EU-UK Negotiations

On Monday 19 June, the British Government and the European Commission will start their negotiations regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union (Brexit). It is a fact that the British, European and other political and societal elites who wanted the UK to remain in the European Union are now doing everything within their powers to undermine, if not reverse completely the British people’s decision to the leave the European Union.

The British People Voted Leave

On 23 June 2016, over 17 million British people – the majority who voted – voted for the UK to leave the European Union. There has been no time in all British history when so many people have come out to vote in such numbers for a particular course of action. The arguments against the UK leaving the European Union (the Remain campaign) were founded wholly and exclusively on scaring the British people half to death about the economic and social consequences of Brexit. The majority of British people rejected those arguments, were not scared by them and voted in favour of Leave. The British people didn’t vote for a labelled (‘soft’) Brexit – that option wasn’t on the ballot paper; they voted for Brexit – for the UK to leave the European Union. Full stop.

Ms Gina Miller – Remain Supporter

One of the Remain crusaders was Ms Gina Miller. Ms Miller did the Leave campaign an enormous service by forcing the British people’s EU Referendum decision to be considered by the Supreme Court. The Court’s judgement precipitated a vote in the House of Commons. Of the 650 Members of Parliament, 494 of them (over 75% of the House) voted in favour of triggering Article 50 of The Treaty of Lisbon. That overwhelming majority vote made it a legal requirement for the UK to leave the European Union.

Conservative & Labour Party Manifestos

In the UK General Election on 8 June 2017 both the Conservative and Labour Party manifestos made it clear that each of those political parties was resolved to implement Brexit; to take the UK out of the European Single Market and out of the EU Customs Union. On election day, 85% of the electorate voted for either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party. The fervently pro-Remain political party, the Liberal Democrats polled just over 7% of the votes and secured a mere 12 seats in Parliament. Hardly a ringing popular endorsement for the UK to remain in the European Union. The leader of the Liberal Democrats has – not surprisingly – since resigned, citing other spurious reasons for so doing.

Letter to My Member of Parliament

In light of all the above, today I wrote the following letter to my Member of Parliament, Mr Douglas Ross.

Many congratulations on your election to the House of Commons as the MP for Moray. It’s well deserved and I’m delighted for you, for the Conservative Party and for the people of Moray. My wife and I have watched your progress in politics over the years, having lived in Moray on and off since 1984. We’ve been here in the village that we now live in for 23 years and have been thankful for your support in the past.

I wanted to express my views to you on the matter of Brexit, the trajectory of which concerns me.

Views of the Leader of the Conservatives in Scotland

Ruth Davidson (Note to Blog readers: Ms Davidson is a Member of the Scottish Parliament and leader of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party) is on record as saying that in terms of shaping what Brexit means in practice, economic issues should take precedence over matters of UK sovereignty, not least including controlling immigration. This, of course, is the classic deceit which underpins the very existence of the European Union. Namely, to exploit people’s natural fears about their future economic circumstances in order to pursue political objectives largely without popular consent. Indeed, the Remain campaign was founded entirely on playing on people’s economic fears (‘Project Fear’), which the British people rejected on 23 June 2016.

The European Union – A Potted History

I hope very much that Ms Davidson and you have studied the history of the European Union in order to understand comprehensively what and who you’re now dealing with as British politicians.

If you have read the history of the EU, you will know that the idea first conceived back in the 1920s by 2 senior officials of the League of Nations – Jean Monnet and Arthur Salter, a British civil servant – was a United States of Europe, ruled by a government of unelected technocrats like themselves. Two things were anathema to them: nation states with the power of veto (which they had seen destroy the League of Nations) and any need to consult the wishes of the people in elections.

As Booker & North explained in their book, ‘The Great Deception’, this was the idea that Monnet put at the heart of ‘Le Projet’ from 1950 onwards, modelling his ‘government of Europe’ on precisely the same 4 institutions which made up the League of Nations: a commission, a council of ministers, a parliament and a court. Booker & North observed that, ‘thus, step by step over decades, Monnet’s technocratic dream has come to pass’.

The British People Chose Sovereignty

Until, that is, the 23 June 2016 – as far as the UK is concerned, anyway. Thankfully, the British people – when eventually given the opportunity to express their consent, or otherwise to being railroaded towards a ‘technocratic dream’ – chose sovereignty.

To be clear, Douglas, over 17 million British people did not tick a box on the EU Referendum ballot paper which said, ‘Primarily Economic Security’ – which seems to be Ms Davidson’s misunderstanding of what people like me voted for. Post-Referendum analysis of voting rationale shows clearly that the issues of greatest concern to the British people were the EU itself (the extraordinary degree of control it exerts over the functioning of our nation) and immigration – with the economy falling a considerable way behind these 2 principal concerns.

Brexit Means Brexit

In its EU Referendum campaign literature, the British Conservative Government made it quite clear that, ‘This is [the British people’s] decision. The Government will implement what you decide’. In deciding that the UK should leave the European Union, it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that the British people expected the Government to implement the following:

Law Making. To reinstate the absolute judicial supremacy of the Houses of Parliament, thereby removing the UK from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Border Controls. To resume full control of the nation’s borders, exercising total sovereign decision-making about who enters our country, how, when and for what reasons.

Maritime. To reinstate full sovereignty of the UK’s Territorial Waters.

Trade. To reinstate the UK’s sovereign right to sign trade agreements with any countries it chooses. This means the UK leaving the European Single Market and the EU Customs Union and freeing ourselves from all the conditions and constraints that go with these agreements.

Finance. To resume full control of the nation’s finances, with no future payments being made to the European Union budget. There should be no final settlement money passed to the EU simply as a ‘golden goodbye’.

Ruth Davidson: Misguided or Disingenuous or Both

Ruth Davidson is misguided if she thinks that the British people voted Leave primarily for economic reasons. Indeed, Ms Davidson is being disingenuous to trumpet such a case, showing a certain contempt for those of us – the majority – who voted for the UK to leave the EU for reasons which are known and in the public domain. There’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the British people voted primarily to secure an ongoing economic relationship with the EU so why, I wonder, is Ms Davidson pushing this line?

I go back to Jean Monnet, the Founding Father of the EU, who said on 3 April 1952 in relation to how the European Union should work that, ‘the fusion of economic functions would compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European State’. Monnet also observed that in Europe there should be, ‘economic unity [as a result of which] mutual commitments will make it fairly easy to produce political union, which is the goal’.

A Democratic Duty to Support Brexit

Therefore, as a Leave-voting constituent of yours, I should like some reassurance that, in working in the UK Parliament as you now do, you will focus on supporting the decision of the majority of British people on 23 June 2016 – which was not to place economic considerations at the top of the agenda, but rather to recover the UK’s sovereignty.

I have copied this letter to Ruth Davidson and, notwithstanding my concerns expressed in this letter, wish you both all the very best during what are going to be some very difficult years indeed.

Thanks for reading. If you think this post is worth sharing and discussing, click on one or more of the relevant buttons below and/or comment as you wish. If you agree with the case for Brexit made in this post, consider emailing it to your Member of Parliament. In any case, have a great weekend.




  1. Jim Baird · ·

    I remember when we voted in 1975 we voted to be part ot the COMMON MARKET.

    We did not vote to be suborned by a European Supreme Court, we did not vote for an EU Army and we certainly did not vote for open borders where workers could arrive from Romania (or wherever) and immedialy claim child allowances to be sent to their families back home.

    So, if a Common Market was on offer again (without these other minor inconveniences) I would have voted for that but was not on offer. It was “give up your sovereignty or and stay in Europe or Vote NO”
    I voted NO.


  2. Mark Deacon · ·

    Forgot to add Moraymint, “the EU is the penchulant king once again” and one other point no institution that is not democratic can allow democracy which is the argument BREMAIN will try.

    A constructive principle though and if this wins then we win … currently being denied by elites.

    Flip the EU to a democracy, means an elected commission selected from the democratically elected MEP’s only much like our own and actually it would be fine to join then but not before. Democracy then flows from the ordinary person into the european parliament. At the moment it is being blocked as a power and control mechanism.

    This last point needs championing more than any other.

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  3. Fully agree on the sovereignty issue Moraymint but the BREMAINERS do not seem to quite comprehend.

    1.) The UK parliament is sovereign above everything. Hell we could legitimise murder if the population could stomach it because this is the principle of how all our laws and society was derived. When they broke this they put a risk the whole collective of UK laws.

    2.) No current parliament can bind a future one neither so even if you manage to overturn BREXIT, within 20 years of the current economic system I can see a future rebel parliament legal or not forcing it.

    More important though is the concept of a meaningful vote that influences ones life and the EU commission does not allow this. Hence the fake MEP’s are no more than nodding dogs to the EU commission’s orders. Once that meaningful voice is lost please define a slave for me?

    Seems WordPress doesn’t like this expressed but censorship is all part of the slavery.

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  4. Another nice précis of the situation – thanks Mr Mint!

    I have forwarded a summary and the link to my new (Conservative) MP in Aberdeenshire – with zero expectation of anything but the typical anodyne response – but at least when TSHTF hey will not be able to say “we had no idea ”

    Well- they will probably say it anyway !!!

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  5. Robert E Lee · ·

    MM, as you are aware, I’ve been a champion of ‘The Great Deception’ for many a long year, and advocated compulsory reading of it for all those of voting age, (which in my opinion should be raised to 45yrs, minimum).

    Have you noticed Christopher Booker’s recent volte-face over the last few months? His articles now condemn ‘hard Brexit’ (which I think means simply walking away) as suicidal and unworkable and he now advocates membership of the EEA and EFTA (Norway Model) as our only hope of salvation from the mess in which we are currently entwined. This is in stark contrast to his “we are shackled to the rotting corpse that is the EU” as espoused in The Great Deception. He also says in today’s Telegraph, that to be a member of the EU customs union, it’s a sine qua non to be an EU member. This is nonsense, as Turkey (to their cost) are indeed inside the customs union, but outside the EU. I mention the above because my hitherto universal admiration for Booker is alas on the wain. I think the old boy is losing the plot. Either that, or he’s been hopelessly wrong for the previous 15 years, and fooled a lot of people along the way, including me.

    Regarding Ms Davidson, to whom Peter Hitchens refers as Kim Jong-Unconservative (note their striking physical similarities,and the fact you never see both of them in the room at the same time), he opines that she never was and never will be a ‘conservative’. One only need look at what she stands for to appreciate Hitchens’ viewpoint. A Tory/Conservative for convenience and power, but that’s all.

    Regrettably, I see only a very rocky road ahead, and it stretches seemingly without end. Our ‘leaders’ are incapable of showing leadership because they are virtually all low-calibre political opportunists, interested only in power at any cost. Witness the abject hopelessness of Theresa May ever since she took office as “Prime” Minister. (If you want a chuckle, just check out the synonyms for prime. An old police chum of mine, when given to despair at locking up villains used to resort to a pithy Yorkshire expression: “They should all be shot with $hit from a leather blunderbuss.”

    Onwards and upwards!

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  6. reallyoldbill · ·

    Note to Moraymint:
    For some reason I am having trouble posting on this blog today. This is my third attempt (after which I may give up) but should it eventually appear multiple times then could you please edit out the duplicates?


    I like your letter, MM, and hope that your new MP takes proper note, although given the attitude of his Scottish Tory leader, Ms Davidson, he may find his loyalties torn. Do you know what his views were on Brexit prior to being elected? I am lucky in that my Tory MP has always been a staunch leaver and I was therefore happy to vote for him, although as I told him on my doorstep during the campaign, it was in spite of not because of the Prime Minister who I regard as a disaster rather than the asset her campaign portrayed. He was thankfully returned against the prevailing London swing to Labour. At which point I must offer my thanks to those sensible Scottish voters who turned to the Tories and against the SNP; without those gains north of the border we would now be looking at a Corbyn-led coalition government which is a prospect too dreadful to contemplate. How on Earth could an unreformed hard-line extremist like him ever get so close to gaining the keys of state in a moderate nation like the UK? The fragile position in which the country now finds itself is something which has to be laid at the feet of only one person, our lamentable PM, and the slimness of the working majority, even with the help of the DUP, will not help the passage of necessary legislation as we work through the Brexit process. Labour has shown clearly in the wake of the London tragedy that it is prepared to stoop to any low to try and exploit that government weakness and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to include opposing sensible Brexit legislation despite the undertakings in their own manifesto. There are difficult days ahead.

    As far as Brexit itself is concerned, I do harbour slight reservations about some in the cabinet like the Chancellor who seems to hold views similar to those of Ruth Davidson: economic considerations must be allowed to trump those of the full recovery of sovereignty, which would of course, nullify the whole concept of Brexit and is a nonsense. I have a strong feeling that despite the 80+% of the electorate voting for parties with Brexit at the heart of their manifesto there is still a movement to portray the British people as having increasing buyers regret and working to either dilute or fully reverse the referendum result. That would be a democratic disgrace and although the British people are famous for their patience and reserve would be a step too far; such patience is not limitless. Like others I have never taken part in any public demonstrations but should such a move become apparent then I wouldn’t hesitate to take to the streets. I have waited for over 40 years for the opportunity to express my objections to the ever increasing submerging of my country into a federal political union that I neither like nor want, and having now done so and found myself, as I always suspected, in the majority I am not prepared, as some of the establishment and faded political figures from our past seem to imagine I will be, to simply accept another betrayal. Brexit is now the law of the UK as you point out; any backsliding on that very clear position will see social unrest on a scale that is worrying to imagine, and for the first time in my long and law-abiding life I will be a part of it.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and enjoyable blog as ever.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Bill, and apologies if the site was causing problems. Your comment is up now, of course. Just email me if you get a similar problem.

      Douglas Ross voted Remain ☹️

      I agree with your observation about the nascent anger within the Leave community should our political class and all their Establishment and media hangers-on subvert the majority decision that the UK should withdraw from The Lisbon Treaty. There’s little or no sign of any such anger yet. However, should it become clear that the UK would be leaving the EU in name only, whilst carrying all the abuses of freedom, democracy and sovereignty that come with explicit EU membership then I’ll see you on the barricades …

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  7. Douglas Brodie · ·

    I was as dismayed as you when Ruth Davidson started threatening to rock the Brexit boat with her talk of an “open Brexit”. Her opportunistic move was particularly depressing coming after a year’s worth of Sturgeon’s nonsensical fabrications on Brexit, just when the election had put the SNP menace back in its box for the foreseeable future.

    I wrote to Ruth Davidson myself but got a Sturgeon-like response. She says “I want to see an open Brexit – one that prioritises jobs, trade and economic growth.” She made no attempt to justify how remaining in thrall to the sclerotic, protectionist EU with its unworkable, unreformable currency and up to 40% youth unemployment across much of southern Europe would achieve her priority.

    I also pointed out that the so-called “Norway model” which she perhaps has in mind was imposed on the Norwegian people without their consent by their EU-loving politicians, just as our Remainer politicians are seeking to do here in the UK. It dragooned Norway into the EU in all but name, but with no say in any of the rules and regulations they must obey. Shockingly, this happened after the Norwegian people had twice voted No to the EU in referendums, in 1972 and again in 1994.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Douglas. You reinforce well the overall thrust of my post: that the divide between rulers and the ruled within the dysfunctional European Union ‘family’ (ha!) is enormous and growing, I would say.

      I think the EU will disintegrate in the fullness of time, as did the Soviet Union. History suggests that these imposed political dreams of superstates usually turn into nightmares. They’re at odds with human nature, with the human condition. Sadly, when human beings become politicians something incredibly weird happens to their thought processes.


  8. flyer · ·

    I was just reading this article here:

    “We don’t belong in the EU’s evil empire”

    How scathing exposé The Rotten Heart of Europe revealed the true purpose of monetary union

    And you can download Connolly’s book at

    Connolly – The Rotten Heart of Europe; The Dirty War for Europe’s Money (1995)

    The sad thing is, I don’t even need to read this stuff, I need no further convincing. There’s something about the European Union that gives me the creeps. Politics just isn’t my thing, for me to spend years ranting and raving on blogs and writing articles, is totally uncharacteristic.

    I’ve always had an ability to visualize things and sometimes get frustrated when other people can’t see what I see, I can tell you I really don’t like what I’m seeing, it’s worse than most people can realise. I can just see evil and that’s what drives me to rant and write.

    Sometimes I despise the EU so much, the only thing I can do to calm down is to put my pack on my back and head into the mountains for a while to calm down.

    I’m sure we’ll eventually make it out of the EU, but it’s going to take many decades, if ever, to undo the damage it’s already done to our magnificent country.

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  9. Marianne Jaedick · ·

    Dear Malcom, what a geat article. I am from Germany and I can assure you that everything is just as bad in (still) my country – if not worse – as in yours. Right now a law is on the way even the UN complained about that it is completely against the constitution. Nevertheless our Minister of Justice Maas (of all people, what an insult) will bring it on the way and there is no stopping him. You would not believe what is going here in the land of Hitler and the holocaust. Even considering our history (which obviously thinking of the 12 years of rules by the Nazis I am not proud about) it is a nerve to call all Germans that are opposing this insanity „Nazis“, „right extremists“ or what other „shut-up-words“ they can think off. Our chancellor Merkel is Ex-DDR and installing an absolute dictatorship in Germany trying to put her way of reigning a state over the entire EU. „Germans, Germany, People“ are words she hardly uses anymore. She calls German people now „those who live her since some time“ and all the rest „those that live her now“ and everybody that is in the country now belongs tot her German people. She is absolutely crazy in my eyes. About 1000 citizens of Germany (the ones that live her for a long time) tried to take action against her in front of the Federal Court of Germany suing her for treason. Nothing came out of it, our highest judges did not even give an explanation. So, please, please fight for Brexit. The people of Europe have to realize that this was never and is never going to be a democratically ruled institution. You have some great people in the UK as we have in Germany (and in all the other countries of the western societies that are all going down the drains if this cannot be stopped right now) but I am afraid they are not the majority. We in Germany will see in September (when we have federal elections). I fear the worst. So thanks again for pointing out what is going on in the UK (beside the islamic take-over and terror attacks). Let us all hope that people wake up for a better and only livable future.
    Excuse my rusty English and the length of the comment.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Thanks Marianne. I think the anti-EU sentiment is indeed growing in Europe. But the political forces pushing back against that trend are truly enormous.

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  10. Edward Hurst · ·

    Excellent, I will, as you suggest, adapt and forward it on my MP and encourage others to do likewise.

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  11. Malcolm · ·

    As usual, a well thought out piece, which I 100%agree with. Could you have a word with Nigel, and take over the government please 😉

    I’m so disgusted with our politicians that I no longer vote for or listen to any one of them. And have not seen/listened to the BBC for a good eighteen months. So your article hits the thirst spot beautifully. Thank you.

    Speaking to a fellow member of my bowls club, he offered a comment that matches my own ; I’m that angry with our politicians that for the first time in my life I would happily march in a demonstration to ensure Brexit.

    After Manchester (less than 20 miles from me), and being ex forces like yourself, I am wondering if I don’t need a Glock on my belt?

    What a horrible thought to have in what should be a democratic country!


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    1. Malcolm · ·

      I should have quantified my comments with the fact that the thoughts of demonstrating or carrying a Glock, are hardly apt for a near 70 year old! Also my bowling friend is much closer to 80, so him thinking of demonstrating is quite a push!

      If I felt that the ballot box worked I’d be happy. Sadly I’m convinced that those counting the votes make the decision on who wins.

      Marches or votes don’t work, where do we go from here?

      There seems to be a concerted effort against Populism (think Trump and the Grenfel attacks on May) to overthrow the people’s voting decisions, especially Brexit. I see civil war less than a year away now. Prior to this I thought it five years away.



  12. A pity that not more people read Booker & North’s book on the EU prior to the referendum. The Leave share of the vote would have been even higher.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Hear, hear!



“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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