigate Islam in the way I’ve explained in the post above, we can be absolutely certain it will be a cancer in our societal bloodstream. If it turns out as you say – that Islam is and never will be compatible with our culture – then like I’ve said in my post: it would need to be crushed.

      If you’re right, of course, Chauncey then my approach above will prove you to be so.


      1. However intolerant Christianity as an organized religion may have been in the past that is not backed up by Jesus’s teaching. They were partly able to pervert the religion in the way they did because the bible was not widely available in translations. I believe that the reformation paved the way (eventually) for the enlightenment because eventually people started to see the religion in totality instead of just pointing at particular things in the old testament. The old testament brutality is I believe over-ruled by Jesus’s message (I welcome anybody challenging my view on this I am not a theologian but this is how I understand it).

        I am an atheist and I see much that is problematic in Christianity, but I do recognize that this tolerant message of Jesus paved the way for us to reach our current enlightened state (that is now being undermined more every day). I also recognize there was great wisdom in some of Jesus’s teachings, that we ignore at our peril.

        Interestingly we are seeing the exact opposite trend with Islam, increasing intolerance. This is the case everywhere you look in the Islamic world today. I believe this is also partly due to the widespread availability of translations of the Koran, this is the true Islamic reformation.

        This is the point I am trying to hammer home in my incitement and religion post at my blog – it doesn’t matter what organized religion has done in the past (often in opposition in fact to the core religious texts), what matters is what is the core message of the religion. You cannot “reform” the organized religion in the case of Islam because the core message of the religious texts is immoral.

        Any one of the major points even on their own is enough to condemn this religion – you can’t leave the religion or you will be killed, enslaving non-Muslims is OK, sex with a nine year old is OK, etc.. To talk to “moderate” Muslims you have to turn a blind eye to incitement to murder no less – this is to give Muslims a special pass and relegate ourselves to second class citizens – we are unequal now under our own law. People are convicted for merely “grossly offensive” speech, a far lesser crime than incitement to murder. Totally unacceptable from the start.

        Totally agree with you on the need to allow this debate to take place of course, and I salute your position on the need to have the debate without hindrance. The powers that be seem increasingly inclined to make it illegal to express the view that I just expressed in that last paragraph. I constantly wonder when I will hear a knock on my own door. Perhaps I will have to seek political asylum in the US eventually.

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        1. moraymint · ·

          I do hope that in bringing this particular post directly to the attention of my elected representatives in Moray, Holyrood and Westminster they read all the comments here. In any case, I do feel that there is a growing pressure on the political class now from all quarters including – I’m pleased to say – from a range of ‘traditional’ British newspapers.

          PM May said, ‘Enough is enough’. She and her colleagues in the political class need to make actions speak louder than words now …


          1. When Theresa May says “enough is enough” what she means is its time to get busy with a broom sweeping the problem under the carpet and locking up the likes of the Pegida leaders. See her proposal for:

            Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders

            This proposal if enacted would make my words above illegal, it is clearly stated in the govt. document (details in that link).

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  7. Everyone needs to watch the 2016 Trevor Phillips CH4 programme, ‘What British Muslims Really Think’. The ICM Research that backed it up is an eye opener:

    * 50% believe being gay should be outlawed
    * 1 in 4 want to live under Sharia Law
    * 1 in 3 think polygamy is OK
    * 4 out of 10 believe women should always obey their husbands
    * 1 in 3 refuse to condemn the stoning of women accused of adultery
    * 1 in 3 think jews have too much power in the UK
    * A report from the Gatestone Institute found that more than 100,000 British Muslims sympathise with suicide bombers and people who commit other terrorist acts and only one in three British Muslims (34%) would contact the police if they believed that somebody close to them had become involved with jihadists.

    Never mind the islamic extremists who think the answer to their grievances is to murder British citizens, there’s a major problem with 100’s of 1,000’s of muslims and their views on our culture and our laws.

    LibLabCon (especially Labour) encouraged mass immigration (most comes from outside the EU BTW) & multiculturalism. The Labour party saw it as a way to boost its voter base (& screw the indigenous Labour voting population) and to impose a multicultural society on the UK.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Reinforces my point nicely, John …


  8. It is important I think to see how some of the points made here are answered by muslim teachers.

    This website provides some overview answers from an Islamic point of view

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  9. derekbernard · ·

    It seems to me that the developed world is sitting on a very large, growing and serious time-bomb. There are currently many, many tens of millions of young Moslem males being brain-washed into thinking that the Koran is the immutable truth. My consideration of the background of many of the mass-killers of recent decades suggests that even receiving higher education for many years in “the West” often clearly fails to undo that indoctrination.

    So, at any given moment there is a pipeline stretching ahead for 80 or so years, of many prospective religious mass-killers.

    Kemal Ataturk took massive strides to weaken the hold of the Koran, but even they weren’t enough to make the changes permanent in his own country. And, so far as I know, no current leader of any Moslem nation is even moving tentatively in that direction.

    The massive cultural shift that is required is almost certainly not within the capability of external forces.

    It is a rather bleak prospect.

    Derek Bernard

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Yes, a somewhat bleak analysis Derek; thanks for posting it.


  10. Clive Walker · ·

    These ‘homegrown’ islamic terrorists are a direct results of years of appeasement, i.e. politucal correctness 2017 style of the muslim community. Any one who dares to raise questions about how the muslim community in the UK has been allowed to create inner city areas of isolation from the wider community………. gets shouted down with the liberal left tag of ‘racist’.

    The UK should immediately ban the burka which in effect is merely the muslim male way of keeping women in their place. We do not treat women like that in the UK and there should be no exceptions.

    From a wider perspoective, there are 2 issues connected to the muslim community requiring urgent action:

    1. The number of muslims in prison.

    2. The uniusally high unemployment rate in the muslim community

    The muslim prison population in the UK is now circa 15%, why are so many muslims turnng to crime?

    It is estimated that 50% of men and 75% of women in the muslim community are unemployed:

    Unless the government acts to ensure muslims integrate, lay an active role in society, contribute and share we will have isolated pockets of people who are unemployed, unproductive with too much time on their hands who are ripe for radicalsation.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Some great points there, Clive; thanks.


    2. Robert E Lee · ·

      WS Churchill’s quote on appeasement springs to mind. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last.”

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  11. gordondiffey · ·

    Moraymint, I agree with the broad thrust of your article but reiterate a previously made statement that we need to understand the Salafi movement failure to do so will mean that we fail to understand what the extremists’ roots are. It is more widespread than many understand, Google Wahhabism – it is the dominant sect in Saudi Arabia and it actively supports Salafism.

    If we refuse to understand the source of the problem then it will flourish and the innocent vast majority of Muslims will get tarred by association. By admitting the source of the problem you can isolate the extremists from the mainstream. By ignoring the source of the problem we enable the totally uninformed to tarnish the majority.

    I get frustrated when people say it is nothing to do with Islam – it is but a very extreme view of Islam at the extremes of the Sunni sect. Admit it, define it and isolate it. You can then help mainstream Islam define itself and isolate the problem.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Great thanks. My postscript being drafted now addresses this issue of us needing to recognise the Islamic good guys and bad guys, so to speak. The efforts we make to expose and change the role and impact of Islam on our way of life should be contingent on a cooperative approach.


    2. Very well put.

      Ironically, though Wahhabism has long been the creed favoured by the Saudi rulers, they’re now getting alarmed about it, and are trying to distance themselves from its recent manifestations (nb their spat with Qatar). It has been reported that the UK authorities have compiled (but are witholding) a report on Saudi influence in Britain. Obviously, if these reports are correct, it should be published forthwith.

      A principle rule of strategy is “don’t do what the enemy expects you to do – and, above all, don’t do what he wants you to do”. IS wants to provoke an anti-Muslim backlash, driving a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims in the West, thereby swelling the ranks of IS. We need to ensure that we do NOT do this.

      One answer lies in enforcing the law against incitement to violence “without fear of favour”, and not letting “sensitivity” blunt its application. Justice needs to be seen to be done.

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  12. Robert E Lee · ·

    As usual MM IPOTARTP.

    I watched with morbid fascination this morning, an interview with Cressida Dick, having some months ago read a lengthy opinion piece about her. I foretold the outcome 10 minutes prior to the interview with Piers Morgan. “Just see how long it takes her to give a direct answer to a straight question”, I intoned to Mrs Lee. With much prevarication, and half the interview completed, we were still awaiting an answer from Ms Dick (The question was along the lines of “do we need more armed police on the streets?”) A convoluted and strangled ‘yes’ appeared to be what she was frightened to say out loud, and this was imlicitly conceded near the end of the session.

    A few points spring to mind here. 1. Dick was earmarked at Staff College early in her police career as ‘the right stuff’ to lead the Met. Diligent, diplomatic and grey. Unlikely to ruffle any feathers (my words). 2. For all the world, she’s a Theresa May figure. Grey, wooly, ineffectual and vacuous. 3. The son of an old aquaintance of mine is now a (very) senior officer in the police service (do we ever call it a force any more?) , and he regularly complains at being hamstrung by political correctness. 4. As Peter Hitchens opines, we have a ‘Broken Compass’, and will never sail into calmer waters until we have a complete change of mindset. This will involve the growing of cojones by politicians and public servants of all stripes. In that way, they can confront the problems of Islam and more particularly, jihad, head on and relegate terms like ‘political correctness,’ ‘Islamophobia,’ ‘racism,’ and tolerance,’ to their rightful place in the lexicon,— not use them as a shield to hide behind, a crutch to lean on, or a stick to bat away troublesome questions.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Fascinating; thanks! I’m drafting a postscript to the above post; I’ll put it up within the hour. I want to explore the practical implications of a societal change of attitude to Islam …


      1. Robert E Lee · ·

        Cressida Dick cut a faintly ridiculous image this a.m. on the news. Attired in a hat two sizes too large, thus depressing one ear a la Freddie Parrot Face Davies, she also wore a stab-vest. Why?

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        1. moraymint · ·

          I saw a screenshot of that and had two parallel thoughts: ‘What a plonker’ and ‘How quaintly British’. Seriously, though, it does raise the question of whether looking the part is part of the battle. I mean, if she was your battalion commander and you were poised to go into battle and she stood in front of your lines to give you your pre-combat pep talk, what would you be thinking? If she can’t even wear a uniform presentably and professionally, should she be in a uniform at all? My experience as a commanding officer was that your soldiers watch you and judge you forensically from every possible angle. If they sense for a moment the slightest evidence of plonkerism, you have a problem as a commander. God knows if Dick is really a dick, but I hope fervently that she isn’t …



“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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