It’s hard not to conclude that something weird is going on in Europe and the European Union at the moment. Not yet reported by the BBC, but the Parliament of the Czech Republic has just voted to enshrine in its Constitution (subject to Senate approval) the right for its citizens to carry arms. It’s done this as a direct response to (a) ‘the security situation [in Europe] constantly worsening’ and (b) an EU Directive prohibiting certain weapons in EU member states. The guy tipped to become the next Czech Prime Minister – Andrej Babis – has said, ‘We have to fight for what our ancestors built here. If there will be more Muslims than Belgians in Brussels, that’s their problem. I don’t want that here. They won’t be telling us who should live here.’ Can he say that? Is that not a hate crime? I shall alert the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. Anyway, Frau Merkel decides who comes and goes within the European Union – which includes your country, Mr Bebis, so you need to wind your neck in and get with the migration message.

Talking of Frau Merkel and the migration message, I note that Frankfurt has become the first German city where natives are in the minority. Keep up the good work Angela! Not sure where this is heading in terms of peace in Europe, but obviously the Czechs aren’t too impressed.

Does the BBC report this stuff, or is it fake news? Indeed, is it wonderful news? I’ve no idea. We should be told.


  1. […] now we are Europe’s future,” he said on another occasion. Meanwhile, according to one blog, in the Czech Republic, the country’s parliament has voted to enshrine in its Constitution […]


  2. flyer · ·

    I was just reading this article on Zerohedge:

    I’m not quite sure what to make of it, but it’s interesting all the same.

    The point is, the whole international political scheme is now so complicated and full of deception, smoke and mirrors, it’s hard to know what is real or what to believe in.

    I’ve given up with UKIP and political solutions generally. By the time UKIP or anybody else gets their act together it’ll be too late.

    With at least half a million new immigrants a year flooding into the country, a global economic disaster on the horizon, the net is closing fast.

    As for the Czech’s and their guns, I wouldn’t be happy with guns on the streets. This may seem hypocritical coming from someone with a cupboard full of guns, but cupboard is the operative word, these guns will never be on the streets.

    I’ve lived in countries like Brazil and others where there are guns on the streets and I know what a privilege it is to live in a country where normally you don’t need to worry about guns: something we shouldn’t give up lightly. I know from experience that nothing will get you killed quicker than carrying a gun, I hope it doesn’t come to that in the UK.

    The fact is, that for somebody that is normally full of ideas, at this point in time I have very few ideas left.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      In my head, for some months, I’ve been writing a post (or probably a series of posts) reflecting the theme in your comment above and the linked article. I need to get on and do it!


      1. flyer · ·

        Perhaps when you write them, you could publish them on UKIP Daily and elsewhere?

        I think a lot of people would like to and in fact should read those articles.

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  3. Not surprised Moraymint … that evil constitution, what it represents and a hinderance to the globalists everywhere. The real trick here is to recognise those pulling the strings are out to destroy anything that does not fit with their global design. The constitution is the highest law and from that all other laws are derived. If it does not exist you rely on the morality of the individual to determine right / wrong and those ruling us do not seem to have a good morale compass.

    A tip, really starting to feel these same globalists are on an economic time line because they are struggling to pass off their economic ponzi. So was the £1B to Northern Ireland, a bribe … not the question … but this is … freshly printed or not by the BOE and part of the £50B that was announced straight after the referendum?

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  4. Time to move to the Czech Republic it sounds like. Strange how these people are not welcoming the enrichment with open arms. If only they had the BBC to show them the benefits of multiculturalism!

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  5. To paraphrase the old saying, when seconds count, the police are 35 minutes away:

    Gun control doesn’t seem to be working very well in France anyway. We’re all going to need to be armed by the time the Glozis have finished importing huge numbers of people from the most violent regions on the planet and Europe’s economy is destroyed. It seems they are not content to simply not protect the borders of Europe, they must send ships to fetch the migrants.

    To be fair to the BBC there are other things going on at the moment such as this front page story from the website today:

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  6. Meanwhile Mr Juncker quietly builds his EU army.


  7. reallyoldbill · ·

    I used to think that the EU would eventually implode under the weight of indebted countries like Greece and Italy because the Brussels dream-tower dwellers would not countenance abandoning their unworkable Euro currency even in the face of hard economic reality. I am now of the belief that it will break up from the east as countries like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic simply refuse to meekly see their countries drowned in a sea of economic migrants, most of whom do not share, or seem willing to accept, the customs and traditions of the host countries in which they settle. Looking at the effects in France, Belgium and Germany (and sadly parts of the UK too), one can hardly blame them. It may of course simply be a coincidence that facing such resistance the EU has decided to legislate on the question of proscribing the ownership of certain types of firearms in member states, or it may be that it is the first overt sign of concern that something more serious may be under way in member states in response to the obvious mismanagement of what is a potential existential crisis not just for the EU as a political project, but for the whole continent as western, Christian democracies. Either way, the response to enshrine in a national constitution the right to bear arms, USA style, is an interesting development which sets up a potential showdown between national states and the EU over who has the right to determine such things. The sooner we are right out of this Orwellian nightmare the better.

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  8. Masrianne Jaedick · ·

    We desperately need a new Chancellor in Germany. I vote for Andrej Babis or Orban. Or better yet make him the Leader of the EU.

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  9. John Hatfield · ·

    Excellent MM. Stay well.

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  10. · ·

    MM. Change of email address wef 30 june. Terra are shutting down their network from that date. New address is bobanddonnalee@gmail.comEl Ju 29/06/17 20:52, Moraymint Chatter escribió:

    moraymint posted: ” It’s hard not to conclude that something weird is going on in Europe and the European Union at the moment. Not yet reported by the BBC, but the Parliament of the Czech Republic has just voted to enshrine in its Constitution (subject to Senate approval) “

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  11. Old Goat · ·

    Good article, as always. I read about the Czech proposals here, on Lubos Motl’s blog;

    I hope it’s approved, and I also hope that the Visegrád quad get together and tell the EU to sling their hook.

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“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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