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A buddy of mine has picked up on the BBC’s headline news this morning: that Tony Blair reckons the UK could/should stay inside a ‘reformed’ European Union. My friend wondered if there was something of merit in Blair’s ideas?

Well, here’s the answer.

Blair’s latest utterances represent the Remain Institution hard at work to keep the UK inside the nascent European superstate; it’s as simple as that. There’s no other reason for Blair’s proposal, whatever he says (bear in mind that Blair is a deceitful, narcissistic, egoist). In situations as complex as this, in my experience it is vital for the strategists (in this case those leading the Brexit process; people like David Davis, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and, in support, people like Jacob Rees-Mogg et al) always to see the wood for the trees. The ‘wood’ in this case is the UK unshackling itself from The Treaty of Lisbon and in so doing leaving the Single Market, the Customs Union and the jurisdictional tentacles of the European Court of Justice (sic), lock, stock and barrel.

The Remain Institution is chucking absolutely everything and the kitchen sink at frustrating the Brexit process and will continue to do so until the recovery of the UK’s sovereignty is complete; that could indeed take many years. Personally, I find it terribly difficult to understand how, even now over a year after the clear EU Referendum result, there is so much critical mass in the British Establishment wedded to the idea of sliding our country through the back-door into a patently undemocratic, unaccountable, legally codified superstate. It’s a recipe for (another) disaster in Europe and yet so many of my fellow countrymen simply can’t, or won’t see it. Why, FFS?

The other factor in this is the hold that the Establishment has over the traditional Fourth Estate, the mainstream media, and the extent to which there is collusion between the two institutions. One could be forgiven for thinking that a critical mass of society is also somehow wedded to the idea of a European superstate, the Referendum result notwithstanding. However, I’m not convinced that there is popular momentum under the Establishment surface, so to speak, for the UK to remain shackled to the European Union. We are to some extent being duped by the BBC, by Channel 4 News, by Sky News and so on and so forth into thinking that Blair’s ideas, for example, have some sort of popularity, some sort of traction. I don’t buy that; but Blair gets the air time and so we’re led to think, kind of subconsciously that he – and other Remain obsessives like him – could be ‘right’. It’s bollocks. Blair talks bollocks; Blair speaks for nobody but himself.

But the BBC loves Blair and loves too the Remain message. So Blair is headline news – and the BBC fights on to preserve its hallowed union, the European Union.


  1. Tom Taylor · ·

    I don’t watch BBC anymore except for a few documentaries on BBC4 and I’ve even switched to Sky News. I apologize if this is a bit off topic but I can’t even read the Telegraph anymore. There is an article today saying that complaining about certain statues is a way for us snowflakes to show off. For some it might be but I’m fairly sure if I said in public that gas should be used against inferior tribes/races (Churchill) or I kept slaves (Jefferson) or thought black people were genetically inferior (Gandhi) my life would be totally over. We have free speech as long as we never offend minorities or weaker (can I say that) groups but that just means the most ordinary people are always the worst off. If our leaders wanted us to lead a revolt or have ideas of anarchy then I could understand that but we can’t just go and live in caves and hunt deer anymore. We need civilization. Perhaps they know that they can get away with that then but with our environment shot and most of us suffering already some horrible socioeconomic consequences we surely need to pull together and promote cooperation instead of diversity all the time. Or do they have other plans? Do they want the net to close? I wouldn’t post this on social media and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t post this either but even so I’d just like to know what you think about this.

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    1. Tom Taylor · ·

      Another thing is if the net closes it won’t just close on us plebs because we are too interconnected these days. It will be more indiscriminate than they think.

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    2. moraymint · ·

      Fair comment, Tom; thanks. Let me have a think and then reply. I’m heading away for a couple of weeks from early tomorrow morning, so bear with me …


      1. Tom Taylor · ·

        I hope you have a good time then and you come back 🙂


  2. Moraymint, make the EU commission elected from and by the MEP’s please.

    Get that and it works … not allowed, denied and Blair knows this because only an appointed system has full control of the ruling elites. So where are we in the UK right now … not a democracy for sure.

    A democracy is only every destroyed from the inside out, where its core, the elected parliament betrays it by letting the enemy of democracy within. I know I speak only for myself, HARD BREXIT PLEASE on the grounds the EU will not be giving us our democractic rights (sovereignty) back and will only seek through negotiation to steal more. I would rather cut and leave now thanks preserving what we have left.

    But that cannot happen so in fact there is no democracy left. Point proved I do believe.

    Begs a question, was democracy in the UK only ever an illusion to make the lives of elites safer.


  3. flyer · ·

    It’s unbelievable to me that a war criminal like Blair is still allowed to be free, let alone broadcasting to the nation or involved in Brexit.

    “recipe for disaster” yes!

    The Euro is in a lot of trouble and if it pops so does the European Union. The only vague hope the EU has to survive, is by further political integration: literally becoming a European Superstate.

    If the EU wants Britain to remain, how on Earth do they expect to sell the idea of further political integration to a people that have voted to leave? They of course wont.

    So yes, if things carry on as they are expect it to get very messy. It makes me wonder what draconian scheme the EU and Blair are plotting.

    I’m wondering when (not if) Brussels and our remainiac politicians will invent an excuse to have EUROGENDFOR on our streets?

    It’s a disgrace that Blair is allowed to be involved in politics still, he has form.

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  4. reallyoldbill · ·

    It seems that we now live in very dangerous times. The pressure to have a free vote on our membership of the EU has been building for years; probably ever since the Maastricht Treaty was signed by Major without the courtesy of seeking public consent to it. The visible signs of that pressure were seen in the growing success of UKIP in EU elections, and were not lost on the political class. Had a referendum not been granted that success would almost certainly have started translating into seats at Westminster despite the inbuilt bias in our voting system towards the establishment parties. Nothing concentrates politicians minds as much as the thought of losing their seats.

    The result of the subsequent (and very belated) referendum was clear cut, and not as the losing side would have us believe a narrow victory; our MPs are more than happy if they, as they rarely do, achieve 52% of the vote and would call that a landslide. There has never, ever, in our long history been as many votes cast in favour of anything as there were in favour of leaving the EU. It was a shining example of democracy in action. What then would we make of such a clear and unarguable mandate being either overturned by stealth or ignored completely? How could we ever have faith in democracy again? And if we lost that with what would we replace it? The peaceful governance of a nation is only possible by two means: democracy which is trusted by the people or military repression like a 3rd world junta. People like Blair, and the media Big Shots who give him prominent air time, are so obsessed with their own particular and very personal world view that they either don’t understand the risks that they pose to the very structure of our peaceful society or they simply don’t care. Either way the message needs to be rammed home again and again that the majority of the law-abiding public expect their vote to be respected, and if it isn’t, and they see that they are regarded as little more than pawns on a chess board to be ignored and sacrificed when it suits, then all bets must surely be off as to the reaction that would follow such betrayal. It is an immutable law of physics that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That applies to political manoeuvring as much as to anything else. When I say that we live in very dangerous times I fear that I may actually be understating the case.

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    1. moraymint · ·

      Extremely well put, Bill. I could have written those words myself.

      I believe you’re right gently to predict ‘trouble’ if the UK does not in fact leave the European Union – and I mean leave the European Union absolutely. If we end up remaining in the EU, or half-in-half-out of that socio-political abomination, I really do believe that there will be trouble on the streets.

      Certainly, I will not tolerate democracy being usurped by the political class, the Establishment and the Fourth Estate. Make of that comment what you will.

      The alternative – for which Mrs Moraymint and I are actively contingency planning – is to emigrate to the oldest democracy on earth. That way, we would be amongst people whose values we share.

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  5. Douglas Brodie · ·

    I read the Telegraph and Scotsman reports on Blair’s intervention. The good news is that about 90% of the online comments beneath the articles were against him.

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  6. Douglas Brodie · ·

    On the road the other day I listened to BBC R4 from 5 to 6pm, something I would not normally do. The most striking thing was that at intervals throughout the hour they featured past sayings of Donald Trump which they thought demeaning. It was all totally gratuitous and irrelevant to the day’s news – increadible.

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  7. Yup – I think it’s a siren call.

    But very dangerous for the exit movement IMHO.

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  8. I have written to my MP Bob Blackman asking him to take action against the BBC, both as regards their Brexit bias and their pro-Labour bias at the recent election. He has been a Leaver throughout and in an letter to me a while back stated that he was for Hard Brexit.

    I’m awaiting a reply but would urge everyone following this blog to do likewise.

    Incidentally, if you are wondering why the inexperienced youth of our country voted for Corbyn have a look at this blatant propaganda that was on the “kiddies” section of the BBC website the day before the GE.

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  9. flyer · ·

    Well, I think I’ll refrain from commenting, my language hasn’t been good lately and I’m trying to be polite, I’ll just say this:

    *************************+++++++++++++++%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *******8*****************^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **** ****************************** ******************************* ********************** b******s, f**k off.

    We don’t need to spell it out anymore and I’m not being rude, but I think you know what I’m saying.

    We don’t want your f***ing, p**y union get over it.

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  10. arfurbryant · ·

    [“We are to some extent being duped by the BBC, by Channel 4 News, by Sky and so on and so forth into thinking that Blair’s ideas, for example, have some sort of popularity, some sort of traction.”]

    I completely agree with you, Moraymint, but I would change the phrase in bold to “We are being manipulated by the BBC…”

    Duped implies some sort of accidental undercurrent. The BBC (and other MSM) know exactly what they are doing. They will use any and all means at their disposal to influence Joe Public’s ideas. Their blatant hype for Corbyn (even while sort of pretending that he was a jovial fun figure) was a huge influence on the General Election result.

    They have no integrity, honour or morals and, in particular, the BBC is a national disgrace.

    Keep up the good work.

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  11. That’s a stomach turning image. His smug, deranged grin is guaranteed to have the opposite effect intended, so I doubt his support will be beneficial. Why he is celebrated in the EU rather than being tried for war crimes in the Hague is beyond me.

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  12. Clive Walker · ·

    Unfortunately the BBC stopped reporting news some years ago and now is merely a one way conduit for any agenda the BBC supports be it Climate Change, Immigratio, anti Trumpn……… or the EU and BREXIT

    Having taken they EU ‘shilling’ by accepting both EU grants and loans from the European Investment Bank, an institution which only lends for projects supporting the EU agenda, the BBC has compromised its alleged impartiality.

    The BBC coverage of BREXIT is absolutely ridiculous, the continous speculation on the perceived negatives (a blatant continutaion of Project Fear) yet no mention of the positives from the UK becoming a sovereign independent nation. Like most Remainers the BBC refuses to acknowledge just how trapped the UK has become in EU supranational government as the 12000+ laws which now have to be incorporated into UK law under the Great Repeal Bill highlights, This shows the extent of the loss of soveriegnty as successive governments have signed EU treaties; and exposes the hollow Tory mantra of “in europe but not run by europe’ really is when our elected governmemt cannot for example sign Trade deal or control EU migration, a classic examples of the loss of sovereignty. Remain, like the BBC, avoid the sovereignty issue.

    Blair, like all the Remoaners, is being disingenous, with his claim today. Cameron claimed he was seeking to reform the EU, Macron is the latest politco to cliam as much. They all know that it is not possible because to allow any ‘weakening’ of the 4 Freedoms would be seen as a ‘crack in the EU dam’ by the ardent federalists hence the reason why powers once given up can never be returned to the nation state.

    Cameron, who deliberately trashed the Norway option with his “all pay no say” and ” ruled by fax” nonsense during the Referendum campaign is now advocating the very same option.

    The Remoaners know BREXIT will happen, their aim now is to keep the UK as close as possible to Brussels in the hope that at some stage public opinion will allow the europhiles to resume full membership.

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    1. meltemian · ·

      Whoops, sorry, please ignore the down-arrow. Blessed iPhone fat-finger syndrome strikes again!

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  13. I’m sure the BBC, and the establishment that it represents, is every bit as devious as you say. It always has been.

    But it’s also – and equally obviously – not very bright. Otherwise, it wouldn’t use Blair. Each time Blair spoke up for Remain, more voters switched to Leave.

    Equally, it was a bit stupid to report David Cameron’s view that public sector worker wages rises should go on being restricted to 1%. The argument might be right – but it’s a bit rich (pun intended) coming from a man who reportedly earns up to £120,000 per hour making speeches!

    We are dealing here with an establishment that is not only unprincipled, but incompetent too. “Conventional” economics is now confirming what some of us have known for a long time, which is that two decades of economic idiocy has brought the UK to the brink of catastrophe.

    Their next trick will probably be to use Britain’s economic fragility as an argument for remaining in the EU!

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  14. I heard the BBC bigging up the loathesome snake oil salesman earlier this morning. My description of Blair is rather more colourful than your accurate synopsis Moraymint. My view of his interference is that underlying it is genuine fear from Barnier, Verhofstadt et al. that Britain actually means to go through with leaving the EU and this terrifies them.
    They thought they could bully and berate us with their bullshit bluster and we could cave in, but that hasn’t happened. They view Blair as the kind of slippery chancer who can swing enough leavers back into the remainiac camp. After all the public were foolish enough to swallow his BS several times. Also Blair has been their willing servant in the past. However I think most people have now seen that in the case of Blair the would be EU Emperor has no clothes.

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    1. reallyoldbill · ·

      Blair is now in the position of being counter-productive to any political argument he cares to make. Enough people now regard him as a complete stranger to the truth and someone whose moral compass cannot be trusted that, logical or not, they will almost certainly take a contra position to any that he publicly takes. His complete absence of self-awareness as to the level of his toxicity says much about the man and the size of his ego. Study his political history and you will discover that he has been proved wrong about many issues on which he expressed absolute certainty and argued for in his usual eloquent style. We learnt the hard way that eloquence is no substitute for wisdom and substance.

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      1. moraymint · ·

        Yes, Blair is a chancer and a charlatan. To some extent, long may the BBC give him top billing, I suppose. The evidence does seem to suggest that for the majority of folk, Blair = a turnoff (being polite about it).


  15. Yes Moraymint, this is indeed another example of how far the BBC has fallen. Coincidentally we mentioned the role of the Beeb in our main article this morning. Here’s the relevant part: “It is our belief that the EU gained a false impression of the UK’s likely reaction to a €100 billion ‘Brexit bill’, thanks to the weak and appeasing attitude of Remainers in parliament and in some parts of the UK media. It is easy for British people to underestimate the influence in Brussels of pro-EU organs such as the BBC and the Financial Times.
    “The latter publication has a circulation in Brussels so high that you might think it was the UK’s best-selling newspaper. Given its craven attitude to all things EU, it is hardly surprising that its editor was given France’s highest honour last year. And when it comes to the BBC, our national broadcaster is so pro-EU it doesn’t even recognise its own extreme bias.”
    If you want to read this in context here’s the link:
    Best wishes, the Facts4EU.Org team

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“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

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